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New Evidence of Parallel Time Lines / Universes

by on Oct.04, 2009, under Most Recent Blog Post, Parallel Dimensions

My personal opinion is that you do not go down one time line or the other. You coexist on millions of parallel time lines. I could start dowsing the number and by the time I have gotten the answer I could be in a different time line where the number is different.

You could kick the bucket in a parallel time line and still have a half a million to a million parallel selves that are still alive and kicking.

I am staying away from any kind of hard predictions about things like this now because I do not want to lock myself or anyone else down to a certain set of time lines by effecting their beliefs about the future.

Astrological events are static and fixed along all timelines.  Because of this predicting events induced by astrological happenings is not dangerous.  An example of this would be the material on my “2012 and Spontaneous Evolution” page.

If you have an intuitive way of checking time line logistics, and you have gotten some data on numbers of this and numbers of that you are probably right that the number in the time line you checked in was accurate.

On the other hand you could have moved to a different time line since you checked and did not realize it. The number in your current time line may be less or more, hopefully less.

Because of this time line jumping deal that everyone is doing, and is oblivious to, you might want to consider the number you have arrived at as one probability in a sea of millions of possible outcomes.

I had been checking back before I was shown the truth of the time line logistics. When I was doing that I was dowsing percentages that would not make it.

Every time I had checked it the quantity of people had gone down. The future is all probabilities. In an instant a person can have a paradigm shift, seamlessly transition into a different time line and make it.

The old version of themselves continues down the time line they left from like nothing happened. This kind of splitting does not happen every now and then.

It happens anytime. Instead of one time line of doom and gloom and one time line of happiness and light. You have millions of them that are right now being segregated into subsets that all are slightly to drastically different to each other.

This is why I think it is dangerous for anyone to tell stories about what is going to happen. When doing this they are actually locking people down to one subset of time lines.

Where as if the person forms their own beliefs then they have many more possible worlds to live in leading up to the shift. Perhaps after the shift all of your parallel selves and all of the things they learned become a singularity.

Then you benefit from the accumulated knowledge of millions of parallel lifetimes instead of one linear set of lives?

Here is another researcher who has found evidence of parallel time lines with his team of remote viewers and some interesting protocols they established for viewing future events. It is a must watch for anyone interested in this fringe mind bending stuff.

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Intuitive Dissection of Dr. Pete Peterson’s Project Camelot Interview: Part 1

by on Sep.05, 2009, under Most Recent Blog Post

This is a personal intuitive dissection of statements made by Dr. Pete Peterson in Part 1 of the Project Camelot Interview with Him. These statements are accompanied by my pendulum dowsing results on the factual truth of these statements. In some circumstances I will add my conjecture or descriptions about the intuitive results and put this in [brackets] underneath the TRUE or FALSE statements. For more information about how and why I have decided to do this then you should take a look at the preview article to this.  You can find this by CLICKING HERE. These statements made by Dr. Pete Peterson have been paraphrased by me. Please forgive me if I accidentally misinterperate what he was trying to communicate.

Part One of the Project Camelot Pete Peterson Interview

Intuitive Dowsing Results of the Dr. Pete Peterson Interview

(TRUE) When he was young he went to a wedding where the entire wedding was interrupted by a fleet of UFOs that everyone at the wedding and many people in the town near the wedding witnessed.

(FALSE)  He wanted to build his own flying saucer. However, he decided that it was not necessary to fly around in order to teleport or travel in time. Therefore instead he built a Dr. Who telephone booth style box that you could step into that enabled him to do almost everything you could do in a UFO.

(FALSE) A number of governments around the world are now in possession of this technology of the “Dr. Who Telephone Booth” technology.

(TRUE) There are Sumerian cylinder seals and tablets that give specific instructions for how to build a UFO.

(TRUE) Has a PHD in Natural Physics.

(FALSE) He has visited the Vatican Library and seen there some documents and books that are kept secret because of the information they have in them.

(TRUE) He said that the Annunaki where real.

(FALSE) He has seen the giant skeletons of a supposed Annunaki.

[When I dowsed about the skeletons I asked if he had seen evidence other than internet photos.]

