Sedona Vortex Discoveries

My Trip to the Sedona Vortex Sites

Back in late 2008 I started figuring out where I wanted to go on Vacation. I had not had a real vacation in quite some time and wanted it to be a memorable experience. My instincts (guides) where telling me to book a trip to Sedona AZ.  They where telling me that I was supposed to do something with the energy Vortexes there.  I got out my dowsing pendulum and started getting the best dates for the trip down.  The dates turned out to be January 6th-11th 2009.  Therefore, that is when I booked the airline and the hotel for.

I did not think much about what I was supposed to do until I actually got there.  I got there Thursday January the 6th, it was past 9:00 PM which I found out is past when that town shuts down.  I just got a quick bite to eat and went to sleep.   The next mourning I got up, rehydrated from the previous days travels, and began to dowse.  I checked and got that I was supposed to visit all four of the well known Vortexes in Sedona as well as two that are not on maps.  Even more interesting, my guides told me that the order and the duration spent at each Vortex was important to the success of this personal mission.

Graphic Artists Impression of a plasma vortex (author unknown)

The first Vortex I was to visit was the Bell Rock Vortex.  The second Vortex was the one at Cathedral Rock.  Those two where very interesting. At both of them I had a Crow visit me and circle over head swooping and cawing the whole time.  I recognized this as an animal sign for cleverness.

Bell Rock

Cathedral Rock

I knew that the third Vortex was supposed to be in Boynton Canyon, however I did not know the exact location of any vortex there. The maps where all very vague.  They just had a generalized location marked with a little tornado graphic.  I decided to go ahead and walk the entire Boynton Canyon Trail that dead ends at the back of the Canyon.

Portion of the Trail Deep Inside Boynton Canyon

There at the back of the Canyon I found a vortex located at the end of the trail.  The pendulum turned up that it was the next one I was supposed to go to.  The only markings for the vortex sites are these little stacks of rocks that people leave there.  I am not very framiliar with Native American Shamanism, however I am told that these are Medicine Wheels?

Stacks of Rocks (Medicine Wheels?) at the Boynton Canyon “Terminal” Vortex

The Veiw Sitting in the Vortex At the End of Boynton Canyon

I left Boynton Canyon and proceeded to the Sedona Airport where there is supposed to be a well known vortex.  I got there and found with dowsing that there are actually two vortexes at the airport.  More dowsing revealed that I was supposed to visit both of these.  One of them was not on the map and one was.  As you walk up the rock hill leading away from the parking area there is a large rock out cropping on the left.  This is the more well known vortex near the Sedona Airport.

Airport Vortex Mesa

(Location of well known Airport Vortex)

The unknown vortex is smaller and located around the trail that circles the airport.  Once you get to the trees that grow twisted you are there.

Tree That Has Been Twisted While Growing by Vortex (torsion field) Energy

(Vortex Located on the trail that Circumnavigates the Sedona Airport)

That was 5 vortexes down which left 1 to go.  I had to now figure out where the last vortex to visit was located.  Shortly after I asked this question I visited a crystal shop off of Highway 89.  There I found a graphic drawing of where the actual well known vortex at Boynton Canyon was located. I had actually gone to the lesser known one at the back of the canyon.  The next mourning I visited this Vortex which is easy to get two from the trail head. It is only a 10-15 min hike.  Where as the one at the back of the Canyon was more like a 2-3 hour hike.

This Rock Formation Marks the Location of the Vortex at the Entrance to Boynton Canyon

(Vortex is actually slightly to the right of this landmark)

The order and duration I spent at each Vortex are…

  1. Bell Rock for 1.5 hours
  2. Cathedral Rock for 1 hour
  3. End of Boynton Canyon for 1 hour
  4. Small uncharted airport Vortex for 45 min.
  5. Large well known airport Vortex for 45 min.
  6. Large well known vortex at entrance to Boynton Canyon for 1 hour.

Now keep in mind that still after visiting these I was unclear as to what I was accomplishing.  I was just trusting that my guides and my higher self knew what they where talking about.   Also the only thing significant that I had felt while at the vortexes was tingling sensations and vital energy.

The last day there I decided to get out the pendulum and ask “Is there anything else I am supposed to do while I am in Sedona?”   The answer was that I was supposed to get a reading from a psychic in town.   I did not know which one so I got out the phone book and dowsed which one from the psychics section.  The dowsing turned up that I was to report to “The Psychic Center of Sedona”.  I still did not have a name for who I was supposed to see so I just went there.  When I arrived, I was told the person giving readings that day was an individual named Kazandrah.

