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ET Disclosure Dream and Dowsing Information

by on Sep.22, 2009, under Most Recent Blog Post

I have always respected David Wilcock and I still do. He says that he is getting dream data that is showing him that the Earth is being surrounded by positive beings from different civilizations right now. I think that his dream data is usually on so far as I have observed.

If you wish to hear this radio show then you can CLICK HERE for the Project Camelot Radio Show archives.  The show he said this on is from 9/17/2009, and can be easily found there.

Some of you may not be aware that starting back in Early July the CSETI contact groups around the world began to have much more contact than ever before.

Ships completely materializing right next to the groups, radar laser detectors going off like crazy and etc. If there where more craft nearby during contact protocols then this would be a side effect of that.

I have learned better than to try to make public predictions about what the ETs are going to do next with my total miss fire on the crop formations.

However, I still have a very good personal track record on remote dowsing and viewing the present. I know this is kind of like the oldest trick in the west, however I am going to convey it anyway.

It is the oldest trick in the west because there will be no tangible evidence available to back up this data. What I can tell you is that I checked to see how many different species, or star nations, had parked their ships around the Earth right now.

The number 9/19/09 was 36, then 9/20/09  it was 45, then 9/21/09 it was 52, and I also checked how many craft are there on 9/19/09 and it came up 430. Finally today 9/22/09 there are 55 species and 453 craft parked around the Earth.

Since I can only speculate as to why this is, I will go ahead and just say, something is a brewing. This may be the welcoming party, or liberation crew or what ever you want to call it. I am not saying when this will manifest, but it looks like it might. Sorry for the ambiguity.

My Personal Dream Data On this

I also got an intuitive flash the other day that there is one of these groups that are kind of like the organizational logistics experts on liberating a planet like ours.

The name they gave me was Pasarions. Sunday night, 9/20/09 I asked the Pasarions to show me in a lucid dream what they wished to convey to me about the world.

The dream was quite interesting. First it started out as I was watching a video game of exotic cars racing down an unstable road.

Next I found myself standing in a creek or river bed and all of the cars came crashing off of the end of a bridge that had been washed away. All of the cars where expensive exotic cars and they all landed in a pile.

Next I found myself using my oribital polisher on the side of a 18 wheeler and quit polishing it for some reason. Then next I was on an old dirt road that was surrounded by canals like the ones I grew up around in South Florida.

I was now standing on this road with my polisher (I have an electric car polisher) and foud myself trying to polish a dirty old black and white caprice cop car. I got a section done and it was like all dirty because I was just grinding the dust into it.

Next Igot a bucket and wash the dirt off of the area. I went to go over to the canal to get some water in the bucket and a water moccasin (poisonous snake) came flying out of the water and landed in the bucket, end of dream.

What I took from this is that the exotic cars represented the rich elites that are racing down a dangerous road and are headed for a huge crash and burn.

Then the old cop car represented justice and the snake represented knowledge. So they where showing me that justice is going to come by way of knowledge, the knowledge will clense the earth with justice.

Get it? They where trying to get me to get the cop car (justice) clean with the snake (knowledge) instead of water.

So in conclusion there is going to be knowledge unleashed that will clense the planet with justice and send the rich power monger elites crashing off the road they have been on for so long and the vehicles they have been using for carrying them down that road will be totaled.

I really like how the Pasarions tied my love for cars and shamanism together in this dream. Very clever of them. I took me all day Monday to figure out the symbology.

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Accurate Intuitive Discernment Made Easy Part 2

by on Aug.31, 2009, under Dowsing, Most Recent Blog Post

If you have not yet read part 1 of this article then you need to before you will understand what this data means and how I arrived at it. The percentages listed next to the names of these Project Camelot witnesses represents the actual factual accuracy of their statements.

These numbers in no way represent what percentage of the information given in these Camelot Interviews that the interviewee believed is true. The source I used for this information was my higher self, and the method used for the information retrieval was pendulum dowsing.

This is my personal intuitive take on this.  I have specifically posted the methods for how to dowse these up yourself in part one so that I am not holding the keys to the kingdom so to speak.  You can acess these interviews by going to www.projectcamelot.org.

