The Nuclear Option for Sealing the Gulf Leak, Not Crazy after all?

by on Jun.18, 2010, under Most Recent Blog Post

I got this off of Bill Ryan’s blog over at This is an old video from the Soviet Union. It shows in excellent detail the dynamics of what is actually going on down there under the sea bed in the gulf.

Many people think that if they used a small nuclear device that they could accidentally rupture the sea floor and unleash the entire well field into the worlds oceans. In reality they are working with 4 miles worth of stratified limestone. Very much like the animation in this video.

I know that in this video that they are not dealing with oil and gas, just gas. However, they had the same problem of there being to much pressure to do anything else with it. As you will see they tried to fix it with other options and those options failed.

After watching this video you will not be so worried about the nuclear option. You will probably conclude that it is pretty much the only shot we have got short of sitting back and throwing rocks at the problem.

Remember, they drilled through 4 miles of stratified limestone before they hit the high pressure pocket / well field. This may be how they actually plan to use those relief wells they are already in he process of drilling. Maybe they just do not want to freak people out until it is time to seal it up?

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