Are there negative ETs or what?

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Here is the deal folks, there is a difference in perspectives on this negative positive ET thing because people are at different stages of their own spiritual evolution.  I was inspired to write this because there was a debate going on in the CSETI forums about weather or not Dr. Steven Greer’s statement that there are no hostile ET’s was accurate or not.

This statement was made in his speech at the Barcelona Exopolitics summit that I have a video of down on the lower right of the home page and this page.  It is also on my recommended videos page.  It goes back to a statement that Einstein made which was…

(“The greatest decision a person will ever make is whether they live in a hostile universe or a peaceful one”)

Why did Einstein say this? Was he just off of his rocker or did he actually know what he was talking about? This is a very shamanic frame of reference to see the situation from. However, this is the perspective from which Greer’s consciousness is communicating it from.

We all choose to incarnate into this reality for the polarized learning lessons that it provides. When I say “this reality” I actually mean the 3rd dimension of consciousness of this universe which is where we are all currently located if we are reading and typing on this forum.

You choose to experience all the adversity in your life no matter how severe before you incarnate into your little baby body. Or if you are a walk in, your adult body.

Some people actually choose a path where they will encounter peoples from other worlds that dump massive quantities of adversity on them. While others have chosen a path for example to learn the same types of things, for example being a soldier in war.

That is actually the path that I had apparently chosen for about my last 10 lifetimes before this one.  There is something called the progression of the soul.

You incarnate into 3rd dimensional reality over and over again until you have successfully run through 22 archetypal learning lessons that are the grade school through masters thesis of the soul.

During this time on earth or another similar planet the universe seems as though it is a very hostile place and that there are things in it that exist only to victimize us.

That is the trap that prevents people from moving quickly through these archetypes. Instead of recognizing each and every challenge regardless of the severity as an opportunity to learn, people see it as an opportunity to take on the consciousness of the victim.

The victim consciousness is exactly where the “We are under threat from negative ETs” type of paradigm is born from.  This type of debate as to whether or not the adversity in this dimension of consciousness is hostile or a manifestation of the universal creator will continue to go on for as long as people are still working their way through the archetypal learning curve.

There will always be some adversity in this world to be experienced by the few or the many so long as the people being born into this world continue to take on the victim consciousness and refuse to learn from the experiences no matter how traumatic.

Are there negative ETs? Depends on who you are and where you are in the evolution of your own soul. I personally finished out my souls progression about a year ago as determined by shamanic divination techniques.

This is why it is my opinion that there are no negative or positive things anywhere in this universe. There are only different manifestations of the creator born from our own higher selves desire to see us learn at an accelerated rate.

If there where no severe adversity in this realty we would all just sit around with our thumbs up our asses learning nothing.

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ET Disclosure Dream and Dowsing Information

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I have always respected David Wilcock and I still do. He says that he is getting dream data that is showing him that the Earth is being surrounded by positive beings from different civilizations right now. I think that his dream data is usually on so far as I have observed.

If you wish to hear this radio show then you can CLICK HERE for the Project Camelot Radio Show archives.  The show he said this on is from 9/17/2009, and can be easily found there.

Some of you may not be aware that starting back in Early July the CSETI contact groups around the world began to have much more contact than ever before.

Ships completely materializing right next to the groups, radar laser detectors going off like crazy and etc. If there where more craft nearby during contact protocols then this would be a side effect of that.

I have learned better than to try to make public predictions about what the ETs are going to do next with my total miss fire on the crop formations.

However, I still have a very good personal track record on remote dowsing and viewing the present. I know this is kind of like the oldest trick in the west, however I am going to convey it anyway.

It is the oldest trick in the west because there will be no tangible evidence available to back up this data. What I can tell you is that I checked to see how many different species, or star nations, had parked their ships around the Earth right now.

The number 9/19/09 was 36, then 9/20/09  it was 45, then 9/21/09 it was 52, and I also checked how many craft are there on 9/19/09 and it came up 430. Finally today 9/22/09 there are 55 species and 453 craft parked around the Earth.

Since I can only speculate as to why this is, I will go ahead and just say, something is a brewing. This may be the welcoming party, or liberation crew or what ever you want to call it. I am not saying when this will manifest, but it looks like it might. Sorry for the ambiguity.

My Personal Dream Data On this

I also got an intuitive flash the other day that there is one of these groups that are kind of like the organizational logistics experts on liberating a planet like ours.

The name they gave me was Pasarions. Sunday night, 9/20/09 I asked the Pasarions to show me in a lucid dream what they wished to convey to me about the world.

