Finally Understand My Role In Twin Flame Union

by on May.18, 2013, under Most Recent Blog Post

For the last 7 and a half months I have been seemingly haunted by an amazing energy that courses through my soul and out of my heart center at times.  This energy was at first discomforting because of how powerful it felt compared to anything else I had ever experienced before.

If you want to know more on this, you should read my last blog post which was on the subject.  I have spent the last 7.5 months going in and out of states of Nirvana and torment because I have not fully understood why this was happening to me.  At times I was able to be grateful for the experience because I knew that very few would ever have the opportunity to live though such a thing.  While at other times I felt tormented by it believing that the extraordinary woman that I had met that started all of it was tormenting me either on accident or on purpose.

However, yesterday I was listening to one of my favorite radio shows called Strange Universe that is hosted by Sean David Morton.  On this show he was describing that when you take on the role of a healer wielding divine energy you have to surrender the ego and simply become a conduit for this energy.  That is when it hit me.

This entire time I have been making what is happening about me or about her.  It is about neither.  It is about my role in this world to help anchor in this new energy that is coursing through the planet from the Sun.  Ultimately it is from galactic center, but the sun is the relay point that broadcasts it to our planet.  It is the role of the twin flames to be conduits for this energy as it is emanating out of the planet and into our reality.

This entire time I have believed that my twin flame was purposefully sending me this energy and claiming that she knew nothing of it.  Now I realize that she actually did not understand it and is probably in the same boat I am in.  She may not be a willing to convey this as I am, however that is more than likely the situation.  We must have both, like many others, agreed to be a conduit for this energy as it floods into the fabric of our reality as part of our paths.

I now understand that when I feel all of these amazing energies flooding out of me, that I am living out a critical aspect of my role in the advancement of the experience of this reality.  The only thing that I need to make sure that I do from this point on is that when I feel this energy that I do not make it about me and my ego.  From this point on I have to train myself to make it about being a conduit for the greater good.  It has felt very pleasant lately now that I have acclimated to it.  Like a pure energy high.





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  • Alexander

    I have been going through this for over 30 years now. Something like the agony emotional, mental & physical & the ecstasy & everything in between. It is much more refined & balanced now that we have both (as best we can) forsaken the ego part of it. But commanding the ethereal energies is no mean task. What a cross I was carrying for so long! In many cases on top of this are the alien emotional parasites which also need to be dealt with. This is the subject of a book, but enough already! There is purpose & understanding, & each person has their own path to work out, together, in one form or another.

  • Alexander

    You finally understand after seven months? You are fortunate indeed. More like you have got to the starting point having cleared the dross….

  • JoeAverage

    Mine started almost 30 years ago as well. I knew there was something special going on. I ran like hell. I wasn’t ready. He scared me. I was blind, in shock. I vowed to forget and I did. I went home and provided stability and security for my talented but unstable mother who had experienced a traumatic childhood. A few months after she died, I remembered.

    What you feel is the awakened energy. I felt that first too. Like wild rushes of euphoric joy. You can communicate telepathically. Part of you will question whether it is “real”, doubt it and try to deny it. Occasionally I still try to slip away-there is part of me that still wants to escape, but I always come back to the same place. So, I don’t know why I bother. Now that I remembered, it is impossible to forget. Mostly it is beautiful, but it is uncharted territory, so it is scary.

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