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I Just Attended a CSETI Event

by on Sep.15, 2009, under Most Recent Blog Post

There is an individual named Dr. Steven Greer that has established protocols that anyone can use to consistently make contact with extra terrestrials. His organization is called CSETI. Here is a video presentation made by him about what his organization is all about. I just went on one of these contact outings and it was a mind blower.

Steven Greer Disclosure Project / CSETI Presentation

I went with the intention to only see a UFO, and left with the knowledge of a lifetime for the proper protocols for making contact with extra terrestrial craft. I must agree with Steven that so far as the ETs that are allowed to travel interstellar, they are all advanced civilizations. Or at least that is the way it is now. Perhaps in the distant past there may have been a few rouge groups that came here and stirred up s–t. But after what I heard and saw there is no way that a minority of “negative” ETs would be able to get away with anything significant.

I think that there has been a big blunder in so far as the “new age” tendency to classify all things that are intelligent and paranormal as “ETs”. It is far to ambiguous, and it is my opinion that this is the reason for why there is so much confusion on the subject of “Are there bad guys in space ships other than us?”. I think that one of the best new trends that people could start is to stop using the term ET so ambiguously.

Yes there are some extra dimensional beings that are up to no good. However, they are not in space ships and more than likely do not abduct people. Even if you have watched all of the Camelot Testimony you still will not have a grasp of how advanced the technology is that the shadow government has at its disposal. We have been shooting at the craft from these ET visitors with space and airplane based scalar and electromagnetic weapons for decades and there has not been any retaliation. Don’t you think that if there were actually negative ETs in space craft that they would have fired back and taken out the weapons platforms that enable the black government to do this? Just use some common sense and the answer becomes crystal clear.

The experience was very similar to what Steven Showed on the videos of his CSETI outings at the Barcelona Conference. As soon as the group was setting up in the field where the contact training was arranged the battery operated radar detectors started going off on different bands. There was even one radar detector that when ever Steven was speaking to the group and he said something that they liked, it would go off with a two tone beep.

Then after the meditation the group shared some of the things they saw when attempting to remote view the craft or the ETs in general. If someone was saying or was about to say something important then one or more of the radar detectors would spontaneously go off in what was referred to as a locked on fashion. In other words it would emit a constant tone or close to a constant tone.

We did not have any craft completely materialize on this night near the group. However we did see many different kinds of orbs of light blink in and out both near the group and one very bright one that flashed multiple times for us out in the sky about 60 degrees above the horizon. There was also what may have been a UFO but also could have been an ARV (alien reproduction vehicle) that was very high up directly above the group. It definitely was not a conventional air craft. When we first saw it, it was a bright white object moving at a very high rate of speed. Distance wise it may have been out of the atmosphere or right at the edge of it. Then it changed colors and morphed into what looked like a conventional aircraft with normal marker lights on it. Considering the distance and the rate of speed and the fact that it made about a 30 degree turn suddenly I would have to guess that it was either one of ours or theirs.

Anyway, if any of you have the chance to go out and do this then I suggest you do not hesitate. You will not regret it.

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The Dimensions / Densities of Consciousness Explained

by on Sep.10, 2009, under Parallel Dimensions

I mention a lot in my writings on the various pages of this web site a reference to different dimensions / densities of consciousness.  For starters there is no difference between the two terms.  They are synonyms for each other when used in the context of the different states of consciousness.

It is not very complicated to explain what these things are.  However, understanding them and being able to integrate them into your personal world view is more challenging than explaining them.  In order to begin to conceptualize what this blog posts subject matter is all about we first have to understand the background structure of reality.

The background structure of the reality that we perceive on a daily basis is completely geometric.  No matter how far down you look into the smallest versions of “matter” you will find geometry as the over riding structure of things.  If it is not directly visible in the structure of particles then it is playing its part in holding those particles together.

Here is a video that was made by one of the most famous astrophysicists of all time Carl Sagan.  In this video he does his best to explain from a humans point of view what the differences are between dimensions.

