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The Study of Etheric DNA

by on Jan.01, 2010, under Most Recent Blog Post

The whole idea of your DNA not being a constant that can hold you back is now making its way into the main stream. I was very pleased to see Dr. Wayne Dyer discuss this at the beginning of his most recent PBS program called “Excuses Be Gone”.

He speaks of a book that has been written that shows and details the scientific proof that we can change our DNA with our intention.  The book he sites is called “The Biology of Belief” by Dr. Bruce Lipton PhD.


Way back before all of this talk about the frequency of consciousness causing an unlocking of the dormant DNA code in us I had some profound experiences of my own with shifting DNA.

Back just after I had my own spiritual awakening I began to walk out of a cloudy haze my mind had been in for my entire life. Not only that, but my night vision went from normal to supernormal. This was about 12 years ago.

I called my aunt up and told her about it (shamanic dowser / psychologist) and her response was “This is great feedback”. I was like “What do you mean great feedback?”  At the time I was a total newbie to the world of metaphysics and spirituality.

She then explained to me that she had been working with my higher self and a team of other guides I had.  They where all working to turn on some of my dormant genetic code for enhancements in my consciousness.

She told me that she was getting groups of genes that she was numbering and giving names and number designations to like they where software upgrades. She would then check everyone in our family for whether or not the upgrade was for their greatest good.

If it was then she would have that persons personal guides and higher self do the work. One road block she ran into with some people was that an excess level of toxins built up in the body for some reason would prevent the changes from occurring.

I did not ever go off on my own personal limb messing around with DNA. I left that up to her and I went off in my own weird and crazy untraveled road. The road I went down is another story entirely that can be read about on my “Background Story” page.

So back to the DNA upgrade stuff. My aunt continued to have unnecessary limiting genes turned off and good dormant ones turned on. She did not tell me the specifics of all of the work she was doing, but I was feeling it for sure. As time wore on I became ludicrous accurate with a dowsing pendulum.

Moreover, my I.Q. shot through the roof. Solving problems that would have been unsolvable for me just a few years earlier became like second nature. I guess that this was the connection I was forming with my higher self and my intuition through working with the pendulum and as a result of the DNA enhancements.

Then she had a stroke and was out of commission for doing things like this for at least 3 years. Luckily, she had done most of the work that was to be done on me already.

When she finally got over the stroke mentally, she ended up going off on a different tangent with her spiritual work and did not do much with the DNA anymore. She still dabbles but that is about it.

Then came in the info I stumbled upon concerning the Mayan Calendar. I actually became interested in investigating and studying the Mayan Calendar as a result of the History Channel show on it.

Part 1/3 History Channel Mayan Calendar

I ended up Googleing 2012 and I think the second video I watched about it was David Wilcock’s 2012 Enigma. He spoke in this video about DNA shifts happening across all species on the globe as a result of the coming end of a galactic cycle.  I have gone into great detail about what I have learned as a result of the work I have done after having been inspired by David’s 2012 presentation.

The funny thing was that in the months before I ever watched David’s presentation I had been having some profound changes in my consciousness. Easily as profound as the ones that happened 12 years earlier.

This time my daytime vision had gone super high definition on me. It is hard to describe. The only way I know how to, is to relate it to psychoactive substances and the effects they have on your vision.

The way they make everything look so high contrast that it all looks fake. Well that is the way that everything was looking and it was getting more intense every day.

I knew from my previous experience that something had to be happening to my DNA. However, I knew also that my aunt was not currently working on it. So what then?

I tried to come up with some answers with the intuitive dowsing, but to no avail. This is when I watched The 2012 Enigma Video.

For those of you who where around on the Avalon Forums back when I started dowsing the details of the DNA shifts this will not be any new news to you. However, there are some newbs here. Click Here for the original DNA dowsing thread on the Avalon Forums.

Basically what I had done was work off of the info that David Wilcock had supplied in his video. He had worked off of information that other individuals had supplied in their videos as well. People like Gregg Braden who was talking about the DNA changing back in the early 90′s.

What I had done was bring my team of guides on line and began asking them questions about these DNA shifts. I had asked them when the shifts where going to begin. In hindsight this was to vague of a question.

However, at the time it was all I knew to ask. So just for the people out there who where not privy to this info the last time around here is what the initial dowsing came up with. The dowsing had turned up 3 shifts.

1st 10/9/08

2nd 11/26/08

3rd 2/11/09

At the time I had assumed that on these dates there would be spontaneous evolution happening. As it turned out these dates marked the shifts in the geometry of the DNA off the 14 subtle energies around the body. That is why the original line of questioning was to vague.  I had not specified whether or not I wanted to know about material DNA or etheric DNA.

