Is it possible that some people are now completely immune to nuclear radiation?

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In the play out of the end of time as predicted by so many cultures including the Mayans, many psychics, sages, and texts cast veiled references. The veiled references that come from sources including the bible and the Hopi Indians elude to the splitting off of the planet into two separate realities. The bible reference would be the “New Jerusalem” that is created after the world ends where all the righteous live. And the Hopi have is graphically displayed on what they call Prophecy Rock.

I actually prescribe to the theory that this may very well happen. Ever since I began looking into this I have been asking myself the question, “If two realities are created, then how would that go down?” The first thing that I thought of is that it would end up looking like some sort of event that is unexplainable that starts the bifurcation. This would be something unexplainable like the Born Again Christian descriptions of people disappearing from reality because they where saved.

Then I started to be shown and realize that there are already millions of parallel earths on parallel time streams in intuitive flashes and also out of body trips to parallel time streams. These are kind of like parallel dimensions but not quite. For most of our life times all of these parallel time streams have interacted with each other. When we change our minds we are often times choosing which time streams to view reality from.

However, as I detailed in previous blog posts here at, my intuitive research turned up that the time streams where going to be split into two main groups. These two groups would be what one might refer to as the higher and lower vibrational time stream subsets. I am going to stay away from references to positive and negative mainly because those terms are starting to be over used in ambiguous ways in the alternative media.

This splitting or bifurcation of the time streams into two different subsets as far as I can tell has already happened. It happened on February 11 2011. This was marked on the Mayan Calendar as the beginning of the “Universal Underworld. For more on what “Universal Underworld” means, watch the videos that I have posted on my “What is a Tone3jaguar” page by Ian Lungold.

I had assumed that there would be something that started happening on that day that would be an obvious sign that this had happened. This did not occur and I was perplexed. I kept checking with the dowsing to see if the split had happened, and it came up yes over and over. A while back I actually thought that there would be a bunch of people the world over that just dropped dead all of the sudden when this happened.

Why did I think that? Mainly because I do not currently believe that anyone is going to be able to have parallel selves on both time stream subsets. It is one or the other. What seems to be happening is that an event has occurred that may very well end up taking out all of those who are going to end up exclusively on the lower frequency time streams. That is of course assuming that if you are reading this that I am correct and you are on the higher frequency time stream subset.

The other thing that I had dowsed up a while back would happen on February 11th 201l had to do with a dimensional shift. I had come up with that date a few years ago when investigating the 2012 enigma after watching David Wilcock’s presentation that goes by that name. I assumed that a dimensional shift would be sudden and like someone had thrown a light switch. I was wrong about that.

It is my humble opinion that some of the current population of the planet on this time stream and those connected to it have now made the shift to 4th dimensional DNA / consciousness. It is not like a light switch where it is all of the sudden there though. Then there are those on the planet that have yet to allow their material bodies to vibrate at a high enough frequency to allow there DNA to change enough to become 4th dimensional.

What we have now is a planet where the population is now actually divided into two groups. Those that have not yet made the shift to the higher dimensional DNA and those that have. Remember that according to scientists who study genetics that we where supposedly only using a very small percentage of the total DNA. It would not take much to activate some of that dormant stuff to change our consciousness.

I am now going to throw the theory out there that the continuous radiation from the Fukushima nuclear disaster in Japan may very well end up only effecting those that are only going to end up on the lower frequency time streams. Right now there is nuclear fall out circling the globe in the Northern Hemisphere by way of the jet stream. If I am right and a large percentage of the population are now 4th dimensional beings, then the nuclear radiation that is 3rd dimensional may not effect them anymore.

The end result of this would be that those who have chosen not to evolve would be killed off by the radiation leaving only the people that are supposed to be on the positive subset. This is a theory and not a prediction. This theory has been shown to me in intuitive visions many times over the past week. That is what inspired me to make the post. I do not know if it is to late or not for people to make the shift late. My guess is that it might be to late for most. There could be some that are just barely on the fence that might still be able to cross the finish line, we will see.



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  • Ursula

    My sense is that this prophecy relating to two worlds basically is represented by the separate paradigms created by man-kind….humans!! And that essentially it amounts to the world inhabited by people who believe that the external environment dictates what does and doesn’t happen to you…… your reckoning then any radiation in the external environment is going to detrimentally effect these people because they have the belief that that which surrounds them can be harmful to them and that the world we live in and what goes on has greater impact on us than we have the power to impact on it!!

