Meditation as a replacement for Medication?

by on Jun.28, 2010, under Most Recent Blog Post

This video deserved its very own blog post.  I came across it on one of the forum I frequent.  Imagine what Western Society would be like if people where taught this type of paradigm from birth.

If you want to know what it would be like then all you have to do is visit one of the many countries where Zen type dogmas are the preferred mind microbes.  I say mind microbes because the apposing monotheistic / scientific / materialistic paradigms of the west are mind viruses.

Viruses are usually harmful parasites.  Where as microbes can be used to describe either beneficial or harmful organisms that do not need a host to live off of.  I think that finding these types of ideas that can propagate their way through the consciousness of society and adopting them is probably the key to healing what is wrong with the world.  You have to start somewhere.

In conclusion, put down that bottle of psychoactive pharma and do the work you where supposed to be doing the whole time on your consciousness.  If you had in the first place, you would have never needed those pills.

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  • Graham

    Excellent video.

  • Sambience

    Absolutely. Great post. In the west, too, there is Christian Science which, from birth taught me to not identify with the physical form and has allowed me to be completely free of any need of medication of any kind whatsoever for over 40 years. Although government initiatives such as mandatory vaccinations would try to jeopardize that freedom.

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