Beware of internet truth gurus who want to control opinion!

by on Jan.07, 2011, under Most Recent Blog Post

A long while back, at least 3 years ago, I suddenly discovered this new thing on the internet called the truth movement.  I thought that it was very entertaining to listen to the various people that where being interviewed by different truth gurus across the net.  The first set of videos that I started watching where the ones that where produced by Project Camelot.  At the time Project Camelot had been around for a couple of years and I spent about a week catching up on watching all of their videos.

I allowed myself initially to be to excited about the information that I was watching to be able to subjectively discern through it with my natural psychic abilities.  I am not very good at doing that without any kind of tool at my side.  So I initially watched all of the videos and audio files strait though until my mind was aching.

Then I took a break from it for a while and decided that I would go and start my own web site that was unique to the net as best I could.  I had never built any web site before, but I decided to do it anyway.  The web site that you are on now was the end result of that.

Well, I kept taking a peek in on what Camelot was doing and ended up joining their original forum that they had that is now archived and not usable.  I was really enjoying myself on there because it was nice to have other “weird” people to discuss these things with.  I posted mostly psychological and spiritual ideas at the time and kind of stayed out of the truth area of it.

Then it was exposed that one of the “whistleblowers” (in quotations because most of them are disinformation agents), was actually completely full of shit.  The name of this person was Dan Burisch.  He had been put up on a pedestal by Project Camelot and they proclaimed that he was a true insider.  I found out that the guy had a criminal record for fraud and had been making up stories for attention for a long time.

At this point I decided that I was going to put my foot down and use my dowsing skills to determine for myself which of these people where worth listening to.  I then published the results of this dowsing on this site.  They are viewable by clicking on the dowsing tab at the top of the page.

Then suddenly yesterday a founder of Project Camelot, Bill Ryan, suddenly decided that he did not like me having my own opinion about his interviews.  He claimed that I was “a stupid arrogant person” and that I was trying to publicly smear good people and blah blah blah.  My response back to him was that the dowsing was void of personal opinion and that he was over reacting.

I even pointed out to him the key sentences where I had stated obviously that the information was my opinion and not truth.  Even so he continued to attack me on the current forum he runs called Project Avalon.  It is now obvious that Bill has either decided that the information in his videos are part of his ego and how dare anyone defy them.  Or, he is actually in on the whole distraction game so that no one will know what is actually happening.

Either way, beware of anyone on the internet that wants to control opinion about their material.  It is no different than some idiot from Fox News acting like an ass hole on television when ever someone has a non-neocon prospective on something.  Just call them names and judge them and the mind controlled sheeple will fall in line right behind them.  Don’t become a person who allows others to decide for you what is true.  Decide for yourself and run away from anyone who tries to convince you other wise.

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  • Marite

    Share your view on opinion control.

    Hard to believe that Bill Ryan would react like that.
    A shame if this were to be another case of TTH: The Truth Hurts!
    Why else would somebody – with loads of other priorities – get his pants in a twist to the extent of waisting his precious time on attacking opinions of – in his eyes – just another crazy Silly Billy. (Just a joke, as Bill would say!)

  • the BCth

    Both SOTT and HalfPastHuman have amply pointed out Bill Ryan’s lack of discernment. I can’t believe he still supports Jim Humble. That fraud makes me sick.

  • Brad Johnson

    The MMS does have efficacy from my personal experience. However, it wipes out all the digestive enzymes in my system as far as I can tell. I get the same results with high dosage D3.

  • Brad Johnson

    Exactly, no one reacts to things that are not true with the intensity he went after me with. He basically tried to insinuate that I was malevolent in my intent. He needs help if he actually believes that. However, he does not. He is just fronting.

  • Graham

    I sat through over 2 hours of Project Avalon’s latest video with someone called ‘Charles’ and for the first time ever thought that this was complete disinfo. For Bill to take out 6 months of his life to produce this is just not the Bill I am used to. The same with Kerry and her latest offering with some Egyptian healer. Totally useless apart, but together there were some great bits of info in there in my opinion.
    Dan did come across as disinfo from the start.

  • Sambience

    I would be interested in what percentage ‘Charles’ would get if you dowsed him/his info.

  • Brad Johnson

    Already did, and posted it in the thread right before Bill went off. 65%

  • Matt

    sigh…. LIGHT AND LOVE!!!

  • brooke

    Did you dowse on Bill Ryan in the past? Could this be why he’s sore? And if you haven’t, are you going to now? :P

  • Brad Johnson

    Never bothered with Bill because he is not the one on the “inside”.

  • Greg

    Brad I could not agree more with your position. I am not a skilled dowser nor do I consider myself gifted in any manner however I do have a fine tuned B.S. meter. I like you,am in search of knowledge, truth and understanding. I watched almost every video published by Project Camelot before finding your site. I was not surprised at the percent of truth posted from your dowsing. I also perceive many of the interviews they conduct are pushed towards the bias of Project Camelot with blatant intent.

    Keep up the good work !

  • Adam


    Went onto Avalon forum. Read the thread. I think Bill Ryan should be doused… with a bucket of cold water.