The dream was quite interesting. First it started out as I was watching a video game of exotic cars racing down an unstable road.

Next I found myself standing in a creek or river bed and all of the cars came crashing off of the end of a bridge that had been washed away. All of the cars where expensive exotic cars and they all landed in a pile.

Next I found myself using my oribital polisher on the side of a 18 wheeler and quit polishing it for some reason. Then next I was on an old dirt road that was surrounded by canals like the ones I grew up around in South Florida.

I was now standing on this road with my polisher (I have an electric car polisher) and foud myself trying to polish a dirty old black and white caprice cop car. I got a section done and it was like all dirty because I was just grinding the dust into it.

Next Igot a bucket and wash the dirt off of the area. I went to go over to the canal to get some water in the bucket and a water moccasin (poisonous snake) came flying out of the water and landed in the bucket, end of dream.

What I took from this is that the exotic cars represented the rich elites that are racing down a dangerous road and are headed for a huge crash and burn.

Then the old cop car represented justice and the snake represented knowledge. So they where showing me that justice is going to come by way of knowledge, the knowledge will clense the earth with justice.

Get it? They where trying to get me to get the cop car (justice) clean with the snake (knowledge) instead of water.

So in conclusion there is going to be knowledge unleashed that will clense the planet with justice and send the rich power monger elites crashing off the road they have been on for so long and the vehicles they have been using for carrying them down that road will be totaled.

I really like how the Pasarions tied my love for cars and shamanism together in this dream. Very clever of them. I took me all day Monday to figure out the symbology.

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My Revelations of Past Personal Contact Events

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I have had a mountain load of weird paranormal experiences in the last 12 years or so. The end result of this massive quantity of strange and weird happenings has been to shape me into an individual with a high level of sensory and intuitive perception of the immediate world around me.

Even so, there have always been a few enigmas that I never quite was able to get a clear vector on as to what was responsible for them. As I stated in another thread I have just attended a CSETI event and learned of all of the different ways in which a visitor craft can manifest itself.  Here are the contact events that I can remember happening to me not in chronological order.

The rarest manifestation would be the full on view of the craft. I had only ever seen one metallic UFO before, and I was not even sure if I saw that one because it was in my line of sight for about 1/10th of a second.

Now however I have learned that the visitors actually like to interface with electronics in playful ways as being their most favorite way of chiming in. They also can take the form of orbs, streaks of light, audio tones, vibrations, and some others.

Now that I look back at the paranormal events that happened to me that I never was able to get a clear answer on I can see that it was ET knocking on my door.

Here are a few of the ones that I can remember so far that where probably the ETs.

1.) When I was working on a golf course 10 years ago I went out to walk mow the greens in the mourning. I got all the way out there and the headlight on the mower did not work.

I was pissed and I said, “I wish that f–king light would work” the moment I said work the head light came on after I had already messed with it for 5 min. in every way you can without taking it apart.

2.) I was laying down in bed half awake and suddenly I heard what sounded like crystalline audio tones as if you where tapping the tops of different size wine glasses with a fork.

When I opened my eyes the entire room was filled with angular facets like I was inside some sort of cut gem stone. Each time the sound would happen one of the facets would light up.

3.) The irrigation system at the last course I worked at was radio controlled and each golf hole had a different radio frequency that it ran on. 2 times when I was about to leave work on the weekend, multiple random heads on different holes would turn on all at once, stay on for about 10 min, then turn back off on their own.

The entire time I am running around shitting bricks because there are golfers out on the course getting wet. There where no radio signals being sent to the clocks from any source.

I could verify this because the hand held radio that we carry has the irrigation systems channel on it. Out of the 3 people that would watch the course on the weekend, I was the only one that this ever happened to.

4.) I was sitting on my dad’s back deck and the entire air around the deck and the back yard was filled with a fog like white energy. Then I looked up at the tree tops and it was like an omnipresent flash bulb went off. No definite source, but it filled my entire field of vision. There where 3 flashes total.

5.) This one I know people are going to think that I am making up. That is OK, if I heard it I would think that it was being made up also. 2 days after the CSETI event I decided that I wanted to know just how strong of a mental connection I had with the visitors.

The experiment that I did was a little nutty and impossible to prove out of the realm of coincidence. Here it is any way. I was on the cardio machines at the gym. There are 10 televisions in front of the cardio equipment that are in your face.

I was annoyed with the televisions so I threw this statement out there “OK visitors, if you are listening please shut off the televisions if what is on them is not something that I should be watching” I did this with just the inner voice. I shit you not, 10 min later all of the televisions went black.

