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New Evidence of Parallel Time Lines / Universes

by on Oct.04, 2009, under Most Recent Blog Post, Parallel Dimensions

My personal opinion is that you do not go down one time line or the other. You coexist on millions of parallel time lines. I could start dowsing the number and by the time I have gotten the answer I could be in a different time line where the number is different.

You could kick the bucket in a parallel time line and still have a half a million to a million parallel selves that are still alive and kicking.

I am staying away from any kind of hard predictions about things like this now because I do not want to lock myself or anyone else down to a certain set of time lines by effecting their beliefs about the future.

Astrological events are static and fixed along all timelines.  Because of this predicting events induced by astrological happenings is not dangerous.  An example of this would be the material on my “2012 and Spontaneous Evolution” page.

If you have an intuitive way of checking time line logistics, and you have gotten some data on numbers of this and numbers of that you are probably right that the number in the time line you checked in was accurate.

On the other hand you could have moved to a different time line since you checked and did not realize it. The number in your current time line may be less or more, hopefully less.

Because of this time line jumping deal that everyone is doing, and is oblivious to, you might want to consider the number you have arrived at as one probability in a sea of millions of possible outcomes.

I had been checking back before I was shown the truth of the time line logistics. When I was doing that I was dowsing percentages that would not make it.

Every time I had checked it the quantity of people had gone down. The future is all probabilities. In an instant a person can have a paradigm shift, seamlessly transition into a different time line and make it.

The old version of themselves continues down the time line they left from like nothing happened. This kind of splitting does not happen every now and then.

It happens anytime. Instead of one time line of doom and gloom and one time line of happiness and light. You have millions of them that are right now being segregated into subsets that all are slightly to drastically different to each other.

This is why I think it is dangerous for anyone to tell stories about what is going to happen. When doing this they are actually locking people down to one subset of time lines.

Where as if the person forms their own beliefs then they have many more possible worlds to live in leading up to the shift. Perhaps after the shift all of your parallel selves and all of the things they learned become a singularity.

Then you benefit from the accumulated knowledge of millions of parallel lifetimes instead of one linear set of lives?

Here is another researcher who has found evidence of parallel time lines with his team of remote viewers and some interesting protocols they established for viewing future events. It is a must watch for anyone interested in this fringe mind bending stuff.

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Wanderer or not, Does it Matter?

by on Sep.24, 2009, under Most Recent Blog Post

I have actually veered away from the way that things are explained in the Law Of One. Not because I do not think that there is some valuable information to be gained by reading through it.

More because people who are not familiar with it have really no frame of reference for it. I will try to communicate this answer in a way that is more all inclusive.

If an entity is in the sixth dimension / density then their consciousness is no longer localized in time and space in any way. Beings at this level are in effect omnipresent.

Therefore, the sixth dimensional part of yourself is all ways present and connected to you through your subtle energies.

The way that I understand it is this. Everyone has a 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th dimensional aspect of them selves in this universe. This is where it gets into the weird paradoxical ideas.

When you ascend to the 4th dimension in the near future, you now exist in a reality where time is not a constant. The consciousness is effectively able to move through time.

This goes for all dimensions above this one in one way or another. Therefore, the part of you that ascends in a few years already exists. This is the higher self, it is you after you have evolved.

Kind of a brain fucker. My interpretation is that the difference between a wanderer soul and a non-wanderer soul has to do with where you spent your last life before this incarnation.

Now before I go off on this I have to state that I have read the law of one, however I do not follow it like a bible or something.

It is one of thousands of sources of information that I gleam things from. I am going to give my best interpretation of what I read in it when I read it a year ago. If this is not accurate then what ever.

According to the law of one the wanderer is someone that was already in a 6th dimensional consciousness and volunteered to reincarnate back into the consciousness of a 3rd dimensional individual on a 3rd dimensional planet like earth.

Why would an ascended being volunteer to do such a thing when they know that they could risk forgetting all that they have learned through the process of ascension? To raise the vibration of the frequency of the planet they incarnate on.

Where as the non-wanderer has spent his / her souls progression on Earth through many lifetimes of learning and is still working his way towards the next level.

Or at least from his perception of linear time he is. Perception is 99 percent of everything so just stick with perception.

Trying to understand it from all angles could result in a trip to the funny farm. We can only see the shadows of the truths in higher dimensional realities. The complexity there is outside of our perception.

Apparently, also according to the law of one, because the “social memory complex” (the way that memories are stored in the 6th dimension) is much more exotic than the 3rd dimensional body.

The memories of the 6th dimension are not lost, however the interface with them is not compatible. Therefore, the wanderer effectively forgets who they where because the memories are not accessible.