  • Harry

    Hi Brad, it is amazing that you gave D.Wilcox a score in the 80s. I’ve read some of his early work and he claims to be some sort of an angel descended to earth to help mankind. Do you buy that story? He seems to be a very disturbed individual. I’d say out of his depth. I’m just wondering how your BS meter works. It seems to be quite selective. No offence intended. You suggested that ALL channelled sources are highly suspect, I am reading that correctly?

    I am aware that you dowse, so do I, among other things. Dowsing is an ideo-motor response, a little like some forms of channelling that I’ve seen. You have probably researched the truth levels available to ideo-motor response right?

    What you need to do is dowse your dowsing for truth levels. Just to get some extra feedback…or maybe use a complementary technique to prove your technique. Does that make sense? Sometimes our sub-conscious, the seat of ideo-motor can influence us toward particular biases. Now, I think you might agree with me here because it is obvious from your blog that you hold truth to be a critical aim. I agree.

    I hope you can see the efficacy in what I’ve said here and take it on board.

    Thanks Brad

  • soulplayorb

    Oh yeah, we have been down that road a number of times, I just did this video today.

  • Jay

    Thanks & heads up for Gr8 subject & article. Succinct and very important for all truth seekers imho.

  • Northern Boy

    LOL way to go Brad I believe he is using the forum to set up a form of religion very similar to the off shoot of Scientology he belongs to . The Charles stuff has been disproven Bill screwed up again and we are better off for not being members any more . Best to you old friend >>>>>>>>>>>>>>NB

  • Asian Empire

    Project Camelot uses single eye of cheetah as their symbol graphic. This reminds me about illuminati.

  • Lena

    Also ich denke das ist eh nur eine Trendsache

  • Darrow

    This is becoming more common. These people are taking on the status of Cult Leaders and I have found myself that their reaction to be completely over the top if one DARES to question them. This included Icke and 777Aleja in my personal experience. Camelot and Avalon are now removing all comments from people that don’t support their agenda but the worse of these is Icke I feel.
    All part of the journey so keep going.

  • Christine

    I have listened to you on Randys Off PlanetRadio Last year and again tonight,, Great Show and info, Randy is my Fav spirit/truther/Radio and believe me, I was around when C2C started, i know my radio still.
    I enjoy Your website, i was on chat tonight and your information and insights. We are very Like-minded for sure.
    This article about disinfo agents infiltrating the “truth movement” is so much more pertinent and important now than ever. Ya knew and felt it 1 year 5 mos ago when ya posted this, very perceptive. (I will learn the pendulum i bought years ago and through in the drawer). Back to this article BTW, We now have mini-version wanabee “supersoldiers” out there right out of the video games, promoted by P Camelot. P camelot was phenomenal at first now it is the worst out there.
    Thanks, too broke to have ya consult but keep leading on with your truth. Money spoils everybody, so keep it low and real.



  • aniel

    I have discovered a this project Camelot today and watched the video of Klaus Dona about the hidden history of human race . Klaus Dona is good but near the end of the video there was an intervention of Bill Ryan and that wasn’t so good, “they” are arrogant and pretend to know more than the professor Klaus Dona, talking of an insider…… an insider told me that……. and I didn’t belive what the supposed insider told to Bill Ryan, that was a lie, disinformation.
    Project Camelot are manipulator and disinformators , some of the informations they spread is good, but they also spread BIG lies in cardinal, vital points of understanding .
    If I have to use my intuition ….. my intuition told me: stay away .

  • wayne

    Unfortunately mate id have to agree with billy even though he shouldnt of acted like that camelot and that are on a mission to wake up an educate as many as possible and what youve done could stop ppl learning certain things which are worth knowning if someones a insider theyll be properly found out soon enough just like with them if you say something that aint true then your making yourself a insider. I aint having a go just offering my view to you :)

  • Watcher

    I had a really bad experience on Project Avalon when a user named Bob Dratch invited me to a private mIRC chat with what he called his “pod group”.

    Bob had been aware for some time that my living situation had changed, that I was living alone at the time we started this chat. He convinced me and about 6 other people that he was going to employ us as tech aides in London, installing some mysterious “Holoform” technology at public malls.

    Well, while we were in the process of finalizing details about how this group would meet initially, my living situation changed to where I was no longer living alone. At this precise moment, Bob Dratch severed ties with me, citing some very personal and potentially invasive reasons for doing so.

    I regretted installing any of his software on my home machine and soon replaced it. Since then, and especially since exposing his behavior to what i thought were friendly moderators on Project Avalon, the reception I’ve been getting there has been frosty.

    I anticipate being banned for some reason or another, they will probably just say that my temper annoyed them ultimately, when I was nearly a victim of a human trafficker who uses their website to find easy and vulnerable victims.

    Just an FYI, these people have made me upset enough almost to write a letter to the FBI exposing the extent of their disinfo campaign and how whistleblowers and others are treated.

    Also I hate the idea that black ops fraud gurus are able to find victims there, under the umbrella Bill Ryan created, of “MILABS ARE FAIR GAME”…

    it’s really disgusting.

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