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I absolutely love the golf metaphysics area of study. Most people play and watch the game completely oblivious to the reality of what is going on outside of their normal sensory perception. Every now and then each and every person who has taken up the game senses that there is something intangible happening that they are using their supernormal senses to detect.

This is almost always a fleeting thought and distant memory to most golfers. Then one day during a round of golf they accidentally allow instinct to take over during the swing and feel it again. Only to loose it again on the very next swing. What they feel is a nothingness and guidance from outside of themselves enter into the swing.

There has actually been quite a few books written about these kinds of mystical moments experienced by many while they play golf. Two such books that are written by Michael Murphy are “Golf in the Kingdom” and also “The Kingdom of Shivas Irons”.

The main theme that people take away from these books when they read them is that a kind of golf swing exists that feels like nothing and generates effortless power and accuracy. It does not allow you to control the shot better, rather it enables you to let go of all control and allow the power and accuracy to be generated for you.

In the two books by Michael Murphy he refers to this type of swing as “a nothing swing powered by true gravity”.   This type of train of thought and elusive feel in a golf shot is sought out by many of the people that have read Mr. Murphy’s books and also many who have not.

There have even been a handful of golfers throughout the history of the modern game that have learned how to do this type of swing over and over again. The one player that this swing is the most obvious in is Freddy Couples.

Freddy Couples

The other current player that comes to mind is Ernie Els

The the all time master of the swing governed by “True Gravity” would be Jack Nicklaus

The way in which they are going about the mechanics of such a golf swing is very elusive because it is invisible to the observer. There actually is a method of teaching the game of golf that will enable people to learn very quickly how to have a nothing golf swing. This method of teaching the game is called “Gravity Golf” and was developed by an individual named David Lee.

Gravity Golf Introduction

The information in the above video and also the subsequent training videos that are available to purchase by visiting (CLICK HERE FOR GRAVITY GOLF). You can learn this swing to a very high level of effectiveness in a very short time frame compared to the normal methods of teaching golf using the Gravity Golf system.

However, knowing how to swing the club with almost zero effort and gravity does not explain where the effortless accuracy comes from in this type of swing. If you want to know where the effortless accuracy comes from then you need to dive into the world of metaphysics.

I mention on this site in multiple places that I employ the use of a dowsing pendulum in order to gain information from the cosmos. This is one of many methods of divination or dowsing that can be used by people. Some other methods of divination and dowsing would be water witching using L-rods and Y shaped divining forks.

What people do when they are using these types of low tech intuitive investigational tools is they are tapping into the field of unlimited consciousness that is all around us all of the time. They are actually tapping into their own natural ability to sense the subtle energy patterns and fields that are around them.

By letting go of the desire to control the instrument being used, anything from information about a planet on the other side of the galaxy to where an underground stream is can be arrived at with a high level of accuracy.

This is where things become very interesting in this study. Consider that when you let go of your desire to have any control over the golf shot that you can open the door to allowing the field of consciousness around you to control the swing for you. Effectively, if you can consistently execute the gravity swing and then also let go of desire to control the shot, accuracy will happen on its own.

You are effectively turning the arms and the club into a large scale dowsing pendulum. Another key to allowing this type of scenario to take place in the golf swing would be the act of preshot visualization. The cool thing about the visualization that most people do not understand is that you do not have to hold onto it while you are swinging.

You can actually let go of what it is that you saw happen in the minds eye and the visualization remains in tact. The act of visualizing something like a golf shot or a pitch thrown by a pitcher creates modifications in this field of consciousness that is always around you and in you.

Everything is made out of this infinite potential energy called consciousness. Not only this, but your imprinting onto this field of consciousness can stick around for some time after you have even left the golf course for the day. When you walk up to a tee box and are getting ready to hit, the reality of what the field of consciousness around you looks like is something like this illustration.

Then as you step up to the tee and visualize, you form another one of these “energy streamers”. These energy streamers form a connection between you and the target that they terminate at. If your visualization is not more potent and clear than the others, then you may actually end up blending with one of the old ones left by you or someone else during a previous round of golf.

Ever notice how on certain holes you will have a tendency to hit in the exact same wrong spot off of the tee every time? This is happening to you because the old thought form that you left on that hole the first time you played it was so resonant with your energy signature and also charged with your negative emotion that it has stayed there over time.

