Genesa Crystal (Sacred Geometry)

What is a Genesa Crystal?

Well for starters it is not a crystal at all.  It is a three dimensional geometric shape which forms the outline of a sphere.

crystal_12_big.jpg genesa picture by bradwj1977

This particular geometry amplifies the torsion (turning / spinning) fields given off by anything that is placed within it.  It can also be used as an psychic amplifier for intention.

I found out about this geometry about 8 years ago when I was surfing the Internet.  I was fascinated at the possibilities of what I could do with this geometry on an energetic level.  I discovered through intuitive investigation that I could ask for the energetic equivalent of this geometry to be supersaturated into any location where I needed to amplify life force energy.  I also discovered that the best size to make them when doing this was way down on the plank scale in the atomic size.

I got out my book called “The Encyclopedia of Gods” and dowsed out of that book which higher form of consciousness would be the best for generating energetic genesa crystals for me.  Once I had established this I then went on to discover that the color of light they where made from significantly changed the characteristics of the field of consciousness they give off.  After some more intuitive investigation I arrived at the conclusion that if I had the crystals made of the holographic equivalent of carbon, and had them internally saturated with Tachyon particles that an increase of 20,000X amplification of the chi in the local area could be archived.

I employed this technique on all of the golf courses where I have worked and managed over the past 9 years.  When they are initially installed in the top layer of soil, there is a huge surge of growth.  Moreover, the life force field of the grass goes from being just a few inches off of the ground to being over 6 feet in height.

I also employed this technique in the apartments and houses of my relatives and my self.  I did this by having these crystals painted by my higher source on the floors and ceilings of these structures.  By doing this I have effectively discovered a means to turn any structure into a life giving rejuvenation chamber.  It is important to note that I have barely physically aged at all since I started doing this to my living quarters.  At the age of 32 years old, I now still get carded every time I go to the store to buy alcohol.  This buy the way is not something that I do very often.

If you have any questions for me on this topic or any other, contact me at my email adress.

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