She informed me that there was an ancient Native American shaman spirit standing behind me talking to her and telling her information that I needed to know.  She confirmed many things that I had already come up with myself which made her credible in my judgment as a clear channel. This was accomplished with no front loading of this information.  The shaman spirit was telling her that the time I came, the order I visited the vortexes, and the duration where all dead perfect.  The time frame was significant apparently because during this time was the full moon.  During this full moon the vortexes turned into hyper dimensional portals.  The shaman went on to tell her that through these portals I was having information from a past life when I knew of these things downloaded into my consciousness.  I was also becoming attuned to the frequencies of these 6 portals.

Lastly the shaman spirit told her that I needed to saturate in the energies of the San Francisco Mountain peaks a short drive away in Flagstaff.  So I left from there and went and spent about a half an hour at the base of the Arizona Snow Bowl ski slopes.  This is the highest you can drive up this mountain this time of the year. The effects of the vortexes started hitting me after I arrived back home.  My perception of reality was changing for the better by the hour.  If I did not know what had just gone down I would assume that someone had spiked my breakfast with mushrooms.

The Discoveries

While I was sitting at the vortexes I kept having the odd idea that they where not a natural phenomena. I kept having the picture and idea flash into my mind that somehow these vortexes where driven by some sort of technology under the ground. Not technology from our current civilization, more like technology from an ancient civilization. I started thinking about how I could prove to myself that there is something of artificial origins under the ground powering these things.

I thought of the ancient structures that Richard Hoagland discovered in the NASA photographs of a place on Mars called Cydonia. When the mathematics of the hyper dimensional energies in a planet are worked out, the number 19.5 degrees comes up as the latitude for where the out flow of these energies is the strongest. When Richard Hoagland started investigating the angular relationships of the things on the part of Mars called Cydonia, he found that this particular angle showed up multiple times.

Graphic And Video about Richard Hoaglands Analysis of the Geometry of Cydonia on Mars

I decided that if the vortexes in Sedona where of ancient origins from a civilization that was advanced enough to pull it off, then their same 19.5 degree signature would be found when comparing the angular relationships of the different vortex sites to each other. Using Google Earth, and Google Maps Topography I pinpointed locations of the 6 vortexes that I visited. Two of these vortexes (labeled “Airport Vortexes) are so close to each other that I just used one thumb tack for them. Therefore, you only see 5 off the six locations marked on this map

Next I drew lines between all of these vortexes. Each vortex having a direct line to all of the others. I printed this out and got out a trusty old protractor (low tech). To may amazement I found that the angle of 19.5 degrees occurs twice when you do this. Here is the modified screen capture from Google earth highlighting these findings.

Hyperdimensional Geometry of the Angular Relationships of the Different Sedona Vortex Sites

It is also important to note that this same 19.5 angle was found all over the place by Hoagland In Giza as well. It is definitely the signature of the ancient architects of the stuff on Mars and the stuff in Egypt. Did they leave the same signature in a much less obvious way in Sedona? You decide.

Also it is important to point out that the place on Mars and the place in Arizona have almost the same phonetic name. Cydonia and Sedona, come on! Who else knows about this. Probably the same people who named a bunch of areas in the Grand Canyon after Egyptian archetypes. The Grand Canyon is less than 100 miles from Sedona!

Here is more evidence that I am not the only person who knows. This is a painting from the Wingmakers web site. It clearly depicts the same quality of the vortexes that the shaman spirit told me about on my second to last day there. That quality being that during the full moon these particular vortexes open up into hyper dimensional vortexes. Through these vortexes the higher self downloads information effortlessly. This is apposed to the normal veils between realities that filter the info.

You can clearly see the higher self emerging from a vortex in Red Rock country. This depiction of the higher self is flowing some sort of organized energy down to the depiction of the material self. There is some sort of energy exchange coming from the full moon on the upper left of the sky into the vortex. There is a hyper dimensional portal above the vortex. The reason it is a hyper dimensional portal is because there are eight layers to it.  Eight being significant because there are 8 dimensions of consciousness in this Universe.   Also the perimeter of this portal leads one to believe that perhaps it is of artificial design.

