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Heart Activation and Twin Flame Metaphysics

by on Dec.04, 2012, under Most Recent Blog Post

Hello all, sorry it has been such a long time since I have made any updates on this site.  I became very self involved in my other passion of learning and teaching golf and basically just had writers block this whole time.  We are so close to the alignment with galactic center that I feel kind of guilty not making any updates at this time.

I had been in a pretty steady pattern of just going to work and practicing my golf game for the last year and a half.  That is how long it has been since I made a blog post here.  That very comfortable steady peaceful pattern was unexpectedly interrupted back in early September.  I guess that I needed a little shaking up because I had become complacent about the spiritual aspects of my path.

I had never even heard of the concept of Twin Souls / Twin Flames, False Twin / False Flames before this time in early September.  Someone had come to me and told me in mid October of a girl they had met that they thought might be a good match for me.  I was so comfortable in my daily pattern of activities that I initially just ignored the suggestion.

However, in the two weeks following me ignoring the suggestion I gradually began to feel more and more as though I was off of my path.  That strange inner knowing that something is just not right all of the sudden had crept up on me.  It was escalating to the point to where I did not feel very good at all during the day at the soul level.

I did not know what was causing me to feel as though I was off my path.  I was brain storming and attempting to figure it out for at least a week.  Then one day I called up the person that had told me about that girl and I asked for her number.  I was shocked because as soon as I contacted her via text message and she responded the feeling lifted and I felt normal again.  This is a person that I have never seen or even had a conversation with.

Never before had I ever been steered around by pure instinct to realize that I must at least meet any particular person like this.  Not knowing why spirit had driven me to realize this, I went into the meeting with this person with zero expectations as to why I was supposed to meet her.  I even told her that I wanted to have a zero expectations meet up.  She agreed that it sounded like an interesting idea and we set something up.

I was shocked when I met her as to not only how striking she was, but also that it seemed as though I was catching up with an old friend.  There was none of the usual getting accustomed to her presence that usually comes with meeting anyone new.  We immediately started spilling out guts to each other by telling each other things we would normally never tell practical strangers.  We should have been practically strangers, but it sure did not seem that way.

Even though I found her to be very striking and intelligent, not once did my mind or emotions go towards anything romantic during or after the meeting.  Rather than that, I felt only compassion for her difficulties in life and wanted only to help her though it.  I was able to do this for her in a couple of ways that few other people would have been able to.  While at the same time, her energetic signature alone some how activated my heart chakra.  At the time I thought that my heart was activated by some forgiveness work I had done for a long lost lover.  However, I now realize after becoming accustomed to my heart energy that this is completely new to me.

My heart chakra had never been fully functional.  I never understood what it meant when people talked about “things” coming from the heart.  Now suddenly I was immersed in the sensation of massive amounts of energy flooding into and out of my chest.  Mostly this energy was in the form of deep compassion on a level that was so strong that it derailed me initially just to acclimate to it.

Following the heart activation, I did much forgiveness work using a new forgiveness meditation that I learned.  This forgiveness meditation is available to listen to on  It was conveyed by an individual named White Wolf Von Atzingen.  Click on the link to listen to it.


I did this forgiveness meditation for everyone that I still perceived as having wronged me in my life.  I did this because I truly want to learn to live in the moment as much of the time as possible.  You can’t do that if you are constantly reliving the past.  This unexpectedly caused a 6 week long process of healing that was emotionally painful and testing to deal with.  All of the suppressed emotions and feelings associated with the people I forgave was purging to the surface at full strength in layers.

I had also figured out that the girl that I had met up with was more than likely a past life partner.  Therefore, even though I did not have a complete coherent picture of how we associated with each other I did the meditation with her in mind anyway.  My gut instinct and also my dowsing showed me that we had a very diverse emotional past together that needed much healing as well.  Much of what was purging to the surface during this time was more than likely things from past life with her.

This caused many problems in the initial development of a friendship with this person.  On top of that she was already dealing with some heavy emotional issues of her own that I was not entirely aware of at all.  All of this caused much conflict coming from both sides and has at this point pushed us apart to the point to where she no longer wishes to communicate with me at all.

This has led me to the conclusion that she is either my actual Twin Flame / Twin Soul, or that she is my False Twin / False Flame.  I have real no way of knowing for sure which she is.  The thing with Twin Flames is that after they initially meet each other one of them always runs and cuts off communication.  So if looking at it from that perspective she may be the actual twin soul.

On the other hand many people just before they meet their twin soul meet another that is a dead ringer for them.  In other words they meet someone else that has an energy signature that is so close to the actual twin soul that all indications are that they are the twin.  The role of this person in the dynamic is to activate the heart of the other twin so that he / she is ready for the real deal when they show up.

So right now I am caught in limbo.  I am waiting very patiently to find out one of two things that will happen next.  Either the girl I have already met that activated my heart chakra will open communication back up and reveal that she is the actual twin soul.  Or I will never hear from her again and instead I will meet someone else that is the actual twin soul.  Kind of a tough time for me right now.  Even though time is compressing, it has slowed down for me.  The watched pot never boils scenario is in full effect for me.









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