This is great, now we are getting some where.  There are some things that Carl Sagan does not mention in the above video.  Understandably he does not mention these things because he is a scientist and that is not an area that any main stream scientist is willing to touch.  What area is so fringe that even someone like Sagan will not touch?

That area is who actually presides in the dimensions of consciousness above the one we are living in now, which would be the 3rd dimension.  According to many of the non-scientific experts on this in the “new age” or “esoteric” paradigms of thought there are 8 dimensions / densities in our local universe.  Who lives in them and why?

Well, this is where the subject matter will start to either shift your consciousness or cause you to go mad.  It is not likely to cause you to actually loose your mind.  I am just using this figuratively.  I guess it would be more accurate to say that it might make you temporarily dizzy. This is where the evolution of consciousness begins to integrate with astrophysics.

As we evolve as individuals and as a civilization to higher levels of peace and understanding of the true undistorted nature of things our “frequency” increases.  When the underlying structure of reality is revealed what you have left even past the geometry is a substance.  The name of this substance is consciousness.

Consciousness is what the particles are made of .  Then the particles make the atoms, the atoms make the elements, the elements make the molecules and the molecules make material reality.  So if you erase everything else what you are left with is consciousness.

This mysterious substance called consciousness is actually not a substance.  I think it is more accurate to describe it as a programming platform.  This programming platform is highly responsive when it is exposed to vibrational frequencies that are applied to it.

Moreover, there are certain threshold levels of frequency that when this consciousness is exposed to them the geometry that is formed becomes more complex.  There are 8 zones of frequency in our local universe that house distinct “densities” of geometry.  This is where the word “densities” came into use when describing the dimensions.  Density meaning, more complex dense geometry.

It is actually possible for one of us or another advanced species to elevate their consciousness to the point to where they change which dimension they reside in.  In fact this is actually what is about to happen to this planet in the near future.  Things become strange to conceive of in the next higher dimension and the ones above it.

As can be seen in the video I have on my page called “2012 and Spontaneous Evolution” a researcher named David Wilcock states that the next dimension above the one we are in now, 4th dimension, is an inversion of the one we are in now. In other words space becomes fixed and time becomes movable. Therefore, now we live in space / time, and in the 4th dimension we may live in time / space.

So who lives in the higher dimensions of consciousness as compared to the one we are in now? The strange answer is that it is us that live there. We are not the only ones who’s consciousness resides there, but we are already there. This is the paradox that an inversion of space time creates.

From our perception we have not made the shift to the 4th dimension yet. However, because once in the 4th dimension / density we can move through time like it is walking across the street, we are already there. The 5th-8th dimensions are also do not have an expression of linear time. Therefore, we are already in these dimensions as well.

Ever heard about the concept of the higher self? Ever wonder if such a thing as the higher self exists or if it is just made up? Well, there is no materialistic way to prove the existence of the higher self. On the other hand, if you allow yourself to think outside of the box then you will find that your higher self is just the evolutionary result of what you are about to go through.

Dizzy Yet?

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Mayan and Waitaha Prophecy Revealed, Kind of?

by on Aug.25, 2009, under Most Recent Blog Post

I just got finished listening to an August 2009 video made my Drunvalo Malchizedek. In this presentation he communicates to us the messages of the Mayan Elders about the 2012 prophecies. The Mayans are very vague about when things will happen.

Drunvalo Video about the Mayan Prophecies Part 1

CLICK HERE for the Youtube Channel where you can watch all 14 parts of this video.

Drunvalo said that they give a 7 year window that started in 2007 and ends in 2015 where a strange set of circumstances will happen. The Mayans say that there will first be a magnetic pole reversal of the Earth’s magnetic field. Then sometime after that there will be a 16-17 degree pole shift of the Earth’s physical pole location. And finally sometime during all of this craziness there will be a shift in the consciousness of the planet and everything on it to a higher level.

I would like to thank Drunvalo and the Mayans for conveying this information to the world. There was not a whole lot revealed in this video that we did not already know from Drunvalo’s previous discussions on the Conscious Media Network internet site. What I found most interesting and pertinent to us right now is when Drunvalo mentioned that the Waitaha Prophecy for August – September 2009.