Percentage of Actual Factual Accuracy of Project Camelot Interviewees

(percentages do not represent honesty of these individuals)

Benjamin Fulford 23%

Dr. Bill Deagle 33%

Bill Hamilton 11%

Bill Holden 32%

Bob Dean 88%

Boriska 12%

Dr. Brian O’Leary 84%

Sgt. Clifford Stone 52%

Dan Burisch 33%

Dan Sherman 23%

David Corso 44%

David Icke 43%

David Wilcock 86%

Duncan O’Finioan 84%

Elizabeth Nelson 44%

Erick Von Daniken 44%

Gary McKinnon 22%

George Green 33%

Gordon Novel 23%

Henry Deacon (Arthur Neuman) 22%

Jake Simpson43%

Jim Humble 43%

Jim Mars 44%

Jim Sparks 23%

John Lear 21%

Joseph Farrell 11%

Leo Zagami 2%

Luca Scantamburlo 22%

Marcia Schafer 85%

Miriam Delicado 65%

Mr. X 43%

Peter Lavenda 21%

Ralph Ring 11%

Ricardo Silva 22%

Richard Hoagland 72%

Steven Greer 92%

Crystal Skull (Bill Homann) 23%

Valery Uvarov 11%

Wade Frazier 11%

Pete Peterson 32%

I realize that the Pete Peterson interview is not even published yet. Therefore, what I dowsed was the total accuracy of all of the things that he told to the people present during his interview. These people would be David Wilcock, Dr. Burham, Kerry Cassidy, and Bill Ryan.

My conclusions after dowsing up this data is that I am surprised. I thought that there would have been more people with higher numbers of accuracy to their statements. There may be a few bad apples in this bunch. However, I think that most of these people are under the impression that their information is factually accurate.

It seems as though there are only a handful of these witnesses and researchers that actually have a true grasp of what is going on. These individuals are Bob Dean, Dr. Brian O’Leary, David Wilcock, Duncan O’Finioan, Marcia Shafer, Miriam Delicado, Steven Greer and Richard Hoagland. The one that blows me away the most would be Duncan O’Finioan, holy crap! If you have not yet listened to Duncan’s interview with Camelot you should.

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Mayan and Waitaha Prophecy Revealed, Kind of?

by on Aug.25, 2009, under Most Recent Blog Post

I just got finished listening to an August 2009 video made my Drunvalo Malchizedek. In this presentation he communicates to us the messages of the Mayan Elders about the 2012 prophecies. The Mayans are very vague about when things will happen.

Drunvalo Video about the Mayan Prophecies Part 1

CLICK HERE for the Youtube Channel where you can watch all 14 parts of this video.

Drunvalo said that they give a 7 year window that started in 2007 and ends in 2015 where a strange set of circumstances will happen. The Mayans say that there will first be a magnetic pole reversal of the Earth’s magnetic field. Then sometime after that there will be a 16-17 degree pole shift of the Earth’s physical pole location. And finally sometime during all of this craziness there will be a shift in the consciousness of the planet and everything on it to a higher level.

I would like to thank Drunvalo and the Mayans for conveying this information to the world. There was not a whole lot revealed in this video that we did not already know from Drunvalo’s previous discussions on the Conscious Media Network internet site. What I found most interesting and pertinent to us right now is when Drunvalo mentioned that the Waitaha Prophecy for August – September 2009.

He told in the video that he could not reveal the entire details of the prophecy because he had not been authorized to my the Waitaha tribe of New Zealand. However, he was able to tell us that they are expecting a huge shift in the energy of the consciousness of the planet. This step will be a huge leap that will get us that much closer to the new world that most of us following this are waiting for.

Since the Mayans and the Witaha tribes are not yet willing to share with us the specifics of their predictions through their Shaman, how about I give it a shot for all of you. I have found in the past that it is very hard if not impossible to predict future logistical events that are caused by the decisions that people make. On the other hand I have had a decent level of success (close to 100%) when it comes to astrological events that shift energy.

