Spontaneous Consciousness Vector Shift

by on Apr.06, 2010, under Most Recent Blog Post

I have had some frequency and consciousness shifts over the last few weeks that have detached me from wanting to be directly involved in the truth movement. I just do not find it important to the rest of my path here on earth to be focused on that aspect of the illusion we call “truth” anymore.

The entire story of this world whether it is the secrets or the non-secrets are just so inconsequential to me now. The entire illusion is beginning to break down on me now like a lucid dream a few minutes after you wake up. Even stranger is that I am blissfully alright with it.

I by no means think for one second that the phase of the waking up process where all of this fringe information is absorbed is not useful. On the contrary it is totally useful. However, I must stress that it is a phase of the transformation process and not the destination.

I do not think that I have reached the terminal yet either. However, my intuition is leading me away from this now and I am not going to push against it. I will still be dropping in from time to time to see if there is any new fringe stuff to watch for entertainment value. That is all it holds for me anymore. I am so desensitized from constantly intaking this in stuff for the last couple of years that I am just numb in relation to it.

I will now be ceasing my dowsing of the near Earth ET presence and all other public display of my skill set. My web page will remain up and I will still make the occasional blog post and the occasional forum posts. The days of being immersed in this stuff are over for me. It is the natural course of my path for this to happen and I wish all of you well.

See you later, how much later I do not know. I am going back to my career as a golf course superintendent. I have erased my background story from my web page along with any references to my name or my career. I did not do this to hide the truth. I did this because writing down the past and keeping an altar to it is not productive or healthy at this point and time for me. Total detachment from the past and the future is the consciousness I am moving into now.

Good luck everyone in your own personal paths. Do not let any man or machine influence your opinions of where you have been or where you are going. Allow this information to be revealed to you, not shoved down your throat. Allow, Allow, Allow, Allow, Allow. That is the key to unlocking the full potential of your hearts desires. Just let go, stop fighting the current, and sail down river effortlessly.

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  • Tom Posey

    Good luck to you. We all need to learn to go with the flow instead of trying to swim upstream. Only the salmom know how to do that. They have a purpose-survival.

  • Sambience


    Best of luck in your new phase. And thanks again for all the great info, including the near Earth ET presence dowsing info. I hope you occasionally will share where your journey in consciousness is taking you.


  • Graham

    Good luck with everything you do.

  • Cpt Kurt

    Best to you and I hope to see you somewhere along the path. Cheers and Light :)

  • capricorn

    Hi brad, i hope all is well and im sure the plants are loving you giving them more attention lol, i was wondering if you had some time to do some more dowsing on the et presence and when they were planing on a full disclosure. Thank you even if you dont have time soon, im glad your website is up too as we can all use the information and I hope there are still new people finding your website so they to may have a new awareness. Bless you brad!!

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