(FALSE) The  Annunaki are Written about in the Christian Bible and the Torah.

[This is a common misinterpretation of the “Nephalim” from these texts.]

(TRUE) He is the inventor of a medical machine used in Homeopathic Medicine that can diagnose and prescribe the exact homeopathic remedy for the ailment.

(FALSE) Through genetic research himself and other scientists discovered that 15% of the people from all races across this planet have a unique “alien like” DNA.

(TRUE) He developed a technology that could remove all of the static interference present in certain types of radio communication.

(TRUE) He has seen “secret” documents about the existence of off world beings.

[These types of documents are available to anyone through The Disclosure Project.]

(TRUE) Mind control only works on 85% of people.

(FALSE) Certain Spots within the Yellow Stone National park have risen up to 4 feet due to volcanic activity.

(TRUE) People in foreign countries can not cash U.S. savings bonds for more than 10 cents on the dollar.

(TRUE) Has been warned by higher ups to locate to the “safe” place he is now for logistical reasons.

(TRUE) Nothing is secret anymore.

(FALSE) Iran prints mass quantities of counterfeit American Dollars.

(FALSE) One of the reasons that certain people in the U.S. government have a problem with Iran is because their counterfeiting operations devalue the American Dollar.

(TRUE) There are RFID chips that are small enough to be implanted by way of a Hypodermic Needle.

[There are hypodermic needles that are a large enough gauge to inject something into the skin the size of a grain of rice or slightly larger]

(TRUE) When Obama had his first briefing before swearing in to office he was in shock because of the scale of the information that he was not aware of before the briefing.

(FALSE) Weapons of Mass Destruction are being routinely imported into the United States in large containers on container ships.

(TRUE) The government is responsible for funding disaster films.

(TRUE) Helped to bring Soviet Science from behind the Iron Curtain.

(TRUE) Was in Ukraine when it declared its independence from Russia.

(TRUE) Was friends with the first president of the newly independent Ukraine

He listed off some of the different technology that he helped to bring back from the Soviet Union after the fall of the Iron Curtain, these are listed below.

(TRUE)-Advanced Materials

(TRUE)-New kinds of Motors

(TRUE)-A capacitor that could change heat into electricity.

(FALSE) The technology for the “Aurora” air / space craft was tech invented by people in the United States only.

(TRUE) The weight of the Russian Mir Space Station was the equivalent of 5000+ shuttle loads and he did not understand how that much material was delivered to space through conventional means.

(TRUE) We have malevolent extra terrestrial enemies.

(TRUE) Implants found in abtuctees are organic and extra terrestrial in origin.

(FALSE) Went through grade school with Linda Moulton Howe.

That just about covers the Part 1 You Tube video of the Dr. Pete Peterson testimony.  Subscribe now to the Altimatrix Blog post updates to get the second two articles where I dowse up the rest of the Pete Peterson information for accuracy.  You can subscribe by simply typing your email address into the white text box next to the black subscribe button at the top of the right hand column on this page.  Thank you for taking the time to read the Altimatrix Blog!

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How To: Accurate Intuitive Discernment Made Easy Part 1

by on Sep.01, 2009, under Dowsing, Most Recent Blog Post

I have been following the Project Camelot interviews done by Kerry Cassidy and Bill Ryan for about a year and a half now. It is impossible to know how much of the information is true in any of the interviews that they have on the web site www.projectcamelot.org through any conventional means. We hear all of the time “use intuitive discernment”. Well what in the world does that mean for the normal every day person who has not developed clear intuitive discernment?

How can anyone be expected to sort through all of the information given out by whistle blowers? Moreover, even if you are highly trained at reading a persons body language like in the television show “Lie To Me” this will not help you much either. Why wont that type of discernment help you? Because many half truths and lies are believed by the person sharing the information to be accurate.

As Bill and Kerry from Project Camelot have communicated to us that the secret black operational technolgy world is compartmentalized. It is so compartmentalized that many people do not even know what is happening in the room right next to them. On top of that the people in charge told these wistle blowers fake information in order to keep them motivated and believing they are contributing to the greater good.

