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Mayan and Waitaha Prophecy Revealed, Kind of?

by on Aug.25, 2009, under Most Recent Blog Post

I just got finished listening to an August 2009 video made my Drunvalo Malchizedek. In this presentation he communicates to us the messages of the Mayan Elders about the 2012 prophecies. The Mayans are very vague about when things will happen.

Drunvalo Video about the Mayan Prophecies Part 1

CLICK HERE for the Youtube Channel where you can watch all 14 parts of this video.

Drunvalo said that they give a 7 year window that started in 2007 and ends in 2015 where a strange set of circumstances will happen. The Mayans say that there will first be a magnetic pole reversal of the Earth’s magnetic field. Then sometime after that there will be a 16-17 degree pole shift of the Earth’s physical pole location. And finally sometime during all of this craziness there will be a shift in the consciousness of the planet and everything on it to a higher level.

I would like to thank Drunvalo and the Mayans for conveying this information to the world. There was not a whole lot revealed in this video that we did not already know from Drunvalo’s previous discussions on the Conscious Media Network internet site. What I found most interesting and pertinent to us right now is when Drunvalo mentioned that the Waitaha Prophecy for August – September 2009.

He told in the video that he could not reveal the entire details of the prophecy because he had not been authorized to my the Waitaha tribe of New Zealand. However, he was able to tell us that they are expecting a huge shift in the energy of the consciousness of the planet. This step will be a huge leap that will get us that much closer to the new world that most of us following this are waiting for.

Since the Mayans and the Witaha tribes are not yet willing to share with us the specifics of their predictions through their Shaman, how about I give it a shot for all of you. I have found in the past that it is very hard if not impossible to predict future logistical events that are caused by the decisions that people make. On the other hand I have had a decent level of success (close to 100%) when it comes to astrological events that shift energy.

I am going to bust out my trusty dowsing pendulum for this and then I will invoke my higher self and his team of information gatherers (all from higher dimensions) and ask them some questions. You do not have to be part of an ancient tribe in order to arrive at the same information that they do. The information field has the same access points for anyone.

Questions and Answers attained through Shamanic Divinition

(Pendulum Dowsing)

Q: When will the magnetic pole reversal happen?

A: February 2011

Q: When will the physical pole shift happen?

A: March 2013

Q: When date(s) will the shift in energy slated for August – September 2009 happen.

A: September 3rd 2009

Q: Will those not in fear consciousness live through all of this safely?

A: Yes

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The Fat Lady did not Sing Yet!

by on Jul.24, 2009, under Most Recent Blog Post

I have only been working on the crop circle phenomena for a few weeks now. As far as what the crop circles are, here is the best I can come up with. The general purpose of them is to allow us some hard material evidence that there is intelligence in this universe that is higher than our own.

They are higher dimensional art work that carries the message of the Universe being geometric in nature. As far as the logistics of how they come down, they are in my opinion a group effort between 5th dimensional and 4th dimensional ascended humanoids. These would be both extra terrestrial and perhaps even originally some from this world.

In other words, they where once like us and evolved to higher states of consciousness in these higher dimensions. The 4th dimensional guys still have bodies like we might think of them, however they are made of light due to the radically enhanced form of reality the exist in. They fly the UFO’s that are bright white or golden white in color.

Then the 5th dimensional guys are some what omnipresent and are to far off from our vibrational frequency for us to be able to see them. They are however living at an even higher level of reality than the 4d guys so they are capable of accomplishing more with their thought forms. My current theory is that the 5d guys lay down the thought form on the fields, kind of like a coloring book. Then the 4d guys use their technology to actually fill in the lines, kind of like a kid does with a coloring book.

Watch the formations that come down tomorrow (7/25/09) very closely. My original prediction was that there would be a formation that came down that would enable us to decode the hieroglyphic writing that was in the late June formations. I had originally said that it would come down in 4 stages starting way back on the 15th of July.

Nothing has been reported of the sort, however what I was dowsing was when the thought forms would be laid down by the 5th dimensional beings. At the time I did not factor in the 4d guys having to finish it off with their technology because I had not figured out that much of it yet.

The 25th was the day that I had said that the formation would be completed. Now I know that this is the day when the thought form that precedes the actual formation will be completed. That is tomorrow. If I am right about this, then tomorrow there should be the largest most revealing formation of all time in the fields of Wiltshire when the sun comes up. We will see.

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