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Are the Time Wave and Web Bot Charts Showing us the Beginning of the Time Stream Bifurcation?

by on Jul.08, 2010, under Most Recent Blog Post

(For background on where these two graphs originated, read my previous blog post about it by CLICKING HERE.)

I was just reminding myself of what I have learned first hand about the true nature of the play out of events in “material” reality. A while back I actually had a strange experience during meditation where over about a 1/2 hour interval I was allowed to view parallel timelines from the perspective of my parallel selves.

This reminded me that any time there is a shift in consciousness we choose not only how to manifest it (consciously or not) we also choose which parallel timeline to experience what we have manifested.What if that point in the graph where it dives off is where the bifurcation of the time streams begins to occur?

Right now people have parallel selves on both the negative and positive subsets of timelines. Perhaps the predictions are about to manifest where people begin to drop off of one of these subsets of time streams or the other.

Not disappear like rapture or some bull **** like that. I mean that if people have chosen the path of fear, the perhaps the parallel selves that they have on the positive time streams will perish some how.

Then the opposite where if you have chosen the path of the absence of fear then the parallel selves you had on the negative time streams drop off of those. I am just throwing the theory out there, not a prediction.

Even if it where true, it would be impossible to prove even when it is happening. I believe that this is the degree of strangeness we are moving into here in the run up to the compression of time.

This two month gap where there is only one trend in the linguistics of the web bot graph and the corresponding dip in the time wave zero graph may be the gradual separation of the time streams. It has always been our choice as to which time stream we exist on.

However, if the predictions that are tangent from all areas of the world are true about two distinct realities manifesting it would make more sense to me anyway that this would not be an all of the sudden event.

If people start dropping off during that slope in the graph, the reason may very well be what I have outlined above. We will see, this could all just be conjecture. Don’t hold me to it. Just like I stated, it would be impossible to prove it even when it is happening.

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Corexit Levels in Sea Water near Oil Spill Testing at 100 times toxic level for fish.

by on Jul.06, 2010, under Most Recent Blog Post

I have been around chemicals and am pretty well versed in EPA laws and regulations. I had to be because I was responsible for decent quantities of agricultural chemicals that I kept on the job sites I managed.

According to the EPA and OSHA, the Material Data Safety Sheet and the Label for the chemical are the Law. No ifs ands or buts about it. Strait up, they are the law. So if I was to ignore the instructions on a Material Data Safety Sheet or on a Product Label and misapply a chemical, I could be fined and sent to jail.

That is on a small scale, like if I put insecticide to close to a lake or something. Which I have never done by the way. Even if they had only filled up a 2 gallon pump sprayer with the stuff and sprayed the ocean with it, and that was all they had done. They would still be breaking the law and be subject to fines and jail time.

So then you have to ask yourself. Who is so above the laws of the EPA and the Federal Government that they are allowed to misapply chemicals where the Label and MSDS clearly say not to? The answer is that no one is above these laws. Even if they think they are, they are not.

I think that it is time for a class action law suit against what ever company was applying / is applying the Corexit. The people that have been effected have a legal right to do this. We also have the right to demand that the EPA actually enforces these laws when ever they are supposed to. The EPA is an agency that was created to protect us from things like this. That is what is supposed to separate the United States of America from countries that have no agency to enforce such things.

I would be willing to make a bet that exactly what I have outlined here is on the horizon. I am not the only one that knows these strait forward simple laws about chemical usage. There are plenty of legal experts around that specialize in environmental law. This is going to happen. It will be interesting to see who is set out to pasture when it does.

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