There is a tool that the average every day person can use to enhance their ability to discern though all of the bull shit. Many people are not aware of what this tool is or how easily it can be employed. This tool is called a dowsing pendulum. I have been using dowsing pendulums to guide my intuition in the right direction for over a decade now. The great thing about using a dowsing pendulum is that the learning curve is about 10-30 min. and next thing you know you are dowsing accurately.

There are some things that you must do in order to ensure accuracy and spiritual safety when going into such a practice. They are simple to accomplish. Here is an easy to use list of how to prepare for a dowsing session.

1. Make sure you are well rested, hydrated, and your electrolyte levels in your blood are not low.

2. Sit down in a quiet place that is free from electromagnetic fields produced by power lines, appliances, and portable electronic devices.

3. Close your eyes and say the following either out loud or with your inner voice. “Angelic Forces, take all earthbound spirits and dis incarnate entities off of me and out of the structure or area I am in, and take them to where they are supposed to be.”

4. Once again with the eyes closed “Higher self, only allow information that is from sources that are for my greatest good to influence my intuition.”

5. Again with the eyes closed “Higher self, encircle me with pure golden white light and make my subtle energies perfect.”

6. Now visualize roots growing out of the bottoms of you feet and going as deep into the ground as you can visualize. Then allow golden white light to emanate from the center of the earth and up through the root and into your feet and body.

7. Now you are ready to dowse. Exerting mental effort is not the right consciousness to do this in. Rather you want to find that place that is most like day dreaming while asking questions.

8. Get out a piece of paper and draw a chart like this on it.

9. Hold the pendulum over the apex of the V chart and begin to allow it to swing by initiating the swinging with your hand.

10. You can now ask any yes or no question and the pendulum should swing towards the side that is the accurate answer. It is very important that you are very specific about where you ask the questions from. Don’t be vauge or be curious and ask something like “What ever spirits are near blah blah blah” That kind of ambiguous sourcing of spiritual information can result in very negative spitirtual cicumstances for yourself or those close to you. This is serious stuff, the term curiosity killed the cat applies here. An example of being safe when gleaming information from the other side would be.

“ Higher Self, is listening to the information in this interview for my greater good? Or, Creator of all that is, is listening to the information in this interview for my greater good?”

If you are new to pendulum dowsing I would stick with yes and no questions until you become more comfortable and natural with the art. Once you get to where you can almost sense where the pendulum is going before it moves there, you can move on to the more advanced level dowsing. The advanced level stuff is not very much more complicated than the strait up yes an no questions.

An example of advanced level dowsing would be asking about percentages. In other words you are now dowsing to find out a percentage of this and that rather than yes and no. For example you would ask your specific positive higher source “What percentage of this video testimony is factually accurate?” Then you would start listing off ranges of percentages.

Start off by listing 0-10, then 10-20, then 20-30 and so on. All the while the pendulum is swinging back and forth over your yes and no V chart. As you say the numeric range that the answers lies in the pendulum will automatically swing over to the yes side. Then if you wish to figure out the exact percentage you can dial it in. Lets say that the first answer was the range of 20-30. Now all you have to do is start listing off numbers 20,21,22,23,24 and etc until you get a yes with the pendulum.

That is all there is to it and anyone can do this. You will get more proficient at it the more you do it as your mind forms new pathways that enable you to be more talented. Even though it may take years to become a master of the intuitive side of pendulum dowsing, it takes only minutes to start getting accurate discernment on any subject you want.

When I say the intuitive side of pendulum dowsing I mean where you use the answers the pendulum is giving you to guide your consciousness towards much more complex information than can be gleamed with the limited answers attainable with the pendulum.

If you practice this art consistently you will unleash your full psychic ability in time. Who knows maybe there is an incredible psychic intuitive hiding in there some where and you have just never had a modality for unleashing it.

In part 2 of Accurate Intuitive Discernment Made Easy, I will share with you my pendulum dowsing.  This will come in the form of a list off all of the Camelot Interview Subjects along with a dowsed percentage of accuracy of each other their testimonies.  CLICK HERE for part 2.

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