He told in the video that he could not reveal the entire details of the prophecy because he had not been authorized to my the Waitaha tribe of New Zealand. However, he was able to tell us that they are expecting a huge shift in the energy of the consciousness of the planet. This step will be a huge leap that will get us that much closer to the new world that most of us following this are waiting for.

Since the Mayans and the Witaha tribes are not yet willing to share with us the specifics of their predictions through their Shaman, how about I give it a shot for all of you. I have found in the past that it is very hard if not impossible to predict future logistical events that are caused by the decisions that people make. On the other hand I have had a decent level of success (close to 100%) when it comes to astrological events that shift energy.

I am going to bust out my trusty dowsing pendulum for this and then I will invoke my higher self and his team of information gatherers (all from higher dimensions) and ask them some questions. You do not have to be part of an ancient tribe in order to arrive at the same information that they do. The information field has the same access points for anyone.

Questions and Answers attained through Shamanic Divinition

(Pendulum Dowsing)

Q: When will the magnetic pole reversal happen?

A: February 2011

Q: When will the physical pole shift happen?

A: March 2013

Q: When date(s) will the shift in energy slated for August – September 2009 happen.

A: September 3rd 2009

Q: Will those not in fear consciousness live through all of this safely?

A: Yes

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The negative forces step up their game and Old Mars Info Meets New Mars Info

by on Aug.05, 2009, under Most Recent Blog Post

The Greatest Deception Campaign Ever

There is a forward press going on right now from the negative forces in this reality and also from higher realities.  There has always been a degree of interference from the higher dimensions.

However, very recently they have become bold and are actively hacking the information streams of intuitives and shaman the world over.  Why?  Well I can only guess at the answer to that question.

My guess is that they are coordinating a campaign like this with their servants that are in this reality.  So they simultaneously hack intuition the world over, flood the media with disinformation, and scare the shit out of everyone with an engineered virus.

Who are the people on the planet that would work with such negative forces?  That would be the Illuminati.  Beware of any intuitive information you hear from sources who have been accurate and helpful in the past.

If you see the info suddenly swing towards the negative then you can bet you ass you have just witnessed what I am discussing here.

Old Mars Info

When I was 13 years old my aunt sent showed me a video tape that she had that was a presentation made by Richard Hoagland about artificial structures on Mars.  I am a huge fan of Richard Hoagland because of this video.  He was at the forefront of the truth movement before there ever was a truth movement.  I could go on and on about this video, instead watch it for yourself.

Now for the new Mars information.

Buzz Aldrin spilled the beans about a monolith on the surface off a egg shaped moon that circles Mars on C-span the other day.

WTF is going on with Mars?

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Hyperdimensional Crop Circle Diagrams, WTF?

by on Jul.27, 2009, under Most Recent Blog Post

I have gone bust on my first attempt at predicting when a crop formation of a specific type would form.  I learned a while back that predictions of future events on this planet are difficult at best.  This is more than likely a result of the constantly shifting around of timelines.  You may very well be dead on in the timeline you are in when you make the prediciton.  Then the timeline changes before the date of the prediction is to occur.  My prediction may very well have come true in a parallel timeline that I jumped out of.  How is that for a brain f–ker?

On another note I have been doing study on some other crop formations.  In the model of hyperdimensional physics that has been created by Richard Hoagland and his team, the foundation for this physics is a Tetrahedron geometry inside of a sphere like this

Here are a few crop formations that seem to be trying to tell us that something is going on with the hyperdimensional physics.  What exactly they are telling us I have no idea.

Spain June 2009

Incompleted Tetrahedron W/O sphere, Spain, June 8, 2009

UK, Early July 2009

Tetrahedron In a Sphere, UK, July 9, 2009

Uk, Late July 2009

Tetrahedron In a Sphere, UK, June 22nd, 2009

To clarify in case you did not notice, the first and the third pictures are from different countries.


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