There are actually DNA structures of spiritual / energetic programming in the subtle energy fields around the body. First the subtle energies are upgraded then these are eventually used as a blueprint to change the DNA of your material body. For a more detailed explanation of this theory, read my “2012 and Spontaneous Evolution” page.

I waited like everyone else for huge changes to happen on the 9th of October 2008. Or at least all those who where following my work. Then on that date nothing out of the ordinary took place for me.

Others reported strange occurrences that night and the next day on the forums.  One person who was a skeptic said that he awoke with green eyes and had fallen asleep with the blue ones he had always had before. However, for me I felt nothing, and I was like WTF gives? So I broke out the pendulum to see what the deal was.

What I cam up with was that I had already gotten the first two DNA shifts in the subtle energies. That is what all of that enhancement of my daytime vision was all about. How was this possible?

Well I had a Lumerian seed crystal sitting very close to my bed. My intuition had told me a while back to set the crystal pointed at the bed. I had not clue why and my higher self would not tell me at the time.

Now they where revealing the truth to me. So I was ahead of the game and could now give everyone else a heads up for what the coming shifts would be like.  This is exactly what I did when I posted THIS THREAD on the Project Avalon Forums.

It did not end for me there. There was a reason for why my guides had gotten me ahead of the game. Yes one of the reasons was so that I could give others a heads up so they would know what to expect.

The other was much more strange and has yet to be proven materially. It is beyond belief even for someone like me who has seen glitches in the matrix over and over again.

The answers did not come to me until after I visited the vortexes in Sedona Arizona and had information downloaded into my consciousness at those vortexes. You can read about that experience on my “Sedona Vortex Discoveries” page.

My guides have continued to turn up the frequency of consciousness coming out of this crystal. Initially they told me through the pendulum dowsing that the plan was for me to have a total of 6 DNA upgrades to the subtle energies.

After that I thought that I would go through some sort of sudden evolution, or ascension. So I patiently waited for the end of the 6th upgrade to come and fully expected to go out to Sedona and go through with the tech assisted ascension. To understand what I mean by that, you really need to read my “Sedona Vortex Discoveries page.”

However, this time frame came and went and nothing. Again I was like WTF? What Gives? So I just sat around waiting for the next ball to drop thinking to myself “Wow, my guides sure do have a twisted sense of humor”.

I did not take it so seriously that I got depressed or anything like that. On the other hand I was a little annoyed that what they had told me would come to pass was not happening.

Next I once again began having emotional purges of old suppressed issues from this life time and others. It was just like during the first 4 DNA upgrades I had went through due to the crystal and was perplexed. I was thinking to myself “If I am done with the DNA upgrades, then why am I still peeling off suppressed emotions?”

Then one day my guides came back and informed me, “By the way, we decided to push your subtle energies up to 9 total DNA shifts and did not tell you about it because you where obsessing about the future and not staying in the moment”. Relieved I thanked them and went about my merry business.

I have now finished the entire process of the subtle energy DNA upgrading process by way of the ET technology.  The ET tech being the Lemurian Seed Crystal that can be read about on my “Lemurian Seed Crystal Discoveries” page.

Yes, I am pretty sure the Lumerian Seed Crystals are ET tech. When I say ETs I am speaking of the Ancients that built the old underground cities that are still operational and also the ancient stargate system.

These are not your well known ET groups like the Pliadians or Orians and etc. These guys are in a different ball game all together. They are the ones responsible for seeding life on earth over 400 million years ago.

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ET Disclosure Dream and Dowsing Information

by on Sep.22, 2009, under Most Recent Blog Post

I have always respected David Wilcock and I still do. He says that he is getting dream data that is showing him that the Earth is being surrounded by positive beings from different civilizations right now. I think that his dream data is usually on so far as I have observed.

If you wish to hear this radio show then you can CLICK HERE for the Project Camelot Radio Show archives.  The show he said this on is from 9/17/2009, and can be easily found there.

Some of you may not be aware that starting back in Early July the CSETI contact groups around the world began to have much more contact than ever before.

Ships completely materializing right next to the groups, radar laser detectors going off like crazy and etc. If there where more craft nearby during contact protocols then this would be a side effect of that.

I have learned better than to try to make public predictions about what the ETs are going to do next with my total miss fire on the crop formations.

However, I still have a very good personal track record on remote dowsing and viewing the present. I know this is kind of like the oldest trick in the west, however I am going to convey it anyway.

It is the oldest trick in the west because there will be no tangible evidence available to back up this data. What I can tell you is that I checked to see how many different species, or star nations, had parked their ships around the Earth right now.

The number 9/19/09 was 36, then 9/20/09  it was 45, then 9/21/09 it was 52, and I also checked how many craft are there on 9/19/09 and it came up 430. Finally today 9/22/09 there are 55 species and 453 craft parked around the Earth.

