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I Just Attended a CSETI Event

by on Sep.15, 2009, under Most Recent Blog Post

There is an individual named Dr. Steven Greer that has established protocols that anyone can use to consistently make contact with extra terrestrials. His organization is called CSETI. Here is a video presentation made by him about what his organization is all about. I just went on one of these contact outings and it was a mind blower.

Steven Greer Disclosure Project / CSETI Presentation

I went with the intention to only see a UFO, and left with the knowledge of a lifetime for the proper protocols for making contact with extra terrestrial craft. I must agree with Steven that so far as the ETs that are allowed to travel interstellar, they are all advanced civilizations. Or at least that is the way it is now. Perhaps in the distant past there may have been a few rouge groups that came here and stirred up s–t. But after what I heard and saw there is no way that a minority of “negative” ETs would be able to get away with anything significant.

I think that there has been a big blunder in so far as the “new age” tendency to classify all things that are intelligent and paranormal as “ETs”. It is far to ambiguous, and it is my opinion that this is the reason for why there is so much confusion on the subject of “Are there bad guys in space ships other than us?”. I think that one of the best new trends that people could start is to stop using the term ET so ambiguously.

Yes there are some extra dimensional beings that are up to no good. However, they are not in space ships and more than likely do not abduct people. Even if you have watched all of the Camelot Testimony you still will not have a grasp of how advanced the technology is that the shadow government has at its disposal. We have been shooting at the craft from these ET visitors with space and airplane based scalar and electromagnetic weapons for decades and there has not been any retaliation. Don’t you think that if there were actually negative ETs in space craft that they would have fired back and taken out the weapons platforms that enable the black government to do this? Just use some common sense and the answer becomes crystal clear.

The experience was very similar to what Steven Showed on the videos of his CSETI outings at the Barcelona Conference. As soon as the group was setting up in the field where the contact training was arranged the battery operated radar detectors started going off on different bands. There was even one radar detector that when ever Steven was speaking to the group and he said something that they liked, it would go off with a two tone beep.

Then after the meditation the group shared some of the things they saw when attempting to remote view the craft or the ETs in general. If someone was saying or was about to say something important then one or more of the radar detectors would spontaneously go off in what was referred to as a locked on fashion. In other words it would emit a constant tone or close to a constant tone.

We did not have any craft completely materialize on this night near the group. However we did see many different kinds of orbs of light blink in and out both near the group and one very bright one that flashed multiple times for us out in the sky about 60 degrees above the horizon. There was also what may have been a UFO but also could have been an ARV (alien reproduction vehicle) that was very high up directly above the group. It definitely was not a conventional air craft. When we first saw it, it was a bright white object moving at a very high rate of speed. Distance wise it may have been out of the atmosphere or right at the edge of it. Then it changed colors and morphed into what looked like a conventional aircraft with normal marker lights on it. Considering the distance and the rate of speed and the fact that it made about a 30 degree turn suddenly I would have to guess that it was either one of ours or theirs.

Anyway, if any of you have the chance to go out and do this then I suggest you do not hesitate. You will not regret it.

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Team Hydrogen What If

by on Aug.23, 2009, under Most Recent Blog Post

This is a big what if. What if you took the worlds best engine builder, the worlds most famous vehicular fabricator, the inventors of the MYT engine, and The Orion Project and added them together? Before I will tell what kind of thing this type of group of people could create, lets first identify who I am talking about.

Arguably the worlds best engine builder is a mad scientists type of guy that operates a business called Nelson Racing Engines. The motto of his business is WTF (what the fuck). I am not joking, WTF is printed on the Nelson Racing T-shirts.