Edit:  I forgot previously to mention that I had never been to the Wingmakers web site other than to look at the home page ever before I visited Sedona.  I was instinctually impelled to look at this web site about 1 week after I got back.  The first thing I looked at on it was not the Wingmakers story.  It was the art work area and this is the first piece of art work that I looked at.  Sincronisity at its best to say the least.  I had heard of the Wingmakers site being mentioned on a couple of internet forums that I visit regularly, but never looked into it until after the Sedona Experience.

Artwork from The Wingmakers Web Site

(Click Here for Wingmakers Website)

Also take note that the open end of the Vortex is pointed towards the full moon side of the painting. Moreover, the closed end of the vortex is pointing towards the crescent moon part of the portal. This is important because (by the shaman spirit) these portals only open during the full moon.

Also look at this graphic.  I generated these graphics in Google Earth, then I modified them in Windows Paint (low tech).  It is with all of the lines drawn between the 6 votexes that I visited. Now stay with me here while I go out on a limb. Take a look at the top three vortex sites. Notice how they are in a perfect strait line. Wow, that would be a good way to position them if you tunneled the most efficient way that you can. That would be in a strait line. I am speaking of speculative hypothetical tunnels under the ground connecting these sites.  I am no statistical, fractal, or geometric expert.  However, I believe I am seeing artificial design here.

Angular Geometry Of Sedona Vortex Arrangement

Now take a look at this. There is another well known vortex that I was not directed to visit this time that is at a place called Chicken Point. I have shown the approximate location of this vortex based on the map I found on line that I have placed below this picture.  I did not visit the Chicken Point Vortex while I was there in Sedona because the dowsing never led me in that direction.  I can not be sure that it forms a perfectly strait line. I have assumed the approximate position of the Chicken Point Vortex.

Graphic Showing Hypothetical Tunnel connecting the Vortex Sites

Map I found on the Web of Some Sedona Vortex Sites

Here is the map from the Mysterious Arizona web site of the artificial caverns found in the Grand Canyon many years ago. This diagram was supposedly drawn by the explorers of this cavern which is in a heavily protected, off limits, government protected area of the canyon. You can see that there are tunnels through the red rock of the Grand Canyon.

Diagram of Tunnels found in the Wall of the Grand Canyon

Here is some more evidence that I am not the first to discover the unique quality of these vortexes.

(This is a book that was written in the late 50′s.)

The other Rock Formation marking the Vortex at the Entrance to Boynton Canyon

(Veiwed From Opposite Side it is Identical to The Cover of the book, including the snow covered plateu on the book cover)


This is huge pile of assumptions and conjecture.  However, I believe that there may very well be a technological connection between the moon and the ground under Sedona Arizona.  The full moon transforms these vortexes in such a way that they become information conduits between our world and the higher dimensions.  As we all know, the Moon becomes full because light from the sun is hitting the surface and reflecting light back to Earth.

I have come to the conclusion that there is a real possibility that the sun actually activates technology buried under the surface of the side of the moon that faces us.  This technology then links up with the technology under the surface of the ground under the vortex sites in Sedona Arizona.  These two forms of very ancient, probably alien, technology work together using the sun as energy.  They then form a torsion field that completely unveils the information stream coming in from higher dimensions.

I can always ask my higher self questions about such things and receive the answers back through the dowsing pendulum and also pure intuitive instinct.  When I ask my higher self the question “Is there technology buried under the ground that is responsible for these vortex sites?” the answer comes up a strong YES.  Then if I ask him if it is coupled with technology on the moon as I have visualized he also gives me a strong YES.  And for the grand finally I then ask him how long ago the technology was installed there, his answer is 400 million years ago.

That would put the installation of these vortex sites at right about the time of the birth of life on Earth.  Makes you wonder who put life here.  There have been reports in the past of UFOs flying in and out of the ground in Sedona.

Perhaps there is still an alien base under there after all.  When I ask my higher self if the technology constructed so long ago is coupled with a still active alien base, he give me another strong YES.  Then I ask him if there are other such bases maintained by the same civilization of aliens and he tells me that there are 12 bases like this around the world.  The wing makers may indeed be this advanced race of extra terrestrials.  The story may not be made up at all!

I can now also conclude that I have become attuned and connected to this technology regardless of my location.  Ever since I visited this mysterious place, I experience an information download during the full moon.  It seems as though I am at the vortex sites even though I am thousands of miles away from them.  At night during the full moons now I actually can hear the vibrations of energy emanating from the vortexes.  Wild stuff indeed!

Actual pick of UFO flight traffic over Sedona Arizona

(Picture Taken By Unknown Photographer)

If you have any questions for me about this topic or any other you can contact me though my email adress.

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