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You can only get the truth about the BP Oil Spill on the other side of the world? WTF?

by on Jun.30, 2010, under Most Recent Blog Post

For all of the people out there that are so deep in denial that they still believe that the cooperate news media in America has our best interests in mind, watch this. While you are watching it, ask yourself “Why with all of the resources that the American Networks have at their disposal are we not allowed to see this information?”

Australian 60 Minutes Report on The BP Oil Spill

Now what conclusions have you come to on why we are not being allowed to see this?  Still confused?  Getting a “does not compute”?  Well if you have been brainwashed by the idea that the mainstream media is actually a free and open source of information, those kinds of reactions are to be expected.

Now think about this for a moment.  Once upon a time there where over 400 companies that owned the various mainstream news outlets in America.  Back then because there where so many different people at the forefront of information to the public, it actually was a free media.

It was impossible to control the media when it was like that because under the constitutional government of the Republic of the United States of America there are laws that allow it.  So lets say hypothetically that you are part of the secret power structure that desires to take over the world, yes that exists also.  You are sitting in an annual meeting with all of your scumbag buddies that are also psychopathically insecure just like you are.

You are all sitting around at your annual meeting that you like to call the Bilderburger summit and the topic of how to control information comes up.  Everyone sits around and discusses how it would be possible to take control of most information that the public is exposed to.  Then someone says, “Lets just use the extreme wealth that our companies have amassed and gradually buy out all of the media outlets we can get our hands on.”

So then over the next 15 years or so, they follow through with their plan.  They gradually buy out all of the media outlets in the country and when they do it, they say it is for the sake of making profit and streamlining the way that information arrives at your door.  This is not fantasy folks.  This is for real.  Right now all of the media outlets in the United States of America are owned by 6 corporations.  Again, it has gone from over 400 to 6 of them.

If you are reading this and you did not already know this tid bit of information, wake the fuck up already.

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Richard Hoagland Reports on Dangerous Gas Bubble Forming in the Gulf

by on Jun.16, 2010, under Most Recent Blog Post

Listen two these Youtube clips from Richard Hoagland in relation to the disaster in the gulf.  Then raed my thoughts, explanations, and conclusions on this information below.

This bubble that he is talking about would be in the upper layers of the limestone. He said sea floor, but he was not talking about a bubble that is just sitting there at the bottom of the ocean in the water. If you ever take a look at the way that limestone is always layered, it is stratified. In other words it is never a consistent density or formation from each layer to the next.

For example, I live in Florida. I was schooled on the limestone formation layers underneath Florida when I was a golf course superintendent. There if you drilled only 1000 feet down you actually went through two sections where the limestone was a void or extremely porous.

The first open section that went under the entire souther tip of the state was the fresh water aquifer. That section was only a couple hundred feet down. The second section about 1000 feet down was the salt water aquifer that was connected to both the Atlantic ocean and also the Gulf.

So if they had drilled down 22,000 feet (about 4 miles) into the limestone, they would have gone through probably dozens of these various layers and densities of limestone. So you could imagine that this gas would be coming up from where the drill had gone into the oil field, up the drill hole, and into these less dense / porous layers of limestone.

This gas would then begin to fill that layer of limestone which could be tens of miles wide, if not hundreds. It would start to fill up that layer of limestone that is close to the surface with gas pressure.

This gas pressure would continue to build up and up and up. The layers of limestone above where the gas is building could possibly not be strong enough to contain the pressure that was building inside of this theoretical lower layer. The most probable result will be that the upper layers of lime holding the pressure in would continue to crack and release the pressure gradually.

The worst case would be that the pressure would reach a critical point and cause a huge sudden rupture in the lime. Or a gas explosion. Not an explosion of fire, more like an explosion like you had filled a gas cylinder with about 10 times to much pressure. So essentially the bottom of the ocean would explode. When this happened a huge quantity of gas would suddenly escape to the surface.

Just like in an Olympic diving pool, when you want to soften the surface tension of the water, you have bubblers that froth the surface of the pool. This would essentially happen over the surface of the Gulf. The width of the effected area would be dependent on how large of a section of the lime would let go if such an even happened.

Personally I think that this worst case stuff would only happen on a large scale like that if the limestone layers above the bubble where completely uniform in depth and strength. However, limestone does not work like that. It has weak areas and strong areas. It is more likely that the thinner weaker areas would let go in small sections which would drastically reduce the rate and violence of the relief of the gas pressure.

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James Fox Reports on BP Spraying Toxic Dispersants Over Populated Areas, WTF?

by on Jun.14, 2010, under Most Recent Blog Post

All right, this is starting to go from ludicrous to strait up criminal.  Why do you ask?  Here is some information that I came across on one of my favorite internet forums called The Manticore.  This is information about the oil dispersant that BP is spraying to try to cover up the full extent of the oil.  Sending the oil to the bottom of the ocean only causes more problems and the only benefit is to those who want to try to make the issue look less significant than it is.

The name of the chemical that they are spraying is Corexit.  Here is an out take from that forum that I was talking about.

Corexit 9500 with ethylene oxide? * “As stated in MSDS, once it had
one, Corexit 9500 can cause central nervous system depression, nausea,
and unconsciousness … liver, kidney damage, and red blood cell
hemolysis with repeated or prolonged exposure through inhalation or
ingestion according to the MSDS. The threat to human health via
exposure is characterized as ‘MODERATE’.” uspoly.com/dispersit
Corexit tested by VECO’s NORCON union workers – volunteers.. .
even women (reproductive damage possible – men & women) *
“The Corexit 9500 *

As James Fox reports in this latests update to the Veritas Show, even though the EPA has asked BP to stop spraying this toxic chemical, they are still doing it anyway.


Spread this information as far and wide as you can.  We the people are going to have to pick up the reporting ball that the mainstream media is dropping big time here.  It is up to us to pressure the powers that be to put an end to this.

If we don’t, we could be looking at some serious long term health damage to the people that live along the gulf coast.  Not from the oil alone, but from these chemicals that this unethical company is recklessly spraying close enough to populated areas for the population to breath it.

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