    The other world or second and new paradigm is inhabited by people who have ‘woken up”…undertaken the spiritual journey of personal responsibility, self purification and embracing conscious awareness…these people believe that they create their own reality and furthermore that they determine their world with their thoughts and feelings, their intention and focus!!They are therefore energetically stronger than their external environment….and effect it rather than it effecting them….they hence would not be detrimentally impacted by radiation or might use the energy to beneficially mutate…whatever!!

    That’s my take on it….furthermore I believe that as the consensus consciousness moves to a higher vibration where more and more people, to the point where we go beyond a threshold frequency….of more energy projected out from incarnated entities rearranging the universal matrix to accommodate their picture of reality…..then the environment of those beings who resonate with “victim’ frequencies will become less and less tenable!!

    Cheers Ursula

  • brooke

    This was a fun read. This has been the most confusing 4 months of my life and only getting more confusing. I am fascinated and certainly feel that something big is occurring. The visions and feeling of what is to come are so profound, but nothing I can verbalize. I’m sure you feel the same.

    A couple of days ago I was talking to my husband about feeling as if there is a lot of action going on…lots of memories being shifted, added, moved…I can’t tell. I cannot believe how incredibly programmed I am (this avatar anyway) and how it all really works. Clarity is coming though, I can feel it.

    The radiation theory is really interesting. Thanks for putting it out here! Many Blessings!

  • David

    This resonates with me greatly, and confirms a dream that I had about living through some sort of explosion that did not destroy everything – radiation?

  • Klint

    This may be interesting but completely unrealistic. Yeah sure thinking of yourself more than matter is something, but thinking of ourselves as matterless is something else. We cannot evolve into energy, because we are not made out of energy. We are made out of flesh and bones, we just use that energy and change its form. And as we know energy > matter. I’m sorry to say this but the stuff about ADN? Utter bullsh*t. We do not have dormant ADN, we do not use just a small percentage of our brain, stop listening to hoaxes and stupid claims. We use our all unconsciously and a small part consciously. Yes we can use machines to enhance ourselves, who knows maybe in the future our brains will be nothing more than a bunch of computer parts, maybe it will emit radio waves, maybe it will emit energy, but it will still be limited to matter, to parts. That’s something we cannot change, doesn’t matter how much ADN we have, how many dimensions there are, we are limited to the physical world and will always be. Don’t make nonsense up. If a bullet hits you, bam you’re dead, you can’t avoid physics, you can’t avoid the physical world. Exposed to high radiation? You’re still dead. Struck by lightning? Still dead. YOU ARE NOT ENERGY. GET REAL

  • Phalanthus

    How about this… the two streams are both existing and technically separate and only APPEAR to be overlapping. Remember reality is a projection.

    Ever played an online multiplayer game? Your real self (soul?) is sitting at home on a computer, but via connection to a web server, you have the projected reality of a created world on your screen and the ability to interact with others through an ‘avatar’. (body?) The corralling of these time streams is like the migration to a new server. A new server is set up and programmed and initially the projection is identical to the other server. Characters/avatars who are suited to play the game to be later introduced on the new server are migrated over. During this migration period the two servers are linked and the two server projections or “worlds” overlap and appear to be the same. (Note I said APPEAR to be the same.) I may stand there as my character and look at a person that appears in front of me, but my character’s code exists on one server and theirs exists on another. It is only the overlapping link between servers that creates the ‘common appearance’ that we are existing in the same world.

    Instead of severing the link and causing a traumatic break and/or sudden change to both realities, what if one aspect of the link between worlds at a time were changed. Periodically, some ‘life aspect’ would change in both realities and give the characters time to adjust to the changes as it manifests in each of their realities. Over time as more and more aspects changes, each group will naturally “gravitate to their own”, both in who they interact with and what they seek/believe. Each group will, in essence, will begin to ‘see their own reality’ and no longer be focus much awareness on the other. (People focused on fear and destruction rarely take note of happy smiling people! =^D )

    Given enough time and enough severed aspects, the servers will be acting independently… there will be ‘two games’ now instead of just one. And the players will have had plenty of time to end of playing the game they really want to play. And once completely separated, each game will take it’s own turn into manifesting what the player’s want to make of it. – And the question is not so much CAN someone change from one “consciousness stream” to the other… the questions is ‘will they’; as the streams get further and further apart, the amount of effort/desire to make the ‘leap’ grows… possibly exponentially.

    And yes, there are many, many parallel time streams, but not all are “actualized”. As a group, we choose which path our ‘group consciousness stream’ will take.

    Peace & Love! Kej

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