Parallel Time Lines

Is a parallel time line the same thing as a parallel universe? Well in (M) Theory the astrophysicists classify the parallel time line as a type of parallel universe. I do not exactly agree with this conclusion. I love to see that they are operating outside of the box and making it main stream thinking. However, I think that they are failing to understand that this is not actually a parallel universe.  Rather, these time lines are part of the construct of our local Universe.  Then for each parallel universe that has the structure of time included in it,  they have their own set of parallel time lines.  In this paradigm your life is almost like one of those novelty static electricity balls.  It is like that because every time you make a choice that leads you off in a direction where you had a split decision, it creates a new timeline.

Do these parallel time lines exist outside of the imagination of a few creative scientists? There is not currently hard evidence in the main stream of science that would prove the existence of such things. They have come up with some mathematical models that make the idea work. However, the science we are allowed to see does not currently have a way to prove the theory. Now the science that we are not allowed to see is another story all together.  There is also one more model that someone came up with.  I do not know who made this graphic because I found it on a Google Image search.  However, it looks interesting enough.

There is also another more recent discovery that is a kind of bridge between the science of parallel time lines and esoteric arts. Remote Viewing researcher Courtney Brown has discovered a new protocol in remote viewing that is the closest proof that parallel realities exist the I know of. Rather than go on and on about what he has to say, instead I am just going to give you the videos of him giving a presentation about it.

Coutney Brown Parallel Realities Evidence from Remote Viewing Experiments. 

Also if you watch the 2012 Enigma Video that is available in my page called “2012 and Spontaneous Evolution” you will see some more evidence of the existence of parallel time lines. This video is a power point presentation by an individual named David Wilcock. In this presentation he shows what he claims to have info on a real future time line viewing device. They call this device the Looking Glass. It works on the idea that you can access the time field by flipping special water molecules in and out of superposition or from solid to wave state and then use this water like a video time machine. They had some problems with this device when they started trying to view the future close the 2012 date. The problems that they had where to do with multiple different time lines coming through the machine the closer they got to Dec. 2012.

That is just about it for the main stream and the not so main stream as far as parallel time lines are concerned. The only thing left is a very obscure aspect of shamanism. There have been reported through different indigenous peoples that shaman have been able to both time travel and also visit parallel time lines. Sometimes this is induced by consumption of psychedelic drugs. Other times this happens just as a spontaneous result of an out of body experience. Well, I am one of the few shaman who has actually experienced this parallel time line jumping before. This has happened to me on more than one occasion and it resulted in my perception of reality becoming even more pliable than it already was. It happened spontaneously when I was meditating. When I jumped into the parallel time lines they where just as real substantial as the normal waking reality we experience every day.

There is also another shamanic philosophy about parallel time lines that some of you might find interesting. This aspect has to do with how the law of attraction works. There have been multiple channels and intuitives come up with the idea that when we manifest something into our reality we are actually jumping time lines. Instead of the time line we are on changing we are actually seamlessly moving into a parallel time line where the object or circumstance of manifestation already exists.

I actually experienced this type of shift in reality with out the seamless aspect of it in place way back in 1999. I was in school in Lake City Florida. There was a grocery store near by my apartment that I went in almost on a daily basis. One day I went into that store and the entire inside of it was not the same. The arrangement, the registers , the arrangement of the products, nothing was the same. I had a buddy who worked there and I asked him when they made the total remodel of the store. I was expecting him to say something along the lines of “yesterday”. However, his response was that he looked at me crooked and asked me what the hell I was talking about. So this was an example of jumping into a parallel time line and actually being able to perceive it.

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