It is all so paradoxical that it is like a giant overly complicated Zen Cohan. A Zen Cohan is a question to ponder that clears the mind of all other thought.

I studied and reflected about this stuff for a few months and ended up at the same conclusion that I had arrived at before I started looking into it.

The main priority for anyone should be to allow themselves to be in the moment with the least cluttered mind you possibly can have.

This way weather you are a wanderer from some other star system or a bear in the forest you can allow yourself to have a clear vector on what your instincts are telling you to do right now.

When it comes right down to it what you where when weather it was an ascended being or a Jester in the kings court, has really no bearing on what your higher self is trying to convey to you now.

Focus your intentions on connecting to the higher self and it will all sort itself out.  I personally have discovered that I am no a wanderer soul, but it does not matter.  The goal is the same.

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How and Why is Meditation Important?

by on Aug.27, 2009, under Most Recent Blog Post

The first thing that one needs to wrap their mind around is that the initial goal of an aspiring meditator should be simple. Yes all of the things that you wish to achieve through meditation are possible. However, you need to learn to walk before you can run.

My suggestion would be letting go of the desire of mystical experiences and focus on the goal of training yourself to be in the moment. When we are born, we are naturally in the moment. However, due to the way in which our society has structured itself, we are trained out of this very early.

This is caused by the combination of linear time and core beliefs about time that are taught to us. We are taught from a very early age that we should focus on events of the past and what might happen in the future. Moreover, most of us are brought up to believe that if we do not do this then we will be doomed to repeat our mistakes and not be ready for what is going to happen.

This is all due to the center of consciousness of our society. That would be the mechanical Gregorian Calendar that was forced upon the earth by the Catholic Church. Why is a whole other discussion that wont help you with your questions.  If you want to know more about that then you should watch the Ian Lungold Presentation available on either my Recommended Videos Page or The “What is a Tone 3 Jaguar Post”.

Another entrained habit we get into is actually caused by television. When you watch television, you are actually in a form of unconscious meditation. We sit down and “zone out” on what is being displayed in front of us on the screen. This is a huge problem for a simple reason. The way that television is structured is fragmented.

The actual program you watch is not the culprit. The culprit are the commercials. Unwittingly we are training our minds to jump from thought to thought randomly while watching these commercials. Not only that, they hide archetypal symbolist in these commercials which makes the imprinting even more effective.

So the first step you should take is to either stop watching TV, or mute the commercials and close your eyes while they are on. Or even better would be fast forwarding through them with the aid of a DVR. The fast forwarding may not do the trick though. This is because when you do this you are being “blipverted” just like in the Max Headroom series from the 80′s. So if you are going to fast forward through the commercials, either throw your eyes out of focus or close them entirely.

Blip Vert Out Take from Max Headroom Television Show

The meditation for training yourself to be in the moment is really quite simple. The one that I learned when I was in your position is called Japa. I learned it from a CD by Wayne Dyer called “Meditation for Manifestation”.


It is a 6000 year old or older meditation that comes out of Tibet. It does not take much time to do every day. In the mourning after you have woken up, you sit in a comfortable chair with your backbone as vertical as it can be while still being relaxed. Next you visualize white light coming out of the earth, up through your legs, then up your spine, into your head, and out of your forehead.

After you have accomplished this then you begin making the sound Ah……., Ah……., Ah……. When you first start this practice you will find that the random thoughts will still continue to flash into your consciousness. This is normal for beginners. The key is not to push against the thoughts.

Allow them to surface and allow them to leave on their own. As you progress doing this every mourning, you will find that the random thoughts will become less and less during your mourning meditation. Don’t expect immediate gratification with sudden results. Just like any learned skill, the progress will come as it will.

The second part of Japa is a meditation that is done at night. This meditation is even more simple than the mourning one. I usually do this meditation laying in bed before sleep. You simply repeat the classic Ohm……., Ohm…….., Ohm…….., while concentrating on nothing but feeling love and happiness.

When you do these meditations you are actually changing the configuration of the neurological pathways in your mind. So long as you are consistent with it, the old pathways which cause random thought will decay and fade. They will be replaced with the new ones that allow you to be in the moment.

After you have gotten to the point to where you can have a quiet mind during these simple meditations, then you will be able to move on to the more advanced stuff like out of body experiences.

Another form of meditation that I have just started recently is called Hemi-Sync. Hemi-Sync actually gets your mind to form a wave front between the two Hemispheres. I have gotten some good results with this. Different results than I got with the Japa Meditation. However, it seems promising as far as accomplishing the same thing as the other meditations do.

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