Web Bot and Time Wave Zero Software Aligning with Mayan Calendar?

by on Jun.30, 2010, under Most Recent Blog Post

All right, things are really starting to get nutty folks. For those of you who have not visited my page called “What is a Tone 3 Jaguar” that you can get to at the top of any page, you need to. Why? Because it has a couple of videos in there that have presentations on what the long Count Mayan Calendar is actually about. It is a map of the evolution of consciousness.

This event (October 28 2010) that is mapped on the Mayan Calendar is the beginning of the 7th day of the Galactic Underworld on that calendar.  It is an important time marker because the 7th day has in past epochs indicated a significant shift in consciousness heading into the next underworld in the calendar.  The really interesting thing that brought this blog post on was the correlation between an event indicated on the Mayan Long Count Calendar and two other modalities of mapping consciousness.

I just came across this correlation between charts generated by Terrance McKenna’s Time Wave Zero Software and charts generated by Cliff High’s Web Bot computer program.  For a little background on the two of them.  Na, you know what?  I am going lazy on this one and just going to post a couple of videos that explain what they are all about.

Explanation of the Web Bot internet spider program.

Explanation of the Timewave Zero Novelty Theory that was used to make a computer program based off of it.

Here is a chart that was generated by Cliff High using the web spider program he invented called web bot.  I got this chart from an article on the web site halfpasthuman.com.  CLICK HERE for that article.

Now here is a video that shows what the Time Wave Zero looks like for the same time frame as the above chart.  Notice how you could almost lay them on top of each other?

Notice how both of these graphs make a drastic change right about the same time as the October 28th 2010 date that marks the 7th day on the Galactic Underworld? Three systems of mapping consciousness.  One of them ancient and 2 of them modern.  All saying that there will be a large shift in consciousness in the late October / early November 2010 time frame.

Alright, so now you are thinking “A shift in consciousness?  WTF is going to happen in the world to cause that?”  The reason that the Mayans deemed the current epoch of time that we are in as the Galactic Underworld has to do with the type of consciousness that it gives birth to.  What would it take for the planet to suddenly give birth to Galactic Consciousness?

My guess, not my prediction, but my guess would be that the world would finally become aware of our friends from other stars in this galaxy.  Is that what will actually happen?  We will see.  Based on this data I would say that something is going to happen for sure.

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  • Graham

    The YT vid seems to peak at 21st October?
    I for one can’t bloody wait, bring it on.
    It will be nice for all my friends to start taking me seriously again, and not think i’m a raving nutter!!!

  • Linda Baker

    Hey, Brad, I’ve forwarded this excellent piece of work to a few folks. The feedback is great…people are catching on to this big time. I did have one friend ask I question that I can’t answer. There seem to be two references to Oct. 28. One says 2011 and the others are 2010. Is this just a typo? My guess is that you mean 2010 throughout, not the 2011. Let me know, kay? Thanks, darlin. Fabulous work…Linda

  • Sambience

    Great post, thanks.

  • Brad Johnson

    I had a typo on the first reference to the OCT. 28 date. I had it at 2011 and it was supposed to be 2010. Thanks Linda.

  • Harrison Guanio

    Whenever new to a selected interest we all will need some guide and ideas to help us along the way. May I state how significantly your opinions have seriously helped me.

  • Lurline Sheeder

    In just about anything we all pursue in everyday life as a hobby we all would like to achieve our finest, My preferred hobby is actually golf and I am at all times attempting to enhance my game. Your information have definitely helped me personally along the way.

  • Deep

    I have been searching this for quite a while now , may be some of u may be able to help – what does the time wave curve look like AFTER 2012 ? Almost all screen shots shows dec21 2012 right at the edge . Does the curve remain at zero? Can someone run the software till like 2020 and post it ?

  • Brad Johnson

    The time wave goes to zero on December 21, 2012

  • MrRamblings

    Hi Brad,

    I’ve just written a post about this over here:


    It’s worth considering that the webbot chart Clif created is at least ‘influenced’ by the Kelley Timewave data set. If you then consider that the Kelley data set has errors within its construction, then ask youself why would the webbot chart seem to match an outdated version of the timewave?

    Compare the Kelley and Sheliak Timewave Zero data here:


  • 2012 prophecies 2012

    Very informative post. Less than a year and we\’ll find out for sure.

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