The Dimensions / Densities of Consciousness Explained

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I mention a lot in my writings on the various pages of this web site a reference to different dimensions / densities of consciousness.  For starters there is no difference between the two terms.  They are synonyms for each other when used in the context of the different states of consciousness.

It is not very complicated to explain what these things are.  However, understanding them and being able to integrate them into your personal world view is more challenging than explaining them.  In order to begin to conceptualize what this blog posts subject matter is all about we first have to understand the background structure of reality.

The background structure of the reality that we perceive on a daily basis is completely geometric.  No matter how far down you look into the smallest versions of “matter” you will find geometry as the over riding structure of things.  If it is not directly visible in the structure of particles then it is playing its part in holding those particles together.

Here is a video that was made by one of the most famous astrophysicists of all time Carl Sagan.  In this video he does his best to explain from a humans point of view what the differences are between dimensions.

This is great, now we are getting some where.  There are some things that Carl Sagan does not mention in the above video.  Understandably he does not mention these things because he is a scientist and that is not an area that any main stream scientist is willing to touch.  What area is so fringe that even someone like Sagan will not touch?

That area is who actually presides in the dimensions of consciousness above the one we are living in now, which would be the 3rd dimension.  According to many of the non-scientific experts on this in the “new age” or “esoteric” paradigms of thought there are 8 dimensions / densities in our local universe.  Who lives in them and why?

Well, this is where the subject matter will start to either shift your consciousness or cause you to go mad.  It is not likely to cause you to actually loose your mind.  I am just using this figuratively.  I guess it would be more accurate to say that it might make you temporarily dizzy. This is where the evolution of consciousness begins to integrate with astrophysics.

As we evolve as individuals and as a civilization to higher levels of peace and understanding of the true undistorted nature of things our “frequency” increases.  When the underlying structure of reality is revealed what you have left even past the geometry is a substance.  The name of this substance is consciousness.

Consciousness is what the particles are made of .  Then the particles make the atoms, the atoms make the elements, the elements make the molecules and the molecules make material reality.  So if you erase everything else what you are left with is consciousness.

This mysterious substance called consciousness is actually not a substance.  I think it is more accurate to describe it as a programming platform.  This programming platform is highly responsive when it is exposed to vibrational frequencies that are applied to it.

Moreover, there are certain threshold levels of frequency that when this consciousness is exposed to them the geometry that is formed becomes more complex.  There are 8 zones of frequency in our local universe that house distinct “densities” of geometry.  This is where the word “densities” came into use when describing the dimensions.  Density meaning, more complex dense geometry.

It is actually possible for one of us or another advanced species to elevate their consciousness to the point to where they change which dimension they reside in.  In fact this is actually what is about to happen to this planet in the near future.  Things become strange to conceive of in the next higher dimension and the ones above it.

As can be seen in the video I have on my page called “2012 and Spontaneous Evolution” a researcher named David Wilcock states that the next dimension above the one we are in now, 4th dimension, is an inversion of the one we are in now. In other words space becomes fixed and time becomes movable. Therefore, now we live in space / time, and in the 4th dimension we may live in time / space.

So who lives in the higher dimensions of consciousness as compared to the one we are in now? The strange answer is that it is us that live there. We are not the only ones who’s consciousness resides there, but we are already there. This is the paradox that an inversion of space time creates.

From our perception we have not made the shift to the 4th dimension yet. However, because once in the 4th dimension / density we can move through time like it is walking across the street, we are already there. The 5th-8th dimensions are also do not have an expression of linear time. Therefore, we are already in these dimensions as well.

Ever heard about the concept of the higher self? Ever wonder if such a thing as the higher self exists or if it is just made up? Well, there is no materialistic way to prove the existence of the higher self. On the other hand, if you allow yourself to think outside of the box then you will find that your higher self is just the evolutionary result of what you are about to go through.

Dizzy Yet?

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