His name is Tom Nelson. He has created some of the most reliable highest powered engines and street legal cars on the planet today. He is my kind of guy because I am a gear head also. The reason that his T-shirts say “WTF?” on them is because he does crazy things for his clients like put a 1700 horse power engine into a street car. You can read more about him and his company by visiting www.nelsonracingengines.com

Tom Nelson with one of his Creations

The worlds most famous vehicular fabricator is arguably Jessy James of West Coast Choppers. Most people know Jessy from his show that is replayed over and over on HD theater. There are many highly skilled fabricators in the world that could easily tackle the tasks that the type of project that I envision would require. However, not only is Jessy James an entertaining television personality. He also has a passion for alternative fuel powered vehicles which is what this idea of mine is all about. I just saw on his show “Jessy James Must Die” on Spike TV that he sunk 3-4 million dollars of his own money into his personal project which was a hydrogen powered land speed race car.

Jessy James with His (H) Powered Car

The next individual(s) that would need to be integrated into the project would be the group of engineers that pioneered the development of a combustion engine configuration that is called the MYT engine. The MYT engine is an incredible leap forward in the stunted development of the combustion engine. The originator of the idea of the MYT engine was the creation of Raphial Morgado. The company he founded is called Angel Labs. It is amazing that this engine has not found its way into more areas of industry yet. Or is it? The friction loss inside this engine is so low that it has a power to weight ratio that is even better than a jet engine. CLICK HERE for the Angel Labs web site.

Raphial Morgado

The last individual and organization that needs to be involved in this type of project would be Steven Greer and The Orion Project.  

Why would you bring together all of these personalities and organizations? To build a fully functional water powered high performance sports car. Then along side the sports car you could also build a fully functional high performance water powered motorcycle. Then along side of those you could build a fully functional water powered electrical generator that you could hook up to the plumbing of your house.

Why is this idea just nutty enough to work? Well as can be read about in the other blog post about water car technology and The Orion Project. There was a technology invented in the 80′s that could break apart water molecules and produce a hydrogen / oxygen gas that can be burned in a combustion engine. The Orion Project is in the process of acquiring this technology so that they can put it back together and make it functional once again. It is currently disassembled and needs to be put back together using the more modern circuit and computers that are available for us today.

Jessy James stated on his show “Jessy James is a Dead Man” that he built the hydrogen race car to “Show people that you can run any engine on hydrogen”. That was his main motivation for the whole endeavor. I can only assume that he would love to take what his team discovered about how to run a combustion engine on hydrogen and apply it to a practical application for a road car or motorcycle. His accomplishment of setting the land speed record for a hydrogen powered vehicle was awesome to watch. There was the one huge problem with the way the car was set up from a practical standpoint. He had to attach 3 large carbon fiber tanks prefilled with hydrogen to the frame of the vehicle for the fuel source. Jessy could contribute skill, time, money and leadership to various aspects of such a project.

Tom Nelson and Nelson Racing Engines has shown no public interest in the development of a hydrogen engine. However, he is the Tesla of engine building and tuning. His experience fabricating and tunning engines would be very valuable when trying to extract the maximum quantity of power possible from the MYT engine. He has the facilities, machinery, and knowledge to help build the strongest most efficient and powerful MYT engine money can buy.

This is where Angel labs and Rafael Morgado would come in to the picture. He could supply Nelson Racing with the engineering specs for the MYT engine so that Tom Nelson and his crew could machine the parts out of steel and aluminum. He would also be involved in the tuning and any other aspect of the project he could contribute to.

I have no clue what kind of power you could produce if you burned hydrogen for fuel inside of an MYT engine. I do not even know for sure if the Stan Meyer Water fuel cell could actually provide enough hydrogen to supply a moderately sized MYT engine. What I do know is that it would not take a very large MYT engine to get the job done. Like I mentioned above, the MYT engine has a power to weight ratio better than a turbine engine. According to Raphael Morgodo it would only take an MYT engine about the size of a coffee can to produce 200 hp on biodiesel. Perhaps one about twice the size of a coffee can, 10” diameter, would make around 500 hp for a car.

A light weight car would need to be used. It could be something extreme like the Ariel Atom, something more practical like the Lotus Exsige, or even something classic like a reproduction AC Cobra Coupe. Hopefully one or more of the individuals and companies that I have mentioned in this post read this and take the initiative to make it happen. I am going to email it to them after I post it and cross my fingers that the right combination of them will read it and grab the ball on this one.

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