Are there negative ETs or what?

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Here is the deal folks, there is a difference in perspectives on this negative positive ET thing because people are at different stages of their own spiritual evolution.  I was inspired to write this because there was a debate going on in the CSETI forums about weather or not Dr. Steven Greer’s statement that there are no hostile ET’s was accurate or not.

This statement was made in his speech at the Barcelona Exopolitics summit that I have a video of down on the lower right of the home page and this page.  It is also on my recommended videos page.  It goes back to a statement that Einstein made which was…

(“The greatest decision a person will ever make is whether they live in a hostile universe or a peaceful one”)

Why did Einstein say this? Was he just off of his rocker or did he actually know what he was talking about? This is a very shamanic frame of reference to see the situation from. However, this is the perspective from which Greer’s consciousness is communicating it from.

We all choose to incarnate into this reality for the polarized learning lessons that it provides. When I say “this reality” I actually mean the 3rd dimension of consciousness of this universe which is where we are all currently located if we are reading and typing on this forum.

You choose to experience all the adversity in your life no matter how severe before you incarnate into your little baby body. Or if you are a walk in, your adult body.

Some people actually choose a path where they will encounter peoples from other worlds that dump massive quantities of adversity on them. While others have chosen a path for example to learn the same types of things, for example being a soldier in war.

That is actually the path that I had apparently chosen for about my last 10 lifetimes before this one.  There is something called the progression of the soul.

You incarnate into 3rd dimensional reality over and over again until you have successfully run through 22 archetypal learning lessons that are the grade school through masters thesis of the soul.

During this time on earth or another similar planet the universe seems as though it is a very hostile place and that there are things in it that exist only to victimize us.

That is the trap that prevents people from moving quickly through these archetypes. Instead of recognizing each and every challenge regardless of the severity as an opportunity to learn, people see it as an opportunity to take on the consciousness of the victim.

The victim consciousness is exactly where the “We are under threat from negative ETs” type of paradigm is born from.  This type of debate as to whether or not the adversity in this dimension of consciousness is hostile or a manifestation of the universal creator will continue to go on for as long as people are still working their way through the archetypal learning curve.

There will always be some adversity in this world to be experienced by the few or the many so long as the people being born into this world continue to take on the victim consciousness and refuse to learn from the experiences no matter how traumatic.

Are there negative ETs? Depends on who you are and where you are in the evolution of your own soul. I personally finished out my souls progression about a year ago as determined by shamanic divination techniques.

This is why it is my opinion that there are no negative or positive things anywhere in this universe. There are only different manifestations of the creator born from our own higher selves desire to see us learn at an accelerated rate.

If there where no severe adversity in this realty we would all just sit around with our thumbs up our asses learning nothing.

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  • David John Browning

    sounds very good to me mate….”Nill Bastardo Carborundum” or in English .. “Don’t let the Bastards Wear you Down ” and that goes for nasty Aliens trying to control us..If you are grounded in the
    Self “which you already are they can’t touch you.
    Merry Xmas..

  • Graham

    You write very well. If you are still alive on this planet though, in my opinion, you can’t have ‘finished out your souls progression’. We are still learning right up to the day we go back to Nirvana. I think there are negative ETs. I think they are the ‘dark ones’ who are amongst us causing so much trouble for us all. Some people think that a proportion of the reptilian ETs are negative. They are the ones in power on this planet, not the puppets who front it for them (world leaders). They want us all to come over to the dark side but one of our missions is realising that war is bad. If we could instill in our children this message, and make it clear that no-one should go to war, there would be no-one joining up for the army, navy or air forces and what would they do then? They would have to make it compulsory and bring back conscription. So the next step would be to just object and be sent to prison for not joining up. This would put a stop to a lot of the problems we have on this planet. With all the money they save from NOT buying weapons, we could feed the world. No-one needs to die of starvation, there is plenty to go around. No-one needs to be richer than anyone else either, but that whole system is there to create negativity. Greed is negative, jealousy is also negative. Why should a banker earn more money than a plumber? They both put in the same amount of time at work. We don’t actually need money, all that breeds is negativity. Being able to realise this and other similar things and act against them is the reason we are incarnated i think. There are a lot more positive people on earth than negative and slowly people are beginning to come over to the light and this is the ascension process for this planet.

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