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Beware of internet truth gurus who want to control opinion!

by on Jan.07, 2011, under Most Recent Blog Post

A long while back, at least 3 years ago, I suddenly discovered this new thing on the internet called the truth movement.  I thought that it was very entertaining to listen to the various people that where being interviewed by different truth gurus across the net.  The first set of videos that I started watching where the ones that where produced by Project Camelot.  At the time Project Camelot had been around for a couple of years and I spent about a week catching up on watching all of their videos.

I allowed myself initially to be to excited about the information that I was watching to be able to subjectively discern through it with my natural psychic abilities.  I am not very good at doing that without any kind of tool at my side.  So I initially watched all of the videos and audio files strait though until my mind was aching.

Then I took a break from it for a while and decided that I would go and start my own web site that was unique to the net as best I could.  I had never built any web site before, but I decided to do it anyway.  The web site that you are on now was the end result of that.

Well, I kept taking a peek in on what Camelot was doing and ended up joining their original forum that they had that is now archived and not usable.  I was really enjoying myself on there because it was nice to have other “weird” people to discuss these things with.  I posted mostly psychological and spiritual ideas at the time and kind of stayed out of the truth area of it.

Then it was exposed that one of the “whistleblowers” (in quotations because most of them are disinformation agents), was actually completely full of shit.  The name of this person was Dan Burisch.  He had been put up on a pedestal by Project Camelot and they proclaimed that he was a true insider.  I found out that the guy had a criminal record for fraud and had been making up stories for attention for a long time.

At this point I decided that I was going to put my foot down and use my dowsing skills to determine for myself which of these people where worth listening to.  I then published the results of this dowsing on this site.  They are viewable by clicking on the dowsing tab at the top of the page.

Then suddenly yesterday a founder of Project Camelot, Bill Ryan, suddenly decided that he did not like me having my own opinion about his interviews.  He claimed that I was “a stupid arrogant person” and that I was trying to publicly smear good people and blah blah blah.  My response back to him was that the dowsing was void of personal opinion and that he was over reacting.

I even pointed out to him the key sentences where I had stated obviously that the information was my opinion and not truth.  Even so he continued to attack me on the current forum he runs called Project Avalon.  It is now obvious that Bill has either decided that the information in his videos are part of his ego and how dare anyone defy them.  Or, he is actually in on the whole distraction game so that no one will know what is actually happening.

Either way, beware of anyone on the internet that wants to control opinion about their material.  It is no different than some idiot from Fox News acting like an ass hole on television when ever someone has a non-neocon prospective on something.  Just call them names and judge them and the mind controlled sheeple will fall in line right behind them.  Don’t become a person who allows others to decide for you what is true.  Decide for yourself and run away from anyone who tries to convince you other wise.

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November Tipping Point Logistics Becoming Coherent.

by on Oct.17, 2010, under Most Recent Blog Post

I have been watching the psychology of people in the world around me from a subjective frame of reference for the last few weeks. I have also been watching specifically for any changes in personality that might start to happen here in October 2010.

There is a tipping point that should occur Nov. 2nd of this year (2 weeks out) where all aspects of separation consciousness are purged and replaced with new vibrations congruent with unification consciousness.

Why? Well as I have noted in many posts and threads that I have participated in over the last 2 years, there seems to be a purging of the shadow self going on for everyone on the planet.

The shadow self being those aspects of ourselves that trick us into believing in the perspective of separation and the hostile universe paradigm.

The hostile universe paradigm is born from the separation consciousness that has been unavoidable for those living in the frequency of reality that we have been living in here on Earth for a long time now.

People see the things going on in the world around them as potential threats to their body that they believe is separate from the actual perceived threat itself.

Now for those people who are less insecure, and less set in their ways and values this purging of the emotions and beliefs that go along with separation consciousness has been gradual. Intense yes, but gradually spread out over the last couple years.

I am an example of that type of person. For what ever reason my intuition has shown me that this is what was happening to my consciousness while it was happening.

The tipping has been highlighted by the combination of indicators on The Mayan Calendar, The Web Bot Data, and The Time Wave Zero Graphs. All three of these modalities for the mapping of future trends in consciousness point to early November for a huge shift in consciousness that has long lasting profound effects on the population of the world, and perhaps even the entire 3rd dimensional Universe.

As we head into the last days of this phase of consciousness, the people that have been resisting against the gradual purging of it are in for a rough ride psychologically. What took months upon months of gradual release for some of us, will come all at one time for the rest.

What will this look like? Well those people will already now be exhibiting pathological child like insecurity and fear about all things in the world around them. This is the separation consciousness at its full intensity blowing out of the surface of peoples personalities like the cap on a cars radiator.