Time also does not erase these energy streamers. The longer the energy streamer is there, does not mean that it is weaker. So what is the solution to being able to zero out all of the old thought forms and only follow your own? Well the first solution is to visualize with a high level of clarity. The second one is to actually ask for all of the old thought forms to be erased. You want all of the old ones to be gone except for the ones that are identical to your own.

Inner Voice: (“Higher self, erase all old thought forms from this golf hole that are not the same as my own).

You can also change the visualized color of your thought form to a more attractive color that might be so effective that it overrides the old ones. The color that I have found to work best for this would be an electric blue color. I will actually pick where I want the ball to end up, then I will see a stream of electric blue energy flow from the ball, down the flight line, and into my body.

This is the opposite of the actual flight path of the ball. However, for some reason this is much easier to visualize than it is when trying to see the energy flow from you to the ball. Once again, after you have done this you can completely let go of the desire to fulfill the thought form you have laid down and swing with zero desire towards acheiving the shot results.  The result will be that you dowse your thought form with your body.

Three other things that I have taken directly from dowsing and applied to the game of golf would be, spiritual cleaning, subtle energy maintenance, and energetic grounding.

Just like in the movie “The Sixth Sense” the world is littered with lost souls and disincarnate entities of one type or the other.  When it comes to some of the nasty ones of these, many times they will hang out around golf course.

They do this because some of them need to draw off of the negative energy of the living in order to maintain their cohesiveness in the parallel world to ours called the astral world. What better place to feed off of peoples negative emotions then a golf course?

If you do not play golf then you will have no idea what I am talking about. If however you do play the game or know people who do, you will very quickly see that for some it is the most sure fire way to bring out the negative emotions from the consciousness. This potential problem can be taken care of very easily.

Inner Voice: (Angelic Forces, take all earth bound spirits and disincarnate entities off of this golf course I am about to play and take them all to where they are supposed to be.)

There is also a subtle energy system around the body that is responsible for detecting, absorbing, and blending with the field of consciousness around called the subtle bodies. There are 14 layers of subtle energy surrounding your flesh that make up these subtle energies.

Many times do to the chaotic industrialized world we live in these subtle energies can become damaged, missing, or out of balance. In order to dowse or play golf with gravity accurately it is also very important to maintain these energies while you are out there playing. Doing this should become part of your preshot routine.

Inner Voice: (Higher self, make my 14 subtle energies perfect)

Lastly there is the concept and act of energetically grounding yourself. I think that it is best to do this yourself though visualization. You can also ask the higher self to do it for you, however the visualization is simple. All you have to do is see your lower legs as if they have become tree trunks.

Then after this you visualize roots growing out of the bottoms of these tree trunks and into the the earth as deep as you can conceptualize them to go. Last you visualize golden light coming up through your feet and into your body lighting up your body with golden light.

Every now and then the ball can also take on some mystical qualities of its own due to hyperdimensional physics. Richard Hoagland has done a lot of research into the hyper dimensional aspects of any spherical object spinning at high RPMs. Apparently when ever a sphere of any kind from a planet to a ball bearing is spinning it actually gates in some sort of hyper dimensional energy from the very same dimension where all of the subtle energies reside.

This astral dimension of consciousness can sometimes cause the ball to change flight or even defy the laws of physics after it has left the club head and is spinning and flying down the golf course.

Many people including me have experienced the ball doing unbelievable things after we have hit it. Such things can include but are not exclusive to the ball dropping out of mid flight, flying much further than aerodynamics would enable it to, and taking strange changes in direction on even windless days.

My theory is that the astral energy that the ball is gating in as a result of being simply a spinning sphere in this reality, enable it to interact with the thought forms laid down by the golfer after it is struck. I have personally had golf balls on occasion take angular turns towards the original thought form as a result of an inaccurate strike of the ball.

This does not always happen and is hard if not completely elusive to repeat on command.   However, if you play using all of the paradigm that I have laid out then you will more than likely experience similar happenings yourself. Good luck out there on the course and with life and be patient with the game.

Go out as soon as you can and get the instructional DVDs from David Lee available at and read or listen to the books by Michael Murphy mentioned in at the top of the page. Turn golf into a spiritual adventure and help to participate in the transformation of the game to one of futility to one of spiritual and mental mastery.

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