Since I can only speculate as to why this is, I will go ahead and just say, something is a brewing. This may be the welcoming party, or liberation crew or what ever you want to call it. I am not saying when this will manifest, but it looks like it might. Sorry for the ambiguity.

My Personal Dream Data On this

I also got an intuitive flash the other day that there is one of these groups that are kind of like the organizational logistics experts on liberating a planet like ours.

The name they gave me was Pasarions. Sunday night, 9/20/09 I asked the Pasarions to show me in a lucid dream what they wished to convey to me about the world.

The dream was quite interesting. First it started out as I was watching a video game of exotic cars racing down an unstable road.

Next I found myself standing in a creek or river bed and all of the cars came crashing off of the end of a bridge that had been washed away. All of the cars where expensive exotic cars and they all landed in a pile.

Next I found myself using my oribital polisher on the side of a 18 wheeler and quit polishing it for some reason. Then next I was on an old dirt road that was surrounded by canals like the ones I grew up around in South Florida.

I was now standing on this road with my polisher (I have an electric car polisher) and foud myself trying to polish a dirty old black and white caprice cop car. I got a section done and it was like all dirty because I was just grinding the dust into it.

Next Igot a bucket and wash the dirt off of the area. I went to go over to the canal to get some water in the bucket and a water moccasin (poisonous snake) came flying out of the water and landed in the bucket, end of dream.

What I took from this is that the exotic cars represented the rich elites that are racing down a dangerous road and are headed for a huge crash and burn.

Then the old cop car represented justice and the snake represented knowledge. So they where showing me that justice is going to come by way of knowledge, the knowledge will clense the earth with justice.

Get it? They where trying to get me to get the cop car (justice) clean with the snake (knowledge) instead of water.

So in conclusion there is going to be knowledge unleashed that will clense the planet with justice and send the rich power monger elites crashing off the road they have been on for so long and the vehicles they have been using for carrying them down that road will be totaled.

I really like how the Pasarions tied my love for cars and shamanism together in this dream. Very clever of them. I took me all day Monday to figure out the symbology.

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Intuitive Dissection of Dr. Pete Peterson’s Project Camelot Interview: Part 1

by on Sep.05, 2009, under Most Recent Blog Post

This is a personal intuitive dissection of statements made by Dr. Pete Peterson in Part 1 of the Project Camelot Interview with Him. These statements are accompanied by my pendulum dowsing results on the factual truth of these statements. In some circumstances I will add my conjecture or descriptions about the intuitive results and put this in [brackets] underneath the TRUE or FALSE statements. For more information about how and why I have decided to do this then you should take a look at the preview article to this.  You can find this by CLICKING HERE. These statements made by Dr. Pete Peterson have been paraphrased by me. Please forgive me if I accidentally misinterperate what he was trying to communicate.

Part One of the Project Camelot Pete Peterson Interview

Intuitive Dowsing Results of the Dr. Pete Peterson Interview

(TRUE) When he was young he went to a wedding where the entire wedding was interrupted by a fleet of UFOs that everyone at the wedding and many people in the town near the wedding witnessed.

(FALSE)  He wanted to build his own flying saucer. However, he decided that it was not necessary to fly around in order to teleport or travel in time. Therefore instead he built a Dr. Who telephone booth style box that you could step into that enabled him to do almost everything you could do in a UFO.

(FALSE) A number of governments around the world are now in possession of this technology of the “Dr. Who Telephone Booth” technology.

(TRUE) There are Sumerian cylinder seals and tablets that give specific instructions for how to build a UFO.

(TRUE) Has a PHD in Natural Physics.

(FALSE) He has visited the Vatican Library and seen there some documents and books that are kept secret because of the information they have in them.

(TRUE) He said that the Annunaki where real.

(FALSE) He has seen the giant skeletons of a supposed Annunaki.

[When I dowsed about the skeletons I asked if he had seen evidence other than internet photos.]

(FALSE) The  Annunaki are Written about in the Christian Bible and the Torah.

[This is a common misinterpretation of the “Nephalim” from these texts.]

(TRUE) He is the inventor of a medical machine used in Homeopathic Medicine that can diagnose and prescribe the exact homeopathic remedy for the ailment.

(FALSE) Through genetic research himself and other scientists discovered that 15% of the people from all races across this planet have a unique “alien like” DNA.

(TRUE) He developed a technology that could remove all of the static interference present in certain types of radio communication.

(TRUE) He has seen “secret” documents about the existence of off world beings.

[These types of documents are available to anyone through The Disclosure Project.]

(TRUE) Mind control only works on 85% of people.

(FALSE) Certain Spots within the Yellow Stone National park have risen up to 4 feet due to volcanic activity.

(TRUE) People in foreign countries can not cash U.S. savings bonds for more than 10 cents on the dollar.