The good news is that for the long run this is a good thing because there will only be a few more weeks of this crazy glitch in reality before things get better than ever before. The bad news is that heading into early November some of these people will get worse before they get better.

I would have to assume that most of them will make it through OK. Emotionally spent, but OK for the long run. There is also the possibility that the stress could be to much for some and that they might never snap out of the extreme high intensity insecurity generated by all of this. We will see.

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Bank of America Headquarters Featured in Hell Raiser 3!

by on Oct.05, 2010, under Most Recent Blog Post

I was watching this movie a couple of months ago and my father came in and watched the end of it with me. I was watching it because I was looking for the symbolic illuminati truth in plain site in it. The symbolic references where thick though the whole movie. However, the smoking gun came at the end of it.

My father was an instructor for the Bank of America before he retired a couple of months ago. He worked for that company for a long time and has been to the BOA headquarters in New York a bunch of times.

If you skip all the way to the 4:40 min. mark at the end of this video clip you will see what I am taking about in the title of the thread. She takes the hell raiser box with all of the sacred geometry on the outside of it. ( In the story line this box represented a way to open a portal to hell and let demons in). Anyway she takes the box to a construction site where fresh concrete has been stored and submerges the box in the wet foundation concrete.

The next scene shows what is supposed to be the building that she submerged the box in after it is constructed and fully operational. The first thing they show is a large metal sculpture outside of the entrance to the Bank of America building that looks like it grew out of the Hell raiser box. My father said that this sculpture is outside of the Bank of America Headquarters building and always has been.

Then next they show the inside of the lobby of of the Bank of America Headquarters. Now when you actually go inside the lobby of that building the walls are just marble and do not have the sides of the Hell Raiser box all over them like in the clip below. However, it is fairly obvious that they are showing us right in our faces who owns the keys to hell.

Go strait to the 4:00 min. mark in this clip.

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Prophetic Crop Formations Showing the Coming Time Line Segregation?

by on Aug.10, 2010, under Most Recent Blog Post

In a previous blog postings I have discussed the potential coming segregation of all of the parallel time streams into two specific sub groups.  Those two subgroups could be called negative and positive.

That is what I called them in previous postings.  However, I think that a more accurate way of describing them would be in a context of the type of consciousness that will be expressed in the two sub sets.

I would rather refer to them now as the separations consciousness, and unity consciousness time streams.  Or you can call them time lines.  Either way it is the same thing.

I am going to attempt to piece together the threads of information that I have come across over the last month or so that in my strange mind are beginning to form a coherent prophetic picture of what is about to occur.

This is not my prophecy, just my interpretation of the information I have been absorbing and filtering through.  We have not yet reached the point of no return as to which time stream sub set you choose to become a part of.  However, we are very close and it is extremely important that people that are ready for this type of information have access to it.


In previous postings about this subject I showed how two technologies that are available in plain site had seemingly arrived at the same map of consciousness through the next few months.

Those to technologies where the Web Bot internet spider program, and also the Time Wave Zero software that was developed based off of records of a system of divination called I Ching.  You can CLICK HERE for a more detailed review of this material with video explanations.

Then after you have read that you can CLICK HERE for the theory about how the graphs generated by these two distinctly different technologies may be showing us a time marker for the bifurcation of the time streams.  Here is a graphic that I made up that shows this theory.


Carl Calleman,  who is arguably the worlds leading non-indigenous expert on what the Mayan Calendar is actually all about, made an internet anouncement last month.  He was seen on a video interview speaking about how the first waves of unity consciousness where to start moving through the conciousness of the planet in the middle of last month (July 2010).  Here is the video.

I believe that Calleman was correct about this unity consciousness starting to ramp up.  What I did not hear much from him was how this is to effect the daily consciousness of the average person.

Most people are still under the impression that everything in the world around them is actually separate from them.  This is what I am referring to here, and other refer to, as separation consciousness.

The opposite of this separation consciousness would be the belief that every thing in the world is not separate from you.  In other words you have accepted that everything you experience in this reality is actually just an illusion of separation designed to help you learn certain key aspects necessary for the evolution of your soul.

Up until this point in time if a person wanted to work on distancing themselves from the ego (all beliefs that cause separation consciousness) the subject had to do a lot of work to raise their own consciousness frequencies to enable the layers of this ego to purge out.

Then as each aspect of this separation ego purged out, happenings and emotions from the past that where tied to these beliefs where forgiven.  They where then dissolved as no longer being a part of who that person is.

However, it is no longer the case that the person has to do this work by becoming motivated and pushing forward with it.  Why?  Well because the frequency of the entire Earth and all realities that exist on it are increasing in frequency.

