Energy War Between Time Stream Subsets Has Started

by on Jan.08, 2011, under Most Recent Blog Post

First off I would like to apologize to all of those people who have been regular readers of my blog.  I have neglected posting for a while now and I really have no other excuse besides being distracted with life.  This is important stuff, and I am going to do my best to post regularly from now on.

Ok, on to the meat.  If you have not read my posts from earlier this year about the possible segregation of the time stream sub sets back in November then let me give a brief summary.  Through my intuitive investigations into the multiverse I have decided that there are literally millions of parallel time streams all coexisting at the same time.

This in is alignment with current cutting edge astrophysics models of the multiverse as well.  More on that can be seen by just going to youtube and watching the excellent BBC documentaries that discuss what is happening in science right now.  I could post them, but they are easy to find.

When I threw the question out there to my guides of what was going to happen in November when we hit the 7th day of the current underworld of the Mayan Baktune Calendar, I was given a vision.  The vision was simple.  It was a thick bundle of fiber optic cable that was lit up and being split right down the middle long ways.

I concluded and then checked with the pendulum if I was correct that the bundle of cables represented the parallel time streams.  My guides confirmed this through the pendulum with a strong yes.  That is what led to previous posts where I tied in how the Calendar, Time Wave Zero Software, and the trends in the Web Bot data all showed a huge consciousness shift late October / Early November.

So what does that mean for those of us that can not perceive the background matrix of reality?  What it means is look out for certain types of things that might happen around you.  The types of things that I am referring to would be thought forms being wielded from the negative time stream sub sets.  Even though the material realities have been effectively spit for good, the astral realities are seemingly still a bridge between the subsets.

If you are a wielder of light in some fashion or another in this time stream subset (your on the positive one by they way), the dark side may attempt to go after those around you in your life that are vulnerable for what ever reason.  I am not speaking of the dark side of human intention.  I am speaking of the omnipresent extra dimensional malevolent intelligences.  That is a fancy way of saying demons.

Apparently because I can perceive what is actually going on, I have become a threat to these entities.  There are also some other reasons why they do not like me that I will have to take to the grave with me.  Not because I do not want people to know, but because you are better off not knowing because then you would be a threat also.

What has been happening to me is random people that I have loose personal relationships with have been turning on me and going after me with lies and accusations out of no where.  For some reason they have not gone after the people that are very close to me.  I am going to have to presume that is because they are being protected by my team of protection guides.

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  • norm

    Thank you so very much for your wonderful blog.

  • Sambience

    Right on. Great entry. Thank you for sharing.

  • soulplayorb

    Well it is said pretty simple in THE MATRIX. If you are not one of us, you are part of the system and can be entered into and your perceptions can be manipulated by the agents at any moment.

    So, peoples perceptions are manipulated, and one time I sat at a bar off and on for almost a week for my regular server to see, adn when she did, it was, oh my god where have you been. Ah right here, I said.

    So yes for sure.

    My take on the timelines is that the only thing that is different is where your consciousness lies and where it does not. And you can choose to light up a fiber optic cable and take light out of another one, and the redirects your future because you have modified your past which anchors future, but there is no past and future really, just the threads your consciousness lies on.

    And as we go more quantum I think we jump easier and actually walk more than one timeline. I know myself I been jumping all over the place, and even into other versions of myself on this timeline in the future. Actually the whole thing is madness, and sometimes you do need to go back into the matrix now and then.

    What is a good survival instict. Mix it up, I will randomly do somthing to throw them off, mix in misinformation to my material, and stuff, to keep the heat off.

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