It turned out that they had a direct TV feed and had lost the satellite signal. You can tell this because it shows that it is looking for the signal after the screens come back up. This was a crystal clear day, therefore no storm clouds blocked out the signal.

6.) Another one that I just remembered happened only a few months ago. About 2 AM suddenly all of the smoke alarms in the house made one sound at the same time.

This woke up both myself and my father (we talked about it the next day not that night). The noise from the smoke alarms was followed by what seemed like a few waves of energy that where very prominent and could be felt easily. My father is not a sensitive and he felt them also.

7.) Then as I write this I am reminded of the random times in my old apartment when months apart suddenly in the middle of the night one of the smoke alarms would beep intermittently.

Then they would stop for weeks then do it again. Just a little beep like the battery was dead every few seconds. However they where hard wired in and the power was not off. I was annoyed so I unplugged the one making the sound. Then a few days later the one in the other room was doing it.

8.) Then another instance was when one night I left my Bose computer speakers turned all the way up with no feed going into them. These speakers where not shielded all that well and if my cell phone was any where near them it would send signals out of them when it was a about to ring or something.

Well the cell phone was not near the speakers and in the middle of the night I was awoken to the speakers making a sound as if you had taken the plug that feeds the audio and tapped it on the top of a battery or something a few times. You know like a consistent pronounced beat coming out of them.

I am sure I will probably remember more as time goes on. For those of you who have what seem to be enigmatic electronics malfunctions like I have experienced here, you may be in contact also.

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I Just Attended a CSETI Event

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There is an individual named Dr. Steven Greer that has established protocols that anyone can use to consistently make contact with extra terrestrials. His organization is called CSETI. Here is a video presentation made by him about what his organization is all about. I just went on one of these contact outings and it was a mind blower.

Steven Greer Disclosure Project / CSETI Presentation

I went with the intention to only see a UFO, and left with the knowledge of a lifetime for the proper protocols for making contact with extra terrestrial craft. I must agree with Steven that so far as the ETs that are allowed to travel interstellar, they are all advanced civilizations. Or at least that is the way it is now. Perhaps in the distant past there may have been a few rouge groups that came here and stirred up s–t. But after what I heard and saw there is no way that a minority of “negative” ETs would be able to get away with anything significant.

I think that there has been a big blunder in so far as the “new age” tendency to classify all things that are intelligent and paranormal as “ETs”. It is far to ambiguous, and it is my opinion that this is the reason for why there is so much confusion on the subject of “Are there bad guys in space ships other than us?”. I think that one of the best new trends that people could start is to stop using the term ET so ambiguously.

Yes there are some extra dimensional beings that are up to no good. However, they are not in space ships and more than likely do not abduct people. Even if you have watched all of the Camelot Testimony you still will not have a grasp of how advanced the technology is that the shadow government has at its disposal. We have been shooting at the craft from these ET visitors with space and airplane based scalar and electromagnetic weapons for decades and there has not been any retaliation. Don’t you think that if there were actually negative ETs in space craft that they would have fired back and taken out the weapons platforms that enable the black government to do this? Just use some common sense and the answer becomes crystal clear.

The experience was very similar to what Steven Showed on the videos of his CSETI outings at the Barcelona Conference. As soon as the group was setting up in the field where the contact training was arranged the battery operated radar detectors started going off on different bands. There was even one radar detector that when ever Steven was speaking to the group and he said something that they liked, it would go off with a two tone beep.

Then after the meditation the group shared some of the things they saw when attempting to remote view the craft or the ETs in general. If someone was saying or was about to say something important then one or more of the radar detectors would spontaneously go off in what was referred to as a locked on fashion. In other words it would emit a constant tone or close to a constant tone.

We did not have any craft completely materialize on this night near the group. However we did see many different kinds of orbs of light blink in and out both near the group and one very bright one that flashed multiple times for us out in the sky about 60 degrees above the horizon. There was also what may have been a UFO but also could have been an ARV (alien reproduction vehicle) that was very high up directly above the group. It definitely was not a conventional air craft. When we first saw it, it was a bright white object moving at a very high rate of speed. Distance wise it may have been out of the atmosphere or right at the edge of it. Then it changed colors and morphed into what looked like a conventional aircraft with normal marker lights on it. Considering the distance and the rate of speed and the fact that it made about a 30 degree turn suddenly I would have to guess that it was either one of ours or theirs.

Anyway, if any of you have the chance to go out and do this then I suggest you do not hesitate. You will not regret it.

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