Heart Activation and Twin Flame Metaphysics

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Hello all, sorry it has been such a long time since I have made any updates on this site.  I became very self involved in my other passion of learning and teaching golf and basically just had writers block this whole time.  We are so close to the alignment with galactic center that I feel kind of guilty not making any updates at this time.

I had been in a pretty steady pattern of just going to work and practicing my golf game for the last year and a half.  That is how long it has been since I made a blog post here.  That very comfortable steady peaceful pattern was unexpectedly interrupted back in early September.  I guess that I needed a little shaking up because I had become complacent about the spiritual aspects of my path.

I had never even heard of the concept of Twin Souls / Twin Flames, False Twin / False Flames before this time in early September.  Someone had come to me and told me in mid October of a girl they had met that they thought might be a good match for me.  I was so comfortable in my daily pattern of activities that I initially just ignored the suggestion.

However, in the two weeks following me ignoring the suggestion I gradually began to feel more and more as though I was off of my path.  That strange inner knowing that something is just not right all of the sudden had crept up on me.  It was escalating to the point to where I did not feel very good at all during the day at the soul level.

I did not know what was causing me to feel as though I was off my path.  I was brain storming and attempting to figure it out for at least a week.  Then one day I called up the person that had told me about that girl and I asked for her number.  I was shocked because as soon as I contacted her via text message and she responded the feeling lifted and I felt normal again.  This is a person that I have never seen or even had a conversation with.

Never before had I ever been steered around by pure instinct to realize that I must at least meet any particular person like this.  Not knowing why spirit had driven me to realize this, I went into the meeting with this person with zero expectations as to why I was supposed to meet her.  I even told her that I wanted to have a zero expectations meet up.  She agreed that it sounded like an interesting idea and we set something up.

I was shocked when I met her as to not only how striking she was, but also that it seemed as though I was catching up with an old friend.  There was none of the usual getting accustomed to her presence that usually comes with meeting anyone new.  We immediately started spilling out guts to each other by telling each other things we would normally never tell practical strangers.  We should have been practically strangers, but it sure did not seem that way.

Even though I found her to be very striking and intelligent, not once did my mind or emotions go towards anything romantic during or after the meeting.  Rather than that, I felt only compassion for her difficulties in life and wanted only to help her though it.  I was able to do this for her in a couple of ways that few other people would have been able to.  While at the same time, her energetic signature alone some how activated my heart chakra.  At the time I thought that my heart was activated by some forgiveness work I had done for a long lost lover.  However, I now realize after becoming accustomed to my heart energy that this is completely new to me.

My heart chakra had never been fully functional.  I never understood what it meant when people talked about “things” coming from the heart.  Now suddenly I was immersed in the sensation of massive amounts of energy flooding into and out of my chest.  Mostly this energy was in the form of deep compassion on a level that was so strong that it derailed me initially just to acclimate to it.

Following the heart activation, I did much forgiveness work using a new forgiveness meditation that I learned.  This forgiveness meditation is available to listen to on offplanetradio.com.  It was conveyed by an individual named White Wolf Von Atzingen.  Click on the link to listen to it.


I did this forgiveness meditation for everyone that I still perceived as having wronged me in my life.  I did this because I truly want to learn to live in the moment as much of the time as possible.  You can’t do that if you are constantly reliving the past.  This unexpectedly caused a 6 week long process of healing that was emotionally painful and testing to deal with.  All of the suppressed emotions and feelings associated with the people I forgave was purging to the surface at full strength in layers.

I had also figured out that the girl that I had met up with was more than likely a past life partner.  Therefore, even though I did not have a complete coherent picture of how we associated with each other I did the meditation with her in mind anyway.  My gut instinct and also my dowsing showed me that we had a very diverse emotional past together that needed much healing as well.  Much of what was purging to the surface during this time was more than likely things from past life with her.

This caused many problems in the initial development of a friendship with this person.  On top of that she was already dealing with some heavy emotional issues of her own that I was not entirely aware of at all.  All of this caused much conflict coming from both sides and has at this point pushed us apart to the point to where she no longer wishes to communicate with me at all.

This has led me to the conclusion that she is either my actual Twin Flame / Twin Soul, or that she is my False Twin / False Flame.  I have real no way of knowing for sure which she is.  The thing with Twin Flames is that after they initially meet each other one of them always runs and cuts off communication.  So if looking at it from that perspective she may be the actual twin soul.

On the other hand many people just before they meet their twin soul meet another that is a dead ringer for them.  In other words they meet someone else that has an energy signature that is so close to the actual twin soul that all indications are that they are the twin.  The role of this person in the dynamic is to activate the heart of the other twin so that he / she is ready for the real deal when they show up.