I am going to bust out my trusty dowsing pendulum for this and then I will invoke my higher self and his team of information gatherers (all from higher dimensions) and ask them some questions. You do not have to be part of an ancient tribe in order to arrive at the same information that they do. The information field has the same access points for anyone.

Questions and Answers attained through Shamanic Divinition

(Pendulum Dowsing)

Q: When will the magnetic pole reversal happen?

A: February 2011

Q: When will the physical pole shift happen?

A: March 2013

Q: When date(s) will the shift in energy slated for August – September 2009 happen.

A: September 3rd 2009

Q: Will those not in fear consciousness live through all of this safely?

A: Yes

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Tone 5 Jaguar? Tiger Woods or Jaguar Woods?

by on Aug.09, 2009, under Most Recent Blog Post

I was just watching Tiger tear up the golf course again today while watching the World Golf Championships at Firestone Country Club.  I started to wonder if his nickname being the name of the Asian equivelent of the Jaguar (Tiger).  So I looked up his birthday to see if he is a Jaguar on the Mayan Tzolkin calendar.  Guess what, he is a Tone 5 Jaguar.

Tiger Woods (Jaguar Woods) born 12/30/1975

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What is a Tone 3 Jaguar?

by on Aug.08, 2009, under What Is A Tone 3 Jaguar ?

The Mayans had a very different view of the meaning of life than our current society. Our current society is always asking the question, “Why am I here”.

It is exactly what we should be asking. On the other hand, the ancient Mayan, Aztec, Inca, and probably Atlantis civilizations never had to ask this question during their life cycle. Why is this?

Well, in their spiritual paradigm they knew exactly why each individual person was here based on the day they where born on. They believed in reincarnation. They also took it one step further. In their Tzokin calendar (not the one that ends in 2012) each specific day had a vibration.

This vibration was expressed as tones numbering 1-13. Each tone represents an aspect of creation. It was also expressed in the form of a glyph. Each glyph represents an aspect of the creator. So each day has a tone and a glyph. They believed that an individuals higher self chose specifically what day for each individual to be born on so that their base frequency and purpose here would reflect the tone and glyph of that day.

One way to look up ones birthday that I know of is by using a codex that overlays the Gregorian (our calendar) with the Tzolkin. This codex was developed by the late Ian Lungold. It is available to view the web page where you can purchase it, CLICK HERE

My birthday turns out to be Tone 3, and the glyph is Jaguar. Tone three represents communication and Jaguar represents Shaman.

This means that I set out before I was born to be a Shaman that specializes in communication of various forms. The amazing thing is that I had already figured this out to the “T” years before I was ever introduced to the Mayan Tzolkin Calendar.  This is what sparked my interest in Mayan Cosmology.  If they where right about this then what else where they right about?

What woke me up to this whole evolution of consciousness deal was a Google video of Ian Lungold giving a presentation of how the Mayan Calendar works and what it actually means in relation to 2012. Various versions of this presentation can be seen on Google video.  This is where I learned of the www.mayanmajix.com web site and how the Tzolkin Works.  Also in these presentations he gives a very eloquent and understandable class on what the other Mayan Calendar (the Baktune) is all about and the true meaning of the 2012 end date.  Here are two such videos of Ian Lungolds presentation.

You can also look up what the frequency of the current day at the mayanmajix.com daily Tzolkin page by CLICKING HERE

At the bottom of the Daily Tzolkin you will find a small graphic that will link you to a page where you can enter your birthday in and find out what your Tone and Glyph are just like if you had the Codex.  The cut off for which date for you to enter is not the same as the normal 12:00 AM (24:00).  Instead the date you need to enter should be based off of when you where born in relation to the sun coming up.  The new daily vibration does not start until after the sun has risen over the horizon.  Therefoere, if you where born on a certain date between 12:00 AM and sunrise then you need to enter the previous days date in order to get an accurate Tzolkin reading.

If you focus your intention and actions on things associated with the current vibration of the day then things become much easier to accomplish. Moreover, if you channel your life towards you personal Tone and Glyph then you will be filled with limitless energy and motivation because you are on your path.  I highly suggest that you watch one or more of the presentation videos. They are very enlightening.

Mayan Symbol for the Consciousness of the Universe

(Hunab Ku)

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