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Richard Hoagland Reports on Dangerous Gas Bubble Forming in the Gulf

by on Jun.16, 2010, under Most Recent Blog Post

Listen two these Youtube clips from Richard Hoagland in relation to the disaster in the gulf.  Then raed my thoughts, explanations, and conclusions on this information below.

This bubble that he is talking about would be in the upper layers of the limestone. He said sea floor, but he was not talking about a bubble that is just sitting there at the bottom of the ocean in the water. If you ever take a look at the way that limestone is always layered, it is stratified. In other words it is never a consistent density or formation from each layer to the next.

For example, I live in Florida. I was schooled on the limestone formation layers underneath Florida when I was a golf course superintendent. There if you drilled only 1000 feet down you actually went through two sections where the limestone was a void or extremely porous.

The first open section that went under the entire souther tip of the state was the fresh water aquifer. That section was only a couple hundred feet down. The second section about 1000 feet down was the salt water aquifer that was connected to both the Atlantic ocean and also the Gulf.

So if they had drilled down 22,000 feet (about 4 miles) into the limestone, they would have gone through probably dozens of these various layers and densities of limestone. So you could imagine that this gas would be coming up from where the drill had gone into the oil field, up the drill hole, and into these less dense / porous layers of limestone.

This gas would then begin to fill that layer of limestone which could be tens of miles wide, if not hundreds. It would start to fill up that layer of limestone that is close to the surface with gas pressure.

This gas pressure would continue to build up and up and up. The layers of limestone above where the gas is building could possibly not be strong enough to contain the pressure that was building inside of this theoretical lower layer. The most probable result will be that the upper layers of lime holding the pressure in would continue to crack and release the pressure gradually.

The worst case would be that the pressure would reach a critical point and cause a huge sudden rupture in the lime. Or a gas explosion. Not an explosion of fire, more like an explosion like you had filled a gas cylinder with about 10 times to much pressure. So essentially the bottom of the ocean would explode. When this happened a huge quantity of gas would suddenly escape to the surface.

Just like in an Olympic diving pool, when you want to soften the surface tension of the water, you have bubblers that froth the surface of the pool. This would essentially happen over the surface of the Gulf. The width of the effected area would be dependent on how large of a section of the lime would let go if such an even happened.

Personally I think that this worst case stuff would only happen on a large scale like that if the limestone layers above the bubble where completely uniform in depth and strength. However, limestone does not work like that. It has weak areas and strong areas. It is more likely that the thinner weaker areas would let go in small sections which would drastically reduce the rate and violence of the relief of the gas pressure.

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The negative forces step up their game and Old Mars Info Meets New Mars Info

by on Aug.05, 2009, under Most Recent Blog Post

The Greatest Deception Campaign Ever

There is a forward press going on right now from the negative forces in this reality and also from higher realities.  There has always been a degree of interference from the higher dimensions.

However, very recently they have become bold and are actively hacking the information streams of intuitives and shaman the world over.  Why?  Well I can only guess at the answer to that question.

My guess is that they are coordinating a campaign like this with their servants that are in this reality.  So they simultaneously hack intuition the world over, flood the media with disinformation, and scare the shit out of everyone with an engineered virus.

Who are the people on the planet that would work with such negative forces?  That would be the Illuminati.  Beware of any intuitive information you hear from sources who have been accurate and helpful in the past.

If you see the info suddenly swing towards the negative then you can bet you ass you have just witnessed what I am discussing here.

Old Mars Info

When I was 13 years old my aunt sent showed me a video tape that she had that was a presentation made by Richard Hoagland about artificial structures on Mars.  I am a huge fan of Richard Hoagland because of this video.  He was at the forefront of the truth movement before there ever was a truth movement.  I could go on and on about this video, instead watch it for yourself.

Now for the new Mars information.

Buzz Aldrin spilled the beans about a monolith on the surface off a egg shaped moon that circles Mars on C-span the other day.

WTF is going on with Mars?

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Hyperdimensional Crop Circle Diagrams, WTF?

by on Jul.27, 2009, under Most Recent Blog Post

I have gone bust on my first attempt at predicting when a crop formation of a specific type would form.  I learned a while back that predictions of future events on this planet are difficult at best.  This is more than likely a result of the constantly shifting around of timelines.  You may very well be dead on in the timeline you are in when you make the prediciton.  Then the timeline changes before the date of the prediction is to occur.  My prediction may very well have come true in a parallel timeline that I jumped out of.  How is that for a brain f–ker?

On another note I have been doing study on some other crop formations.  In the model of hyperdimensional physics that has been created by Richard Hoagland and his team, the foundation for this physics is a Tetrahedron geometry inside of a sphere like this

Here are a few crop formations that seem to be trying to tell us that something is going on with the hyperdimensional physics.  What exactly they are telling us I have no idea.

Spain June 2009

Incompleted Tetrahedron W/O sphere, Spain, June 8, 2009

UK, Early July 2009

Tetrahedron In a Sphere, UK, July 9, 2009

Uk, Late July 2009

Tetrahedron In a Sphere, UK, June 22nd, 2009

To clarify in case you did not notice, the first and the third pictures are from different countries.


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