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What is a Tone 3 Jaguar?

by on Aug.08, 2009, under What Is A Tone 3 Jaguar ?

The Mayans had a very different view of the meaning of life than our current society. Our current society is always asking the question, “Why am I here”.

It is exactly what we should be asking. On the other hand, the ancient Mayan, Aztec, Inca, and probably Atlantis civilizations never had to ask this question during their life cycle. Why is this?

Well, in their spiritual paradigm they knew exactly why each individual person was here based on the day they where born on. They believed in reincarnation. They also took it one step further. In their Tzokin calendar (not the one that ends in 2012) each specific day had a vibration.

This vibration was expressed as tones numbering 1-13. Each tone represents an aspect of creation. It was also expressed in the form of a glyph. Each glyph represents an aspect of the creator. So each day has a tone and a glyph. They believed that an individuals higher self chose specifically what day for each individual to be born on so that their base frequency and purpose here would reflect the tone and glyph of that day.

One way to look up ones birthday that I know of is by using a codex that overlays the Gregorian (our calendar) with the Tzolkin. This codex was developed by the late Ian Lungold. It is available to view the web page where you can purchase it, CLICK HERE

My birthday turns out to be Tone 3, and the glyph is Jaguar. Tone three represents communication and Jaguar represents Shaman.

This means that I set out before I was born to be a Shaman that specializes in communication of various forms. The amazing thing is that I had already figured this out to the “T” years before I was ever introduced to the Mayan Tzolkin Calendar.  This is what sparked my interest in Mayan Cosmology.  If they where right about this then what else where they right about?

What woke me up to this whole evolution of consciousness deal was a Google video of Ian Lungold giving a presentation of how the Mayan Calendar works and what it actually means in relation to 2012. Various versions of this presentation can be seen on Google video.  This is where I learned of the www.mayanmajix.com web site and how the Tzolkin Works.  Also in these presentations he gives a very eloquent and understandable class on what the other Mayan Calendar (the Baktune) is all about and the true meaning of the 2012 end date.  Here are two such videos of Ian Lungolds presentation.

You can also look up what the frequency of the current day at the mayanmajix.com daily Tzolkin page by CLICKING HERE

At the bottom of the Daily Tzolkin you will find a small graphic that will link you to a page where you can enter your birthday in and find out what your Tone and Glyph are just like if you had the Codex.  The cut off for which date for you to enter is not the same as the normal 12:00 AM (24:00).  Instead the date you need to enter should be based off of when you where born in relation to the sun coming up.  The new daily vibration does not start until after the sun has risen over the horizon.  Therefoere, if you where born on a certain date between 12:00 AM and sunrise then you need to enter the previous days date in order to get an accurate Tzolkin reading.

If you focus your intention and actions on things associated with the current vibration of the day then things become much easier to accomplish. Moreover, if you channel your life towards you personal Tone and Glyph then you will be filled with limitless energy and motivation because you are on your path.  I highly suggest that you watch one or more of the presentation videos. They are very enlightening.

Mayan Symbol for the Consciousness of the Universe

(Hunab Ku)

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