So right now I am caught in limbo.  I am waiting very patiently to find out one of two things that will happen next.  Either the girl I have already met that activated my heart chakra will open communication back up and reveal that she is the actual twin soul.  Or I will never hear from her again and instead I will meet someone else that is the actual twin soul.  Kind of a tough time for me right now.  Even though time is compressing, it has slowed down for me.  The watched pot never boils scenario is in full effect for me.









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  • SamW

    Great to hear from you again. As you know, what ever is right is what will come to pass.

    On a different note, have you read the papers written by David Wilcock’s ‘Daniel’, who has come forth? Very interesting and ‘right up your alley’ I would guess.


  • ArtG

    Thanks for sharing.
    I met a guy who I think is my twin flame in May 2012. I had no idea of the concept. All I know is that if God had designed anyone to annoy me this much….it is this man. He is absolutely impossible.
    Since meeting him though, I have made many breakthroughs in my life. I am stronger, I stand up for myself more, I make better choices for myself, I feel that there is a place in this world for me (after a lifetime of not quite belonging) and I feel generally more love around me. A lot of pain has come up to the surface, but I have found ways to release it.
    I have gradually decluttered my life, and it’s ongoing. I am getting down to the bare bones…
    But the relationship now has deteriorated to the point where I do not want to see him again. Yet, when the dust settles, all I see is this man I just love. I can ‘see’ him by my side, looking beautiful….
    Here is the situation. I now fear that he will kill and break my heart that I will never recover. This is not something that he has actually said he will do, but a feeling I have when I look at his pattern at treating me. I do not usually react this strongly to anything like this, and so I was very scared. It happened 2 days ago. I made moves to leave home and go to a new city, it was that extreme, and I had a mental breakdown in the street. I am normally calm and refective, so this really shook me up. Where did this come from?
    I was able to use the techniques I had learned in the last few months, to centre myself and back into a place of love, but still, I was very confused. In December I felt I had reached a place of love and joy in life and was looking forward to 2013, yet here I am in acute fear. The next day I felt better, and decided that it was stupid to run. I will face whatever I have to with this guy, when he next shows up. I will try to react calmly.
    It is a real dilemna. I cannot be with him because I want to be treated much better, yet I have a strong connection with him. It is unbearable to be apart, but even more unbearable to be together. Everything happened so quickly and intensely with us last year and I need time to make the changes to my life. I have to now leave him, out of self respect. But I am worried that I will loose him forever. I know I have to put myself first and choose happiness for myself. But this means saying goodbye to him. But this makes me so sad and defeated, especially after I worked so hard on myself spiritually last year, to liberate myself from tonnes of pain.

  • Oksana

    Wow.. that’s really interesting. I haven’t met my twin flame. Maybe I don’t have one or maybe we aren’t supposed to meet in this life time but I’m just so fascinated by the topic, especially since all my life I’ve felt like I “miss” someone I don’t know and I always think for a split second when I get involved with someone knew “oh is this him?” But I had no idea about false flames!! Makes a lot of sense.

    Good luck!

  • stephanie

    wow, I am really grateful for having found someplace that I can voice my thoughts and NOT have to pay a ton of money–hopefully someone will respond to this post that knows more than me–which could be almost anyone since I don’t know much……I can relate to the above two stories–I had never even KNOWN of the term twin flames/souls until recently……I met this amazing man on a website–we live far apart (7 + hrs) and I have anxiety issues traveling more than about 15 miles distance away from home–which makes it very difficult to date anyone who lives more than that distance away! Well, this lovely man and I started out talking on the phone–which the connection was so strong energetically from the first min.! We both had such a strong reaction to talking to eachother–we quickly switched to skype–so we could sort of “meet”–thank GOD for technology!! We skyped for about 3 weeks or so–many times we both would have tears streaming down our faces as emotional/energetic release happened via our connection (at least that is what I thought it was).
    He made the decision to drive down to see me, since I was unable to go to him, or meet him. I tried to explain the nature of the issues I was dealing with, but I don’t think he fully grasped the concept.
    I was so happy and overjoyed at the thought of us meeting, yet I also had feelings of intense anxiety rise up. I was able to get through the anxiety, and we met finally!! It was so amazing to meet him–I felt I had known him for many many years when we first touched/hugged/met:))
    He stayed w/ me at my place and we had some strange things surface in the 5 days he was there–at one point he packed his bags to leave after the first night! I was devastated and layed on the floor of my apt. crying for 30 min., until I finally decided to get up and take a walk. There he was standing outside his car–he later told me his body would not let him leave. I was so happy we again had more time! The rest of our visit was good:)) We were in love:))
    He made the trek down one more time, this time staying for 8 days–again, we hit a snag, and he tried to leave–he came back this time less than an hour later on his own. I really have no idea what happened after that–he and I never actually had sex–although we did try. He kept telling me he didn’t really want to, although we both were VERY turned on for weeks and weeks before that……..I believe he needed to heal from past sexual/emotional trauma. I tried to be patient. He went back home, and about a month later told me he just couldn’t have a relationship with me.

