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Bank of America Headquarters Featured in Hell Raiser 3!

by on Oct.05, 2010, under Most Recent Blog Post

I was watching this movie a couple of months ago and my father came in and watched the end of it with me. I was watching it because I was looking for the symbolic illuminati truth in plain site in it. The symbolic references where thick though the whole movie. However, the smoking gun came at the end of it.

My father was an instructor for the Bank of America before he retired a couple of months ago. He worked for that company for a long time and has been to the BOA headquarters in New York a bunch of times.

If you skip all the way to the 4:40 min. mark at the end of this video clip you will see what I am taking about in the title of the thread. She takes the hell raiser box with all of the sacred geometry on the outside of it. ( In the story line this box represented a way to open a portal to hell and let demons in). Anyway she takes the box to a construction site where fresh concrete has been stored and submerges the box in the wet foundation concrete.

The next scene shows what is supposed to be the building that she submerged the box in after it is constructed and fully operational. The first thing they show is a large metal sculpture outside of the entrance to the Bank of America building that looks like it grew out of the Hell raiser box. My father said that this sculpture is outside of the Bank of America Headquarters building and always has been.

Then next they show the inside of the lobby of of the Bank of America Headquarters. Now when you actually go inside the lobby of that building the walls are just marble and do not have the sides of the Hell Raiser box all over them like in the clip below. However, it is fairly obvious that they are showing us right in our faces who owns the keys to hell.

Go strait to the 4:00 min. mark in this clip.

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Swine Flu Vaccine May Be Dangerous Part 2

by on Sep.04, 2009, under Most Recent Blog Post

Here is an update to my last blog post.  This is a quote from a September 3rd briefing with CDC Director Dr. Thomas R. Frieden on the current H1N1 situation.

“Out of every 500,000 pregnant women vaccinated we only expect to have complications with 1500 of them. It is important that we watch to find out if more than that number have complications.”

Before this jackass made this comment he proceeded it with listing off miscarriage, nerve damage, and death as possible “complications”.  In other words instead of denial of the possible harmful effects of the vaccine, they are now admiting it.  Not only that they are saying that 1500 damaged people or pregancies out of every 500,000 individual vaccinated is an acceptable complication rate.  I would hate to be in the shoes of the people making the calls on this stuff when judgement day comes.

If you want to see the CDC video where these statements were made CLICK HERE

Then also here is a video made by a concerned individual about the kinds of things being discussed at the PTB Swine Flu Summit.  It is a must see if you want to be prepared for what might or might not come.  I am not endorsing this video is the absolute truth, it may be just more propaganda.  However, you should decide this for yourself instead of me deciding for you.

I hope for the sake of the American People that more Americans than have stepped outside the box and learned what is really going on with this manufactured problem than not.  If enough of us are aware and tell as many people as we can then they will have pie in their faces.  People see this type of stuff and they ask why?  Why would anyone want to needlessly harm people that they do not know?

The truth of that question is even harder to take than the reality of the dangers of vaccinations.  There are a few powerful people at the top of the “pyramid” that have decided that the entire world should be their servants.  Therefore, their plan has been for quite some time to dumb down everyone with vaccinations when young.  This is followed by convincing everyone that consumption of hormone filled dairy and beef is essential for health.  The end result is that they get their dumb strong people to serve them.

It is your choice, unplug the television and get edumacated!

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