Lemurian Seed Crystal Discoveries

My Breakthrough Lemurian Seed Crystal Discoveries

What I am proposing here is a theory of ancient ascension tools left behind in plain site by a previous ancient civilization.  Perhaps this civilization predated even the last cycle of Atlantis.  Seeing as how according to ancient Hopi prophecy the Earth has actually gone through a cycle of global ascension 4 times before.

The current times being the 4th.  That means that humanity has had the opportunity multiple times in the past, the amount of time necessary to achieve this type of radical technological level.  I am basing this 4 times on the knowledge of the Hopi Indians and other indigenous tibes.

Think about a what if here for a second.  Lets travel back in time (hypothetical time travel) to when the alchemists of the different ancient societies of this cycle where discovering things through divination.  Before modern chemistry this is how things like gun powder and medicine where invented.

The trend they went on had to do with the chemistry of the elements and their combination of them. This resulted in the mainstream scientific world we are in today being mostly focused in this materialistic science.  What if during one of the 1st through 3rd worlds, during the identical fractal time frame, the trend had gone to refining the understandings of crystals. The science of those cycles would have to do with consciousness and crystals would be a large part of that.

Consciousness and crystals could be used in combination as apposed to the elemental trend we went through.  They would have centuries to perfect this crystal technology to the point to where it could interface with the next highest dimension, being the 4th dimension.  There would be crystalline based communication platforms that could send and receive information directly from the 4th dimension / density.  They may have even been able to use it to communicate with even higher dimensions.

This information coming in the form of torsion field based consciousness frequencies. A torsian field is a spiraling vortex type of consciousness energy. One technology that they may have had the chance to develop was a crystal that could be interfaced with with technology that is in the 4th dimension, (built by the same civilization after they ascended).  They would scatter these crystals into an area of the earth that would be discovered when necessary.

What in this world fits into the above scenario? That would be the Lemurian seed crystals.  These special crystals where discovered in 1999. They where found in a bed of sand in Brazil.  They where not attached to clusters.  They where just beneath and on top of the surface.  These are not your run of the mill quartz.

These quartz have varying stepped striations on the facets of the crystals.  Some of the seed crystals have these striations down all of the sides and some have it on only three of the sides.  In order for these crystals to grow this way they would have had to have been exposed to designed frequencies of consciousness during their growth.  This is apposed to the normal growth of quarts where the sides are completely smooth.  They could have very easily done this in the 0G of space.

Lumerian Seed Crystal

Why is this specifically ascension technology?  Well that is probably just one of its functions.  The crystal came into my life back about 10 years ago when it was given to me by my sister as a Christmas present.  She was going through advanced level transformational energy healing classes.  Therefore, her attunement was dialed in at the time.

She said that she was in the crystal shop and she got the since that the crystal was calling out for me.  As a result she bought it and gave it to me.  It was just a display piece in my various apartments for about 10 years.  Then one night about 8 months back, I was watching television in my room.

The rest of the room was very dark as I was watching this on a 17″ laptop screen.  I have always been able to see energy very well, but even better in the dark.  Out of the corner of my eye, I notice that there is a latent holographic looking green box sitting in the corner of the room.  Then as I allowed my eyes to soften I could see a clear image of it.  It sounds funny to say, but it looked like those small lockers they give you to use in high school. It was a cube shape with what appeared to be louvers on the front cover.  I guess it was about 12 inches X 12 inches.

The Energy Box

At the time I just dismissed it as a hallucination.  Then about 2 months later I decided to see with pendulum dowsing, if there where something sitting there.  This was the first time that I had thought about it since that night.  The pendulum swung yes to indicate that there was an etheric energy box in the corner of my room.

Then I posed the question (to my designated guides) what am I supposed to do with the box.  Then the picture of my seed crystal popped into my head.  I checked if this was the key with the pendulum and it swung to yes.  They also showed me a picture in my head of the crystal sitting on the floor in the corner of the room inside the box.  It was to have the terminal end facing at the middle of the room where my bed was.

I said, screw it, lets find out if I am just a crazy nut bag.  I put the crystal where I was supposed to.  I did not think about it much at all.  It sat there for at least 8 weeks before I thought much about it again. This is when crazy stuff started happening to my perception of reality.  I woke up one day and felt pretty normal.  I went through the normal routine of getting up at 4:30 am.  I do this because I managed golf course maintenance.