    We continued to talk on the phone/skype for months after that–and he did come back down again, this past april. But, he again, told me he did not want a relationship with me. I was devastated all over again, as my hopes had risen when he said he was coming down for a visit after months and months of hoping he would.

    I am not sure if this person is my twin flame, but I had the same experience as the person above–many times, I could feel as if he was following me around the house, he was right w/ me, etc…..He was much stronger than me energetically, but it was as if I was growing in strength energetically after knowing him……..
    We continued to talk on the phone/skype after this last visit, but he knew all along I wanted a committed relationship–and he repeated many times to me that I would never get what I wanted from him, so I should just look for someone else. Finally, this past June, I couldn’t stand it any longer–it was just what the above person wrote–I couldn’t stand to be apart from him, it was horribly painful! I told him I was going to open myself up to other people to have relationship with. He didn’t seem to react much during that conversation, but a few days later–he just stopped calling. And he usually called daily. I tried calling him, leaving detailed messages, but he never returned my calls. I wrote him a very long email, he never returned my email……….I was so upset and distraught. I cried and cried for days and weeks……….and still I cry myself to sleep many nights. I can feel him wanting to reach out to me energetically, sometimes it’s so strong, all I can do is cry and reach out back to him. I want so much for us to be together again, and to talk to him on a physical level, but I don’t know if I can take the rejection again. I feel he needs to be the one to choose to reach back out to me now……..
    Does anyone have any advice to give about what to do?? I have tried dating other people, and I almost left one date in tears thinking about my “ex”–It is so painful to even think that we won’t ever talk or see eachother again in this physical life–I would appreciate any thing anyone might have to say….
    Thank you!!

  • Antoinette

    Omg Stephanie & Art G, my experience is identical to yours, I am convinced I met my twin flame last May. When I first met him something about him strongly drew my attention which I have never had for a man before, like I really wanted to talk to to him but I didn’t see anything physically attractive about him. After I first met him I suddenly felt energised but didn’t connect this new energy with meeting him. Our second meeting was chance again but we became inseparable, we talked our life stories, though we are both highly reserved in that way, we just talked & talked, when we were apart he phoned me constantly day & night. Talking with him was the sweetest thing ever, I never felt he was a stranger, he was like the missing piece, my best friend, the magnetism between us I felt in my chest, it was like my breath was stopped & replaced by some strange energy, ecstasy. Physically he wasn’t the type for me, but something in me saw way past that, I knew he was meant for me in every way. We had the craziest affair, the passion was like fire, so much strange feelings, but then his insecurities surfaced & he took them out on me, he started playing mind games, & was verbally quite cruel, I felt he was trying to reject me, but we would fight, I would tell tell him to go to hell & though hurt like hell, I felt I’d be better off without the dramas & pain from him, but after telling me he didn’t want me either & twisting the knife as he went, next minute he would be on phone again, the pull between us took both our breath away. It was so clear he felt everything I felt, we’d reached inside each other’s souls, but I had so many doubts about him, he kept telling me he didn’t want a committed relationship (I didn’t want one either, the whole thing with him was unexpected) I knew he was capable of breaking my heart in pieces by now, no man had ever got to me at heart level like he did, I was scared but unable to break free with conviction & I was so confused I felt I’d been spun completely off my gravity centre. But one day in October I felt it time we tried to make some sense of what we were in, my attempt at dialogue was unskilled; the feelings he made me feel seemed to disable my ability to say the right things, we had a terrible bust up, he said the nastiest things any man could say after we’d shared more with each other in five months than either of us had done with anyone in our lives. I felt so rejected, I had to split from him once & for all for my own good, he was damaging my balance state, but I was completely devastated to think it was over. I didn’t hear from him for a month, I cried & cried, I couldn’t stop crying, it was a flood of emotional release, but it ended up lasting on a daily basis for seven months after the split. He clearly didn’t want to let go, he kept phoning me, but i couldn’t turn back to the turmoil, Every call ended in more argument & bust-ups, I didn’t want to feel that feeling of rejection that he gave when he got nasty, ever again, it hurt like I can’t describe to not be with him, but my self- esteem wouldn’t allow him in again so I pushed away any chance that could get us back together. He started to call less often, Christmas passed, I’ve never missed anyone so much in my life it was as if a part had been taken from each of my mind, my soul, my heart, my body, it was desolate now, whereas before I met him, I had absolutely no interest in taking on a partner & loved my single life. Then in February we had chance contact & we ended up in the zone again, what a mistake I made, there was none of the connected intimacy, it almost felt as if the only reason he wanted to get physical was to dish out a final humiliation & rejection. I still can’t understand why he could be so vile to me when he clearly felt everything for me that I felt for him but somehow all that beauty between us turned into a heart stopping nightmare. At any time I could have picked up the phone & paved the way to getting our union going again if I wanted to put up with his ill- treatment & lack of respect& no commitment, I can’t do it, though I love that man with every fibre of my being. He entered my soul where no man has been before, but I’m damned if I’ll let him stamp on it again. I know he feels all the pain & heartbreak of our separation that I feel, but he’s very stubborn, he knows how much I felt for him, but no way will I give him that love for him to toy with it & destroy it. I’m in a state of bliss now I’ve adjusted to this earth-shaking emotions, I feel more love for him now than I ever did, but I feel safer for my heart & mind to stay well out of his way. I don’t know what will happen, there’s no point me trying with another man, I don’t want any other, but I don’t think he will ever come to his senses, I’m older than him too by fifteen years but that never seemed to be the problem for him, though it was for me.