(TRUE) Has been warned by higher ups to locate to the “safe” place he is now for logistical reasons.

(TRUE) Nothing is secret anymore.

(FALSE) Iran prints mass quantities of counterfeit American Dollars.

(FALSE) One of the reasons that certain people in the U.S. government have a problem with Iran is because their counterfeiting operations devalue the American Dollar.

(TRUE) There are RFID chips that are small enough to be implanted by way of a Hypodermic Needle.

[There are hypodermic needles that are a large enough gauge to inject something into the skin the size of a grain of rice or slightly larger]

(TRUE) When Obama had his first briefing before swearing in to office he was in shock because of the scale of the information that he was not aware of before the briefing.

(FALSE) Weapons of Mass Destruction are being routinely imported into the United States in large containers on container ships.

(TRUE) The government is responsible for funding disaster films.

(TRUE) Helped to bring Soviet Science from behind the Iron Curtain.

(TRUE) Was in Ukraine when it declared its independence from Russia.

(TRUE) Was friends with the first president of the newly independent Ukraine

He listed off some of the different technology that he helped to bring back from the Soviet Union after the fall of the Iron Curtain, these are listed below.

(TRUE)-Advanced Materials

(TRUE)-New kinds of Motors

(TRUE)-A capacitor that could change heat into electricity.

(FALSE) The technology for the “Aurora” air / space craft was tech invented by people in the United States only.

(TRUE) The weight of the Russian Mir Space Station was the equivalent of 5000+ shuttle loads and he did not understand how that much material was delivered to space through conventional means.

(TRUE) We have malevolent extra terrestrial enemies.

(TRUE) Implants found in abtuctees are organic and extra terrestrial in origin.

(FALSE) Went through grade school with Linda Moulton Howe.

That just about covers the Part 1 You Tube video of the Dr. Pete Peterson testimony.  Subscribe now to the Altimatrix Blog post updates to get the second two articles where I dowse up the rest of the Pete Peterson information for accuracy.  You can subscribe by simply typing your email address into the white text box next to the black subscribe button at the top of the right hand column on this page.  Thank you for taking the time to read the Altimatrix Blog!

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Intuitive Dissection of Dr. Pete Peterson’s Project Camelot Interview: Preview

by on Sep.05, 2009, under Most Recent Blog Post

For the first time ever, I have decided to pick apart an internet video interview done by a “whistle blower”. This is going to be my intuitive dissection of the recently published Pete Peterson interview done by Project Camelot. In a previous blog post that you can look at by CLICKING HERE. I did some intuitive dowsing on the total factual accuracy of the Camelot Witnesses that had already given either video, audio, or written testimony to Project Camelot in that blog post.

A few months ago on the Project Camelott Internet Radio Show, Bill, Kerry, David Wilcock, and Camelot consultant Dr. Burham all announced together that they had just interviewed the “most revealing and important” witness that they had ever interviewed. There has been quite a delay in this interview being released for ambiguous reasons of national security that where stated by the person being interviewed, Pete Peterson.

In the past I was complacent and did not pick apart the interview of “Dr.” Dan Burisch which I now regret because it has now been exposed that he was spreading some disinformation on purpose. I had even mentioned some of his claims in the writings on the pages of my web site which I have now deleted. The biggest mistake that I made was that I assumed that my emotional and intuitive guidance system alone with no other tools was enough to determine the truth from fiction.

Days before this Peterson Interview was published I had made up my mind that I was going to pick it apart like a true analyst would. I put aside any excitement I may have had about the hype generated by the interviewers about what might be in this information. I replaced this excitement with the same kind off focus and intent that an ethical judge would have when presiding over a legal case.

Therefore, what I did was watch the interviews and take notes of all of the claims that Pete Peterson made on all three You Tube parts of this interview. I am not hunting glory here. More specifically, I am hunting the truth through the means that I have come to trust for over a decade. Those means would be intuitive pendulum dowsing. This type of intuitive investigation tool can be employed by anyone. I have actually made a set of instructions for how to do this in a blog post you can read by CLICKING HERE.

I am going to post the results of my intuitive investigations in 3 parts. Each part will directly correlate to the three videos of the interview available on You Tube. I am going to go ahead with the first part of this intuitive investigation in the next blog post after this one. I encourage anyone who reads this not to take my results as the absolute truth any more than they would accept all of the information in the interview as their truth. I also encourage you, the reader, pick up the hobby of pendulum dowsing and pick apart information like this yourselves. I will post up the data I have dowsed up about this information very shortly.

If you do not want to miss out on the updates to this 4 part series of articles then feel free to enter your email adress into the white field in the upper right column next to the black “subscribe button”.  This will give you automatic email updates of these and all of my future blog posts.

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