Multiversal Logistics of G vs. E

One thing that hangs people up when they consider that evil may not be born in the hearts of men is that everything in this universe was created for the light by the creator himself.  I also happen to agree that the creator of the universe we live in is of the light and for the light.  So if you are unaware that this is not the only universe that we interact with, then you may discard any stories or myths about the existence of evil on the etheric level.

I have come to the conclusion through my own intuitive methods that the some of the sources of evil in this world and many others is indeed from parallel universes.  This is different than dimensions.  Dimensions are divisions of frequency within a given universe.  My dowsing has turned up that there are currently a little more than 454.3 million parallel universes that at least have quantum entanglements with the universe we inhabit.

So lets call the universe that is entangled with our own and has the lowest base frequency Universe Zero.  Then lets refer to the parallel universe that is connected to ours at the highest vibrational level #454.3 million.  Where do we fall in to the picture?  My pendulum dowsing turns up that our universe in this organizational paradigm comes up at number approximately 55.6 million. If I check to see which universes demonic entities originate from that interfere here.  They come up from universes 23.4-27.6 million.  Then if I check to see which universes that angelic beings are from that interact with our universe it turns up universes 60.6 – 66.4 million.

Angels = Universes 60.6-66.4 million / Our Home = Universe 55.6 million / Demons = Universes 23.4-27.6 million

So you can see that the base frequency of our universe is located much closer in vibrational proximity to the universe where the good guys are from than the ones where the bad guys are from.  There are about 28 million universes between ours and the home universes of demonic entities.  However, there are about 10.8 million universes between ours and the ones that angelic beings originate from.  This tips the scales into the direction of the good guys.  However, there are regions of our universe that vibrate at low enough frequencies for demonic entities to exist here.  They come in though hyper universal portals, and find a pocket of noxious energy to live in.

Now lets zoom in on the logistics of our local area in the Milky Way galaxy.  Our milky way has a scale of frequency as determined by our relative distance from the galactic equator. So the further away our solar system is from the equator, the more likely it is that one of the bad guys could make the Earth their home.  There are places on the earth where there are pockets of noxious energy at low enough frequency for one of these things exist in it.  A good example would be a messy house built on top of a battle ground.  There could be almost infinite other examples from our planet.

The good guys have no problem hanging around the earth regardless of where it is in proximity to the galactic equator.  This is because our universe is not far off from the frequency of theirs.  It is probably harsh for them when they enter here because of the step down in frequency, but nothing they can’t acclimate to.  As we approach the galactic equator, the bad guys that are here start becoming desperate.  Back when the earth was at its furthest distance from the equator, about 6500 years ago, these nasties roamed the earth jumping from pocket of bad energy to another like omnescent fleas.  The frequency was low enough for them to exist outside of the noxious pockets for short time frames without help.

However, now due to our very close proximity to the galactic equator they can no longer move around on their own.  Even the pockets of noxious energy are being elevated in frequency to the point to where they can’t just exist in them without external energy sources.  Guess what the external energy sources are that they now must feed off of to survive?  Its our fear that they must now use.  The leaders of their kind (their creators) want to keep us as etheric food sources.  They are the ones responsible for the negatively polarized organizations like the Illuminati.  They hacked the intuition of these family lines long ago because they where vulnerable.  Why the vulnerability?  Who knows, but that is the way it has been shown to me.

So the battle between good and evil is going to continue to get more intense as the demons get more desperate.  Just imagine them like a bunch of people in the desert that have not had water all day, and you are the water. But you can choose to stop fearing, and then they cant drink from your energy field.  If you are in a transitional phase where you are still learning how to discard fear, then you should ask for help.  Call out to the Angels that are for the light and of the light and tell them to watch over you and keep any of the nasties at bay while you learn and transform.  Be very diligent to be specific when calling out. Don’t just call out with the word angels alone.  Make sure you are recruiting the correct side of the team.

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