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Dramatic Video Evidence of Parallel Time Stream Bleed Through

by on Jun.18, 2011, under Most Recent Blog Post

If you have been following my intuitive research into the parallel time streams then you know that I have been getting really deep into the subject. My personal hypothesis based on data from dowsing and just strait up intuitive flashes has come in great detail.

For a summary the first bit of data that came through on this came in the form of a date. What I had done over 3 years ago or so was dowse up what date we would begin the shift to the 4th dimension of consciousness in this universe. Where as previously we had been residing in the 3rd dimension of consciousness.

As the date of February 11, 2011 (predicted date) approached I did not know what to expect. Then as it drew closer, my guides began to show me more and more of the logistics of how this might go down. The concept of reality splitting off into two distinctly different versions, one hard to deal with and the other a nice place, comes from many sources.

The Christians call the concept rapture. They tend to intemperate rapture as a spontaneous event where suddenly the bible worshipers are all whisked away to a higher reality. It is understandable that they would think this based off of the limited perspective that they have to go on.

The Hopi Indians also have a similar prediction / prophecy that this same thing will happen. However, they are even more vague about how it will go down. They just have a drawing on a rock that shows humanity splitting off in to two seemingly different realities. They call this prophecy rock.

The other source that I am aware of that discusses this would be the large volume of channeled information that David Wilcock often discusses called The Law of One. It is channeled from an entity named raw who is an archetype of communication in this galaxy.

This source is also very vague about how exactly it will go down. It discusses the concept of an ascension very similarly to the christian version. Only in this paradigm you don’t have to worship a book in order to get there. You just have to be mostly a good person.

I had decided that these where all to ambiguous for my taste and my instincts where telling me to dig deeper. Therefore, I began working with my higher self who is also a very high level archetype in this galaxy. At my request over the last decade my higher self has recruited and assembled a massive team of information gathering extra dimensional and extra universal beings to help in discovering what is at the root of some things that are veiled from perception of even some of the most advanced psychics.

Therefore, when I ask my higher self questions about things like this subject, I get detailed answers. These answers to not come all at once, they come gradually in the hours and days following the original inquiry. This is usually in my daily train of thought some how. I have a tendency to go in to deep thought very often during the day.

What has been shown to me is that there are literally millions of parallel time streams. Each one of them just as real as the one you are experiencing right now. I may even be typing this post up in a few thousand of them simultaneously with slight variations in the grammar. I may even shift time streams while I am writing this and never even know it.

Back to what is happening, as I mentioned earlier the millions of time streams split into two distinct subsets back on February 11th 2011. What was also revealed to me that I had not discussed in great detail yet was what will happen after this heading into the actual end of time which is Oct. 28 2011. End of time meaning that our consciousness will no longer be time based after that date. This has nothing to do with the world or the universe ending. It has to do with it all transforming to a less rigid construct.

The reason that I had not revealed what I had been shown was going to happen next was simple. I am not a prophet and I avoid prophecy at all costs. Trying to predict anything right now is hazardous because it can prevent you from allowing yourself to be in the moment which is critical. Especially critical for someone sorting though all of the chaos to try to find the structure underneath.

What was shown to me is that the veils that separate some of these time streams are going to begin to thin to the point to where you can see though into the other parallel realities. It is yet to be seen weather or not the realities will actually merge or if we will be able to cross between them at will while be aware we are doing it. Where as now if we move laterally into another time stream, very rarely do we ever realize it. Sometimes some of us do, but most of us do not.

The first real evidence has emerged on the internet that this is actually happening. In China a parallel world was seen from the vantage point of a bridge and was actually filmed in great detail. In the new segment they call it a mirage. However, we all know that mirages do not look like detailed alternate skylines.


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The Single Linear Timeline Paradigm is the Source of most Anxiety in the World. Meditation is the cure!

by on Jun.22, 2010, under Most Recent Blog Post

As we look around our selves at the people that are operating in society, we see a ton of anxiety.  Even most people that have completely normal lives where everything is balanced out, experience high levels of anxiety.

Then there are the minority who do not.  What separates the people who have this anxiety from the people who do not.  Is it genetics?  Is it chemical / hormonal imbalances?

Well, in some cases it may very well be caused by those things.  However, in my opinion the number one reason for why people experience chronic anxiety has to do with their core beliefs about time.

Core beliefs being the conscious and subconscious way that we choose to process the information in the world.  By information I mean all aspects of reality as information.  Not just text and media.

What forms our core beliefs about time?  As Ian Lungold pointed out in his excellent presentations about the Mayan Calendar before his passing, every civilization that has ever existed was centered around some sort of calendar.  You can view these videos by visiting my “What is a Tone 3 Jaguar” page that is accessible at the top of any page on this site.

The pre-Judaic civilizations like the Mayans, Aztecs, Incas, and Egyptians centered their civilizations around calendars that caused people to focus on the day and the moment.  This is apposed to the current type of calendar that our civilization is centered around.

Our civilization is centered around a calendar that was invented by the Vatican.  Named after the leader of the Vatican that was around when the calendar was invented, Pope Gregory, our calendar is called the Gregorian Calendar.

This calendar was spread by the Catholic church to all corners of the globe.  They forced cultures that where using daily spiritual calendars to use this type of time tracking calendar instead where ever they could.

So why does this type of calendar cause anxiety?  It frames our consciousness into a mindset of constantly focusing on what will happen instead of what is happening.  On top of that, it tricks us into believing that there is only one future timeline.

We do not realize that it has tricked us into believing this, but that is exactly what it does.  The actual truth is that the future is completely maleable.  There is not one timeline that we are cemented to like toy slot cars headed down the track.

The minority of people that do not experience this false time concept induced phsychosis have trained themselves to live in the moment.  They have discovered that focusing on what might happen in the future is a completely futile waste of energy.

I trained myself out of this type of mass temporal insanity by doing meditation on a daily basis.  Even once you discover that you have been tricked into having anxiety all of the time by the calendar you have been forced to live by since birth, the anxiety does not  just suddenly erase itself.

Over time you have to retrain your mind not to jump outside of the moment and into an imaginary future.  The meditation that I would recommend is the exact same one that worked so effectively to cure me of this time based mind virus.

That meditation is called Japa.  I learned of this meditation from a very intelligent modern day philosopher and communicator named Wayne Dyer. This meditation was kept secret by the ancient mystery schools of Tibet for over 6000 years.  Then one day one of the monks somehow contacted Mr. Dyer and gave the instructions for the meditation to him.

The only condition that they had when they gave it to him was that he communicate it to the world the best that he knew how to.  Moreover that he not make a personal profit from it.  So he put the meditation on a CD, sold the CD, and all of the proceeds go to charity.  The name of the CD is “Meditation for Manifestation”.  You can CLICK HERE for a link to where you can buy it.

The reason why I am motivated to post this information now is because people in the world need it now more than ever.  We are coming to a time where things are going to begin to happen very quickly as compared to the recorded past.

As more and more events become squashed into every moment, people who are still stuck in the linear timeline paradigm will be in danger of having mental breakdowns.  This would happen due to chronic elevated anxiety about what is going to happen next.

In conclusion, the next time that you want to turn on the news and watch how the shit hit the fan that day.  Or the next time that you want to listen to paranoid people who want to tell you that you are going to die in some horrific disaster.

Or the next time that you feel like the world is running to fast for your comfort level.  Take some time out and center you mind back in the moment.  Remind yourself that all there ever was or ever has been is right now.  The rest is just a fucking story.

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