You can only get the truth about the BP Oil Spill on the other side of the world? WTF?

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For all of the people out there that are so deep in denial that they still believe that the cooperate news media in America has our best interests in mind, watch this. While you are watching it, ask yourself “Why with all of the resources that the American Networks have at their disposal are we not allowed to see this information?”

Australian 60 Minutes Report on The BP Oil Spill

Now what conclusions have you come to on why we are not being allowed to see this?  Still confused?  Getting a “does not compute”?  Well if you have been brainwashed by the idea that the mainstream media is actually a free and open source of information, those kinds of reactions are to be expected.

Now think about this for a moment.  Once upon a time there where over 400 companies that owned the various mainstream news outlets in America.  Back then because there where so many different people at the forefront of information to the public, it actually was a free media.

It was impossible to control the media when it was like that because under the constitutional government of the Republic of the United States of America there are laws that allow it.  So lets say hypothetically that you are part of the secret power structure that desires to take over the world, yes that exists also.  You are sitting in an annual meeting with all of your scumbag buddies that are also psychopathically insecure just like you are.

You are all sitting around at your annual meeting that you like to call the Bilderburger summit and the topic of how to control information comes up.  Everyone sits around and discusses how it would be possible to take control of most information that the public is exposed to.  Then someone says, “Lets just use the extreme wealth that our companies have amassed and gradually buy out all of the media outlets we can get our hands on.”

So then over the next 15 years or so, they follow through with their plan.  They gradually buy out all of the media outlets in the country and when they do it, they say it is for the sake of making profit and streamlining the way that information arrives at your door.  This is not fantasy folks.  This is for real.  Right now all of the media outlets in the United States of America are owned by 6 corporations.  Again, it has gone from over 400 to 6 of them.

If you are reading this and you did not already know this tid bit of information, wake the fuck up already.

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