  • Brenda

    I understand this completely. Thankyou for sharing.

  • jmarie

    Interesting you mention that there’s someone else we communicate with first to think they’re a dead ringer for a TF. One month prior to meeting the actual Twin Soul, I thought I was talking to someone who got me. About 2 weeks into that friendship, he cut off contact. I was devastated.
    However that now seems like nothing as the actual Twin I’ve now known for 11 months.
    I’m glad you posted this and now I’m not alone. My twin and I actually live near each other and I see the twin in person, so I consider myself very fortunate as most do not meet in person!

  • Phalanthus

    I’ve had a lot of experience with Twin Flames… my own and helping others. Here is a thought that some may readily accept and others will reject as it may be hard to wrap the mind around. – Your twin flame is a soul essence not tied to any particular person.

    As you meet people in your life sometimes your twin tries to come through that person. Some aspect of the twin usually does come through and helps you, educates you, etc. But then your twin may leave at you suddenly feel like you never really knew that person as they seem different. Then there are the cases where this other person will seem like two different people… one way when you are around and when you’ve been apart they come back like a completely different person. Usually you find they are wonderful and loving and all is sympatico when you’ve spent time together and then later after a time of separation, you wonder if they are angry with you. – You are dealing with two different… ‘people’. Not really people as two… well, I don’t have a good word, but one is the person/soul that occupies your body and the other is that person influenced by your twin soul essence. Yeah, it’s complicated.

    The bottom line is, until you are ready to stand naked in front of the universe and face all your flaws, shortcomings and so on (AS WELL AS your better aspects =^D ) you will not be ready for an intense one on one relationship with your twin aspect. So your twin comes to you through various people in your life, helping you accept and heal all the various aspects, until you ARE ready. Okay, then what…

    Well, then it’s about finding a person that you fit well with… it may take several tries! In a weird way it’s like trying on shoes… expect you have to be a good fit for the shoe as much as the shoe fits you! You have to find a person WILLING to embody your twin flame essence… and often times that means you have to be just as accepting and caring of the PERSON as much as your own twin aspect. And the process is like a dance… it takes time and negotiation.

    And here’s the big kicker… it DOES NOT have to be a ROMANTIC relationship. Some souls don’t need that and others would actually have the ‘romance’ get in the way of their ‘mission’ or purpose. It just requires a relationship that can handle intense love, complete truth and unwavering acceptance. If the relationship cannot handle all three, then it can go very bad very quickly. Both seen it and ‘been there done that’, trust me.

    I’m no expert of twin flames, I’m just sharing what I know… Anyone is free to disagree and may know something I don’t. But just remember knowing from experience and wanting it to be different because it fits our wishes and/or makes for an easier explanation is not the same thing. – The riddle that still puzzles me is… while some person is embodying my twin essence, where is their twin essence? Do they have one? In other words, why does it seem one sided? Not easy questions to answer…

    Oh, and that intense heart energy… that can just bliss you out! Sometimes it will cause you to act a little crazy… in time, it usually settles down. It is like any normal relationship in that after the initial ‘infatuation’ phase dies down, so does the intensity of the feelings… but never doubt they are still there. We just can’t stay human and handle them. I mean who can get anything done when you are blissed out all the time?!! X^D

    Peace & love… Kej

  • Angela

    Did you find out who your twin is?

    My twin, is driving me mad.

    Thanks Angela.

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