In other words the hard work to increase your personal frequency is no longer necessary.  Whether you are ready for it or not, your frequency is increasing with the frequency around you.  No one is immune to this.  If you exist in this reality we call “material reality”, your frequency is going up right now.

Moreover, all of the energy systems in the body like the chakras and the subtle energy fields are actually where peoples emotions and energies are stored.  They are not stored in the brain or the flesh.

There may be aspects of these things that end up being imprinted on your DNA, but the actual storage mechanisms for this stuff is completely energetic in nature.  Consequently, they are hypersensitive to changes in the frequency of consciousness.

Any thing that a person has stored away in these energies that has a low vibrational aspect to it is going to be purged out to the surface of the conscious mind as your energetic operating system is upgraded.

A good ananlogy would be that it is like an update for the operating system on your computer.  The old files are automatically erased and the better new files replace them.  Your upgrades, like the computer, are not always convenient and can interupt your daily live in invasive ways.

The consciousness of just about everyone on the planet has been trained by the reality we live in to blame external events and personalities for the emotions that we feel inside of ourselves.  This may not be true for old school eastern paradigms.

However, for most of the developed world this is the way that people operate.  You then have to imagine that if these types of people begin to have old suppressed aspects of their ego surface to the forefront of their conscious mind then they are very likely to externalize and blame the world around them for it.

This is where the invasiveness and inconvenience of the purging comes into daily life.  If you have observed normally calm people freaking out lately, this is why.

How well a person deals with this high intensity purging of emotions and memories will either make them or brake them over the next few months.  More specifically until the end of October 2010.  That is my conclusion based off of the Web Bot and Time Wave charts mentioned earlier.


I realize that any time people attach meaning to the strange geometric formations found in certain crops that they are forming their opinions through the veil of bias.  I am also doing that here as well.

I may very well be seeing what I want to see in these formations.  Even so, I think that it is important to share my observations and hypothesis about them.  It is up to you to decide whether or not any of my information is in alignment with your path.  All off these formations are from the recent few months and weeks and can be researched further at THE CROP CIRCLE CONNECTOR web site.

This formation may be showing us how the various time streams emanate from a central source.

This formation may be showing us how the DNA is different in the two versions of reality that the time stream subsets form.  I think that the cork screw pattern around the circle represents DNA.  Here it is showing that the DNA from the two versions of realty are connected yet separate at the same time.

This formation is seemingly showing us how the time streams still interact with each other even though they are already partially segregated.

Then finally this would be a the formation showing how the interaction between these two subsets of time streams is about to cease.  Notice the similarities of this formation to the one just above.

You see how the formation shows the center section of the where the time streams crossed over as now being turned sideways?  Where as in the previous formation the interaction was not turned sideways?  This to me shows the interaction going away.

Yes, it is very loose and even if it where true I would never be able to prove it.  You decide!

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Are the Time Wave and Web Bot Charts Showing us the Beginning of the Time Stream Bifurcation?

by on Jul.08, 2010, under Most Recent Blog Post

(For background on where these two graphs originated, read my previous blog post about it by CLICKING HERE.)

I was just reminding myself of what I have learned first hand about the true nature of the play out of events in “material” reality. A while back I actually had a strange experience during meditation where over about a 1/2 hour interval I was allowed to view parallel timelines from the perspective of my parallel selves.

This reminded me that any time there is a shift in consciousness we choose not only how to manifest it (consciously or not) we also choose which parallel timeline to experience what we have manifested.What if that point in the graph where it dives off is where the bifurcation of the time streams begins to occur?

Right now people have parallel selves on both the negative and positive subsets of timelines. Perhaps the predictions are about to manifest where people begin to drop off of one of these subsets of time streams or the other.

Not disappear like rapture or some bull **** like that. I mean that if people have chosen the path of fear, the perhaps the parallel selves that they have on the positive time streams will perish some how.

Then the opposite where if you have chosen the path of the absence of fear then the parallel selves you had on the negative time streams drop off of those. I am just throwing the theory out there, not a prediction.

Even if it where true, it would be impossible to prove even when it is happening. I believe that this is the degree of strangeness we are moving into here in the run up to the compression of time.

This two month gap where there is only one trend in the linguistics of the web bot graph and the corresponding dip in the time wave zero graph may be the gradual separation of the time streams. It has always been our choice as to which time stream we exist on.

However, if the predictions that are tangent from all areas of the world are true about two distinct realities manifesting it would make more sense to me anyway that this would not be an all of the sudden event.

If people start dropping off during that slope in the graph, the reason may very well be what I have outlined above. We will see, this could all just be conjecture. Don’t hold me to it. Just like I stated, it would be impossible to prove it even when it is happening.

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