All was normal at work. I was in the office for a while and then went out on the course.  What I saw was the entire landscape and sky illuminated to drastically enhanced color and definition.  It was not a temporary condition.  It has stayed like this ever since.  Not only that, but it got more pronounced with each day for about a week.  It was literally like I was on some sort of mild hallucinagenic drug.  It reminded me most of the time I had tried mesculin (peyote) about 10 years before this.

Skipping part of the story, I discovered that the crystal and the energy box where working together to drive up the frequency of consciousness in my room during sleep cycles.  My guides and the makers of the box where in cahoots with each other.  My guides where telling the box makers when to turn up the dial, or something to that effect.

It turned out that I had already reached the threshold frequencies of consciousness necessary for the 2nd geometric shift in the structure of the subtle energy etheric DNA around my body.  This was months before it was to occur if exposed to the natural frequencies across the earth.  They where doing this for me because they for some reason thought it would be a good idea for me to get ready earlier that the masses.

I discussed this in person with Dr. Steven Greer, (founder of CSETI and The Disclosure Project) when I was out on a CSETI contact training event.  This conversation happened about a year after the appearance of the green box in my room on the night of 9/12/09.  When I told him about the green box his eyes lit up and he became very interested.

He informed me that during a contact event much like the one we where doing that a very similar blue holographic box had appeared in the middle of the group.  He informed me with out me telling him first that this was a hyperdimensinal communication device.  I just add this on because it was confirmation from an expert in dealing with 4th dimensional civilizations that what I have seen and experienced on this subject is not an isolated incident.

Tripping with the Lemurian Seed Crystals

Why the title “Clean Tripping”? Well I was inspired by member Tribe of Light’s thread on the Project Avalon Spirituality Forum where he talked about how crystals could be used to change the resonant frequency of water so that it had transformational effects.  I was also thinking of David Wilcocks latest research about actual science that has been done with the transferring of specific torsion fields with the use of infrared light.

I began to combine the two ideas in to one.  I thought, what if I asked my guides to place in front of the terminal end of the crystal the holographic equivalent of a psychedelic plant of some sort.  Would it have the same effect as actually ingesting the plant? Just in case this worked well,  I started out easy.  I laid down in my bed that the crystal is pointed at.

I then asked my guides to please put in front off the crystal the holographic equivalent of Salvia Divinorum.  Nothing happened right out of the hole.  Then about 5 min later I started getting the tale tell flashes of light and color in the back of my eyelids (eyes closed). I then went into a total lucid dream state while still not in REM sleep. It was not out of body I have done that and it is totally different.  The waking eyes closed hallucination lasted for at least 1/2 hour.  This particular experience was frightening in a good way.  It scared an old habit out of me that was holding me back in life.

Jumping Parallel Timelines

Next I asked my team of guides to put the holographic equivalent of pure crystalline DMT in front of the crystal.  The result was a wild out of body visit to parallel time lines. I actually got to see 5 different parallel time lines from the point of view of my parallel self.  These experiences where just as real and tangible as normal waking reality.  It was just like you had blended together an episode of the old television shows “Sliders” and “Quantum Leap”. If you want to expand your consciousness, then I suggest you try this.

I can not guarantee that it will work for everyone the same way it did for me.  Your higher self can and will stop you from doing this if it is not for your greater good.  What a great way to experience psychedelic shamanism without ingesting anything or breaking the law. Kick ass! Here are the steps you need to go though to set this up yourself.  Your higher self will determine weather this is for your greater good or not.  If it is not then nothing will happen.

(1.) Buy a Lemurian Seed Crystal
(2.) Set it in the corner of your bed room
(3.) Invoke: 4th Density Lemurians, “please place on top of my seed crystal your consciousness modulation technology”
(4.) Ask your higher self to put the holographic equivalent of the substance you wish to experience in front of the terminal end of the crystal.
(5.) Ask your higher self to communicate with the 4th density Lemurians to modulate the frequency of the 4d tech accordingly.

If you have any questions for me on this topic or any other, contact me at my email adress.


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